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Story setup by VelvetRose

The Manor

     The last few months have been draining, trying to find the perfect place to buy was more difficult then I anticipated. I knew what I was looking. A Manor House style house on about 90 acres that was private and secluded.
High sandstone walls around the grounds and a set of tall iron gates that lead you into that realm of intrigue. I sighed softly as I thought. Finding it was the hard part.
A few weeks ago, late one afternoon the Estate Agent had rung Me telling Me that he'd just had a listing of a place that I might be interested in, but it needed a lot of work to it as it has been neglected and vacant since the owner died nearly 8 months ago. Now the two sons just wanted to sell the house, as they have no interest in it. He mentioned I would be able to buy it at a good price since it needed a lot of work done to it. It seems the owner lived as a recluse for the last three years before he died. There was talk that for 10 years the owner had two loyal servants but unfortunately, for whatever reason they left him three years before he died which was when he became a recluse.

The following morning I picked up the keys from the Real Estate office to view through the house on My own. I can still recall how the atmosphere and the aura of the Manor House felt so enchanting as it enveloped Me as I slowly drove up to the gates. Even though it looked so sad and neglected, itstill took My breath away. It was perfect. I knew what I could create with it.

I listened to the silence as I stood in the midst of that majestic place. I hesitated as I suddenly felt the ache in My heart as the strong desire to possess, to own and to collar a personal slave. It couldn't just be any slave. I knew what I qualities I was seeking in the one that I would mark and collar as My Property. But, I didn't want to dwell on that just yet. I needed a few slaves to maintain the upkeep of the property. The ones that I have had in the past have never lasted long term under My control.

It's been such a long time since I'd visited the Market Place. As I made My way up to the viewing area where the slaves' auctions were to take place in less then an hour, I wondered what I would find here.

Contribution by mastersdarkangel

     A few slaves had already been led to their places before she was brought to the viewing area. She struggled just a bit earning herself more than a little of their brand of "punishment", it wasn't the first time she had struggled, nor was it to be her last, not if she could help it. With a small secretive smile she finally allowed herself to be led to her place. Moisture glistened on her lips and in the corners of her downcast, dark almond shaped eyes, yet she held herself proudly in position. Arching her back the slightest bit to allow her full breasts to be viewed in the best possible way, she sat back on her heels her thighs spread apart, her hands lying palm up on her lithe but muscular thighs. The midnight black riot of her curls cascaded down her back to brush the tops of her sweetly rounded buttocks, still pink from the so called "punishment" she had all but begged for earlier. The light caused her milky white flesh to glow, showing that her whiteness was not the paleness that came from being unhealthy, rather from her natural inability to darken in the sun. Once in position she seemed almost serene, almost too willing, though any that raised her head and looked into her eyes could tell that she had fire in her, a fire that longed to be tamed. She let her mind drift as she looked up from beneath the thick fringe of her sooty lashes, speculating on the ones that came to view such as she. Others cowered, some whimpered, others even cried. Not she, she was proud to be as she was, this was what she was born to be, a slave.

Contribution by Mistress Skala

     The market was busy, and there were many slaves on display, all different shapes, sizes and races. When I had finished my inspection, I selected a handful and waited for the sale to commence. The bidding for the raven-haired beauty was fierce, however I had made up My mind, and although the price was a little higher than I had intended to pay, I was happy. I returned home with four slaves, daisy, a pretty but nervous creature, with shoulder length blonde hair. kaiya was a lithe mixed-race girl, her skin the most beautiful shade, her braided hair a mixture of her natural black and golden extensions. amber was tanned and curvy, with elvish cropped hair and sparkling eyes. Then there was My jewel. I was surprised to hear that she had no name, and wondered at this. When I questioned her, she replied that her name had been taken from her, and so it fell to Me to provide another.

When I arrived home, I led the girls taken to the room where they were to sleep. Four beds stood in the corners, and on each lay an outfit I had selected. For kaiya, a gold corset, laced at the back, and a matching thong and ankle length skirt, amber had a pure white outfit, edged with pale pink, to match her sister slave's, and daisy was also to be dressed likewise, this time in deep purple with even darker lace.

A door led away from the bedroom into a large en-suite and I instructed my new slaves to assist each other in bathing and dressing. I told them that any toiletries they would require were to be found in the four individual cabinets on the wall. I pointed out the cushions placed on the floor at the foot of each bed and told the girls that whenever I entered the room, they were to adopt a kneeling slave position on these cushions.

