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02. Jan 2002

Web-BDSM Award

Award ChosenLifestyle
15. Nov 2002

Is Proud to Present to
BDSM Backroom
The D/s Award of Excellence

"It is in rare occasion that we present our Award of excellence. 
Your site is a inspiration to us all. We are proud to present this special award to you."

06. Jul 2000
The Distinguished Penguin Award for BDSM Excellence

Editor's Choice 28. May 2001

"A GREAT resource center and forum for all devoted BDSM insiders and newbies. Many VITAL topics are deeply and VERY seriously covered here. This site is a MUST visit, if you've not been around here yet!

This site truly deserved our "Editor's Choice" Award of Excellence."

23. Mar 2000

jane says we're Quality

"This is a great site if you want to learn, read about or express yourself about BDSM."  [...]
"This is the type of site you can spend a long weekend at or bookmark for frequent visits."

05. Apr 2000
Marked by Excellence

18. Jun 2000
Dark Fire Award
We are very proud to display this special Award we have received

12. Sep 1999

D/s Award of Excellence

26. Sep 1999
Seal of Submission

02. Mar 2000

BDSM Empire Award

26. Aug 1999
Master Welf´s and midnightrose´s BDSM Homepage Award

08. Sep 1999

POWERotics Personal Pick

09. Sep 1999
Winner of the Distinctly Kinky Award


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