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 13.06.2006 Movie: GOING UNDER
 16.05.2005 Fetish Night in Somerville (MA) , March 2005
 18.05.2004 Gorean Festival 2005
 19.02.2004 Update: Dates for Northeast Fetish Games
 18.01.2004 Cory Thompson aka "Mr. T" deceased

13.06.2006 Movie: GOING UNDER
Directed by Eric Werthman
Written by Eric Werthman & Jessica Gohlke
Starring Roger Rees & Geno Lechner
USA 2004, 35mm, 98 minutes.
Peter, a psychotherapist, and Suzanne, a professional dominatrix, have been meeting once a week for over two years. In the privacy of a dungeon room in an S & M house, Suzanne delicately pierces, prods and ultimately soothes Peter as they engage in sensual dominance and submission reenactments.
Peter's wife Pat knows about her husband's other life, but there is an understanding between them; what happens in the dungeon is relegated to the world of fantasy. Peter and Suzanne, undeniably drawn to each other, agree to see each other on the outside.
Though Suzanne is clearly ambivalent about any sort of physical intimacy, Peter becomes increasingly obsessed with consummating their relationship. The more Suzanne pulls away, the harder Peter finds it to
let go. As they meet in coffee shops, bars and restaurants throughout New York City, Peter remembers the erotic "scenes" between them and the relationship these fantasies have to his past.
More details at
Limited Engagement: June 15-21, 2006 - Two Boots Pioneer Theater, NY
[Source: marta (]

16.05.2005 Fetish Night in Somerville (MA) , March 2005
March 26th, 2005 - 9:30-1:00 am
$10 Cover
Theme Dress strongly encouraged!
70 Union Square
Somerville, MA
More details at
[Source: Fetish Night Host Valerie]

18.05.2004 Gorean Festival 2005
The Gorean Festival 2005 takes place August 21 ,2005 from 9am-10pm(sat).
There will be a rope demonstration, blacksmith, bondage workshops, a slave dance contest, food, drinks, vendors and much much more.
Only $20.00 per person entrance fee which also covers the cost of your drinks (wine, beer or ale).
You must be 18 years of age or older to join and 21 to drink.
We hope to see you there soon.
More details at gor_festival_of_nc.
[Source: Kajira Kamots]

19.02.2004 Update: Dates for Northeast Fetish Games
The NEFG has set the dates for the 2005 edition of the Northeast Fetish Games, three days of olympic competition and social events, all with a fetish flair, scheduled for the weekend of October 7-9, 2005 in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.
Open to those over the age of 18.
More details at NEFG.
[Source: NEFG]

18.01.2004 Cory Thompson aka "Mr. T" deceased
Cory Thompson aka "Mr. T" committed suicide on Dec, 21st 2003.
He was one of the first who scanned SM & bondage pictures and published them on the internet. His site "Shortfuse" is well known like his scans which where known as "Mr.T Scans".
He had scanned pictures from famous bondage magazines and was finally sued by by the publishers. His former sites were closed but his scans can still be found all over the net.
After a break pause he returned to the internet and opened the above mentioned sites with legal copyrighted material.
Sources report that he was arrested by the FBI in Dec 2003 due to other suspected criminal activities. He hung himself in his cell on Dec 21st.
Update: Cory Thompson was not the founder of Bondagecafe, as we stated in a previous version. Jim Weathers is the founder of Bondagecafe.

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