I instructed My nameless beauty to pick up the clothes from the remaining bed and follow me. I walked to my own bedroom and gestured for her to follow me in. I took the clothing from her and laid it on my bed, and she knelt before me, naturally assuming her slave position. I gazed down at her, taking in her beauty. I instructed her to look at me and once again saw the fires blazing in her eyes, but she was not all rebel, there was innocence and purity there too. I took a thin band of silver - her training coller, and as I fastened it around her slender neck, I whispered to her:

"you shall be known as angel."

Contribution by mastersdarkangel

     As she placed the collar around my neck an involuntary shiver traced down my spine. The imp that defied all my training sent a pleased smile curving my lips and pride glittering in the deep black pools of my gaze, though I was careful to keep my head lowered, my eyes closed to mere slits. Though she had not bidden me to speak I could not seem to help myself my words whispered through my lips in a husky voice filled with anticipation, "This girl thanks you Mistress." She had given me what none others had, a name. I had been nothing to them, a toy to be used and tossed aside, a servant to be ignored unless needed, mayhaps, she would be different.
The others had taught me the pleasure of service and pain, in fact most seemed pleased with the amount of pain and humilation I could take and still my spirit, my fire remained.
My hand crept up to caress the thin band of silver encircling my neck a noticeable shudder slipping over my body, I was owned once more.

Contribution by leigha

     I felt the cold steel embrace my neck just as the sun began to set, casting a purple pink glow through the room. I knew that tonight she would make me her own, claim me with the physical marks that would show the knowing world that I was owned. For the shortest moment I thought of all that had brought me here, each event, each word spoken or sadly not that had led me to this place in my life- to the station I had chosen for myself.
I thought of my first crush and how he had broken my heart, my second boyfriend and first love Billy and the emptyness left in my heart by him when his betrayal came to light. Then college, the exploration and Donna, my discovery that the love of a woman was as tender and deep and fulfilling as any i had ever imagined i felt with the various men I casually dated. A few more dates and finally after graduation the professor who became my friend. I thought of how we had spent so many hours talking, how easily he drew from my thoughts and emotions, my desires. It was trough him that I learned of this life, and the more I learned the more I hungered for it, the more I experienced the more I craved. To me it was not slavery, it was release, freedom. As we talked more he introduced me to friends in the lifestyle and then one day over dinner came the question. The question would change my life, my future forever. He had asked if I would like to learn in greater detail of all the things we had discussed. If I would be willing to enter training that I might learn more about my needs, and desires that i might learn more about my gift of a servants heart and how to use that to help and to please others was my secret desire. Meekly, almost ashamed i told him 'yes'. He smiled, a smile I remember to this moment, and told me that the first lesson I would learn would be to never feel shame for being simply, and beautifully what I am. I nodded indicating that I understood, which of course I did not. Over time I came to see what he meant. Straight away he introduced me to a special friend of his, telling me that this man would be responsible for my safety and well being as well as my training and that I was expected to obey Him without hesitation. For it would require that kind of devotion and loyalty to learn the things I so desperatly sought. I was instructed that i may end my training if at anytime I felt I was in grave danger, or that i decided this was not the lifestyle for me afterall. As this handsome friend held out His hand to me, I thought briefly on this and as though my body could not resist i stepped forward and placed my hand in His. It was a beautiful afair, tender and loving, harsh and strict and always with perfect order. My training was long and intense, spanning the space of three years. I was crushed when He passed, som much that I thought my heart would explode within my breast for I couldn't imagine life without Him. In His wisdom and love He had thoughtfully provided for me both finacially and emotionally. I was given a choice- the last he would ever give me. I could if i wished become the property of His closest friend, who would provide for me and continue my training. I knew this friend well as He'd spent many an evening at Master's table and I had many fond memories of our evenings and outings together. But i was not prepared to let Master go from my heart so easily and so i chose to remain alone for a time. Master, touched by my devotion was nonetheless concerned and it showed in His eyes. As i whispered my last words to Him, i softly kissed Him telling Him that i would be all right, to have no fear for me.
A few years later i felt the same burning desires welling up within me again. I met people that didn't quite work out, i tried always to remember that no one could replace Master. Many events had transpired which led me to that auction block and now i stood in the private chamber of my new Owner. A steel band about my neck and in a moment Her soft eyes, penetrated my thoughts. I wondered how She would treat me, if W/we would grow to love eachother. The questions burned in my thoughts as She began to speak.....

