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Welcome to the BDSM Backroom

The Backroom is a place for people who are interested in the BDSM lifestyle, who are looking for others to exchange experiences and people who are curious what BDSM is about and who want to learn more about it.
Contribute to our web site and discussions - express your opinion.
Feel free to send us your suggestions, articles and poems/stories to pass your experiences to others.

Give AIDS no ChanceYour Backroom Team

Dark Fire Gallery-Extreme Toys, Gentle Prices

"The whip explodes like lightning from the hand of a god or goddess, it snakes through the air like a dragon's claw. It is evil, languid, precise, supremely savage, and sensuous. In short, it is as sexy as it is dangerous." (Robert Dante)

BDSM Top 50 - Pictures and more
BDSM Top-50

Wasteland - The Darker Side of Desire
The Darker Side of Desire

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13.06.2006 Movie: GOING UNDER
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