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 BDSM Terms (S)

Sadomasochism := Aggregation of the terms sadism and masochism. Usually the term 'sadomasochism' suggests mutual consensual activity for the purposes of sexual arousal which involves some sort of pain, restraint or domination.
The derivation of pleasure from the infliction of physical or mental pain either on others or on oneself.
Safe Call := Security measure in which a participant in a play session or meeting tells outside parties where he will be, with whom, and when he will be checking back in. If a person does not check in, the third party calls for help. (see Safety for Meeting)
Safeword := A word, phrase or signal the participants agree on which has the meaning of a stop sign - all play has to stop immediately when this signal is given.
SAM := Smart Ass Masochist: Term for a masochist who tries to control/direct the Dom/me
Scarification := Cutting with the intention to create and scars. The scars are often stylised and displayed in a similar way as tattoos.
Sensory Deprivation := Supression of senses. e.g. blindfolding, auditory and/or olfactory (smell) reduction
Serpent's Tongue := A type of slapper made of a thick strap of leather, two or three inches wide, with a deep 'V' cut into most of the length of the piece. Commonly, the handle will have a double thickness with a ring stitched at the end - a very nasty toy.
Shibari := (Japanese Rope Bondage. (see also Japanese Bondage)
Slave := A person who gives the control to another person (Dom/me, Top)
Sometimes used the same way as the term sub, some people distinguish a sub from a slave by pointing out that a slave doesn't have the possibility to chose her/his destiny.
Sling := Swings or other forms of support or suspension from which a person may engage in sex
SM := Sadomasochism, Advanced sexual practices incorporating the consensual use of pain, humiliation, and power exchange for erotic enjoyment. SM includes dominance and submission, bondage and discipline, love bondage, and erotic spanking. Also "Sensual Magic"
Slave Positions := (see also Slave Positions)
Sounding := Male Urethral Play
Sounding is used as a generic term for stuffing the cock. Actual penile urethral sounds are usually Van Burens (curved) and Dittels (straight). These are hard to find and can be quite expensive. Most stuffers use medical devices that are actually uterine dilators, called Pratts or Hegars but they are also commonly called SOUNDS.
Spanking := The application of stimuli with canes, whips, paddles, crops or even the bare hand which, outside of a scene, would be considered painful.
Spreader Bar := A rigid bar attached to ankle or wrist cuffs. Designed to hold the legs or arms apart
SSC / SSCF := Safe, Sane, Consensual - the credo and guideline for every BDSM play. Also SSCF - Safe, Sane, Consensual & Fun.
St. Andrews Cross := an X-shaped crucifixion device often made of wood. It's mostly used to tie the bottom to it in a spread position.
Submissive (sub) := A person who gives the control to another person (Dom/me, Top)
subspace := A state of mind and body - often like a trance - some describe it as "flying/drifting" - caused by endorphins emitted during an intense scene or stress.
STD := Sexual Transmitted Disease
Straight := a) Code word for heterosexual.
b) Adjective for someone or something that Is not SM oriented. In this sense, a synonym for vanilla.
Suspension:= A bondage technique wherein the submissive's weight, totally or partially, is borne by the restraints used in the bondage. Great care must be exercised in this practice; usually, bondage harnesses and suspension cuffs are used in suspension.
Switch := A person who "switches" roles between submissive and dominant

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