Contribution by Ms. Vanessa

     I looked at my new slave with such longing. The curves of her body, the gentle bend of her lower back. How her hair curled and cascaded down her back and over her shoulders. she was very lovely, enchanting some might say. "Are You frightened?" I asked her softly. her lashes fluttered softly and the expression on her face mirrored her words. "Mistress, i am only as afraid as any one might be who does not know what the future may bring" I smiled at her. " there is no need for fear. I am firm, strict...but not without compassion. you will be treated well, if you serve well." Tomorrow begins your new life. Tonight, you will bathe, dress and have dinner. The cells at the auction are quite drafty and damp. I want to be certain that you are in good health before I begin making demands of you. Now draw your bath, in twenty minutes you will join me in the dining room. Do not delay, as I detest to be kept waiting." stroking her soft face with myhand I turned and left to attend My other charges.

Contribution by mastersdarkangel

     My eyes slid closed and a shudder traced my spine at her touch, so gentle, but beneath the gentleness was strength, a strength that drew a response from low in my body. Once she had left I stood and made my way to the bathroom taking but the barest glimpses around to orientate myself before drawing my bath. I carefully scented the almost too hot water and climbed in, the water felt so comforting and it enticed me to lie back but with a soft sigh I resisted and finished my bath quickly. I took care to oil my flesh and scent myself then dressed in the clothes Mistress had given me. My corset was black as jet and pushed my full breasts up so they seemed dangerously close to spilling out, the black thong was next then the jet black ankle length skirt. The skirt was split in twelve sections so each movement exposed enticing views of my milky white flesh. With practiced movements I pulled my hair up on either side and secured it with pins, letting the rest fall over one shoulder and down my back in the riot of curls I was barely able to control at the best of times, even less now that it was damp. A few quick strokes and I had applied the barest minimum of gloss, biting my lips until they were blood red. My almond shaped black eyes were enchanced by black eyeliner drawn back into a thin feathering cat eye appearance. Stepping back I surveyed my appearance critically then turned making my way out of the bathroom, not too bad 15 minutes. Smiling expectantly I made my way to the dining room stopping just at the threshold to drop to my knees and press my forehead against the floor waiting for permission to enter. Once my Mistress bade me enter I glided to her side, kneeled, then bent pressing a soft kiss to her ankle then raised back to my kneeling position awaiting her next order, my head bent, eyes downcast.

Contribution by mandy

     Within seconds I felt the air move around my body, causing the filmy skirt hanging from my waist to flutter. The other slaves had joined me in my respectful kneeling position. There we knelt waiting, until a few moments later i heard the soft clicking of Her heels on the marble tiles. from my position on the floor my only view was that of champagne colored slacks wrapping Her shapely legs and the well-made silk shoes that exaggerated her height by no less than five inches. Above the tops of Her shoes the soft warm flesh of Her foot glowed in the combination of ambient and candlelight.
Touching each of us She instructed us in the manner of service She required for Her evening meal.

Contribution by Mistress Skala

     The meal itself was pleasant, but it was the desert which I enjoyed the most. I has instructed My pets to prepare a selection of exotic fruit, to be served on angel's body. they were informed that creativity would be rewarded, as would patience in the case of angel. I left them to it whilst I went upstairs to change. When I returned some time later, My four slaves were position as I had requested, angel lying on the table and the others on kneeling in front, on the cushions I had provided. As I entered the room, a vision of powerful sexuality in skin tight leather and sharp silver spikes, I saw a shudder of fear and pleasure in daisy's eyes. I cracked my bullwhip sharply and she whimpered softly.

"Did I not instruct, before I left, that you were all to remain silent unless spoken to?"

angel, amber and kaiya responded in unison, eyes remaining demurely lowered,

"Yes Mistress"

daisy, however, looked up at my, eyes wide, and nodded.


I thundered, chucking inwardly as I saw her pretty face flush crimson. she instantly lowered her gaze and mumbled,

"Sorry Mistress."

I instructed the other three to remain kneeling, knowing their slave cushions would protect their knees from the cold, hard floor, and ordered daisy down into the dungeon.

I lashed her to the St Andrew cross and ran the handle of the bullwhip lightly down her spine, causing her to shudder involuntary. I leant close and whispered softly into her ear;

"daisy, you are lucky to be in my care, to have such a beautiful, caring Mistress as I. However, if I am not treated with the respect that I deserve, then I can be quite ruthless. I deserve only the best, and so I will train you to be the best that you can, and that includes punishment when it is deserved. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Mistress."

