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TopGive AIDS no ChanceLinks to BD/SM Resource Sites

Total Power Exchange
Different loving (Gloria Brame)
LATCHES (for r/t submissive women)
Fetish Information Exchange
The Dominant's View
Sexual Library

International Sites

La Cite BDSM (French site with visitors from Quebec, France, Belgium and Ontario)
Sharav-Israel's first BDSM support group (english) - Israeli BDSM & Alternative Lifestyle (Hebrew)

Groups & Organizations

DCSMA Info & Resources
The Eulenspiegel Society (TES)
Black Rose
Texas Leather Pride
The Society of Janus

Lists of Events, Groups & Organizations
The BDSM Events Page (Events, Groups & Organizations)
Scene USA: Find your local scene! (Groups, Clubs & Organizations)

Magazines & Site-Reviews

BDSM World
Wasteland BDSM and Fetish Reviews

Wasteland - The Darker Side of Desire
Wasteland - The Darker Side of Desire

Give AIDS no Chance

TopLinks to personal D/s Homepages

Couple's Sites
The Realm of Shaolin & sun ...
Rope Marks

Dom/me's Sites
B.E:S.T slave Training

Sub's Sites
The Iron Gate New


Fetish Club
Fetish Club - The extreme Experience

Links to Commercial Sites

The following sites are listed here, because many asked me for good online shops to buy leather stuff or toys, I have checked out this sites personally or they have been recommended by people who already bought there. If you know of a shop you personally recommend, please, let me know and I will list it here.

The Stockroom

TrickzToyz - Handcrafted Floggers and Cats

Leather & Fetish Shops
The Leather Cellar
The Fetishwerks
Northbound Leather
Dark Fire Gallery (also has a great section about local D/s events in TX)

TopBDSM Lists, Search Engines, Rings & Banners

BDSM Top 50 - Pictures and more
BDSM Top-50 - Great BDSM Sites

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