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SMack! is a collection of Opinions and Experiences of people who are into the BDSM lifestyle or who made their first exploring steps within the lifestyle. We encourage everyone to send us their stories, articles or statements - we will publish them here for the benefit of those who want to learn more about the lifestyle.

Wasteland - The Darker Side of Desire
Wasteland - The Darker Side of Desire

Journey Into Electric Darkness New (28.01.2005) voltsjolts 28.01.2005 
Wants and Needs Dommanator 21.03.2004 
Topping Tolerance Alexis Towers 25.02.2004 
The Importance of Reality gina 08.02.2004 
Safe, Sane, Consensual Dommanator 05.02.2004 
"Push Button to Start ..." Ashtarot 26.09.2003 
True Submission. It's Not (All) About Sex mark_MsHeart 21.08.2003 
The D/s Relationship mark_MsHeart 19.08.2003 
Facts and myths about BDSM safety Hans Meijer 14.07.2003 
Orgasm Control/Release Training gina 07.07.2003 
On Being Cruel Tyn 29.04.2003 
First Time Rick Spindrift 28.02.2003 
Reflections ChaoticBlue 12.12.2002 
Player, Pretender, Lifestyler, ... Ashtarot 20.10.2002 
My Thoughts Mistress Pamela 04.07.2002 
"Rights of a Submissive" gentle siren 05.04.2002 
On Submission gentle siren 29.12.2001 
Understanding gentle siren 01.10.2001 
Meeting People delilah 14.04.2000 
Lifestyle Dilemma Ashtarot 08.08.1998 
Femdoms curious joe 24.12.1999 
The D/s Paradigm essence 23.08.1999 
Contracts essence 30.06.1999 
A little, "serious" Story Ashtarot 15.02.1999 
Dom/me Experience Ashtarot 06.01.1999 
The Limit Ashtarot 17.01.1999 
A Day in Cyberspace Ashtarot 20.11.1998 
My Little Girl Dark Master 14.06.1998 
Second Visit curious joe 09.04.1998 
First Experience curious joe 14.01.1998 
Pain & Pleasure carol 18.01.1998 
An Opinion: Slave vs. Sub clair 22.11.1997 
The Awakening Anonymous 21.10.1997 

If you want us to pass your comments to the authors, we would be glad to be of help. Simply drop us a mail.
If you have further questions, remarks or suggestions, please contact us, we try to answer your questions seriously and with best knowledge.

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