BDSM Backroom


"A submissive has the last word in any argument, 'Yes Master'".

Dom to tied up girl: "Oh sorry - phone, I'll be right back - don't leave!"

A comment from a girl about certain men in cyber:
"Some of these men are so bizarre ... it is like extending your hand to say, "pleased to meet you" ... and them slapping their penis in it!"

When asked by another budding Domme how she punishes her naughtiest, wayward boys, her sadistic mentor Domme  smiled and said, "Why, I just BRICK'EM". "One bricking  usually does the trick quite nicely."
"BRICK'EM?" "What's that?", queried her understudy.
"Well,", she replied, "you tie them up and then take  two bricks and smash their genitals between them."
"WOW!", the other said. "That must really hurt!"
"Why, not at all!", snickered the sadistic Domme.
"At least not if you keep your thumbs out of the way!"


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