"I gave you and your sister slaves only a few simple instructions. they followed them, however you did not. you did not answer Me when I spoke, and that is rude. you whimpered when you were instructed to remain silent, that is disobedient. This is why you are being punisched. Do you understand this?"

Again came the hushed reply,

"Yes, Mistress."

I began to walk away, then turned swiftly and the bullwhip snaked out, cathcing her sqare in the centre on her left buttock. She stifled a small cry. The next lash came directly on top of the first, the stinging bringing tears to the corners of her eyes. Two lashes to the other cheek and she bit down on her lip in a bid to remain quiet.

I could see the her body shaking slightly, tensed in anticipation of the next sharp blow, and decided to suprise her. Reaching towards the rack of whips and other implements behind m, I quickly selected a long, black ostrich feather and ran it gently across the soft skin of her buttocks, and she twitched slightly as it touched her, taking a moment to register the gentle tickling. I kissed her gently and untied her, telling her that should she require punishment again, it would be more severe. On my instruction, she went to the dormitory to apply salve she would find in her cupboard. I told her to return to her cushion in the dining room when she was finished, and then mounted the stairs to leave the dungeon. Then I returned to the dining room to feast on the fruits from the sweet flesh of My beutiful pet.

Contribution by mastersdarkangel

     When my new Mistress returned I lay quietly as I had been instructed, watching Her from beneath the thick sooty fringe of my lashes. Did she see the shiver of anticipation and the quick flick of the barest tip of my tongue across my lips upon seeing her so dressed? The leather fit like a second skin, she was so beautiful! The site of the whip in her oh so feminine hands sent another shiver of anticipation down my spine, and when she cracked it, my lips parted in a soundless gasp of mingled fear and wanton desire. I closed my eyes forcing myself to be still though when she ordered daisy to the dungeon I forced a whimper of regret back. The remaining slaves smiled to themselves, they had heard the choked sound of my regret. Amber whispered soft words of encouragement to me then placed the round end of a peeled papaya in my mouth then settled back on her knees.
The sticky sweet juices from the pineapple slices slid down my slit making me shiver, the movement made the walls of my pussy contract around the large strawberries and pieces of kiwi that one of my sister slaves had pressed inside of me. Bits of fruit my sisters had squashed to a pulp and used to cover my body slowly slid down my flesh causing gooseflesh to prickle in the pulp's path.
Daisy returned to her cushion, quietly laying a hand on my hand then drew her hand back setting as still and silent as a statue. As she touched me I opened my eyes offering her a slight smile then slid my gaze to the door. As my Mistress entered I quickly slid my eyes closed to mere slits and watched her approach. As she drew closer I shivered and let my eyes drift closed lest She notice my disobedience. My throat worked to swallow the juice from the papaya, though some still managed to slide from the corners of my mouth and trace a path down my neck to the grapes, strawberries, kiwi, and starfruit gathered to form a necklace, all held in place by the pulp that covered my body. Kaiya had discovered the holes left in my nipples from the piercing my previous Master had placed and had pressed a silver skewer through each with pieces of starfruit and mango on each end. Every breath made the skewers tug at my breasts sending delicious barbs of pain through me.

Contribution by MistressCandi

     The pain was undeniably the best feelingI had felt in quite some time. Feeling the cold juices of the fruits dripping down my bare flesh, I shivered. "Aw , what's wrong Angel?" asked Mistress. Nothing was wrong, nothing at all. I was filled with so much anticipation , waiting to serve her however she pleased . Hoping just hoping she might consider me her favorite. " Nothing Mistress , Nothing is wrong." I responded so meek and mild.
She ordered me to open my eyes. " Yes Mistress",As I slowly opened my eyes too look at her enchanting strong but so passionate eyes. I could see she was pleased with my servitude. She came over and ate a peice of the mango that was on the end of the skewer through my nipple. This sent and uncontrolable shiver through my body . Not a shiver of pain , or fear though . But a shiver of anticipation .I wanted her to touch me so badly but she didn't . I could feel her hot breath over my body . My nipples hardened as she ran a finger down the length of my torso, through the pulp that was covering my entire body. She licked her finger , not like she was starving for food but like she was tasting a fine wine for the first time . "Sweet and pure, just the way I like it " Mistress said.

Contribution by mastersdarkangel I had been told, but pure? I couldn't remember the time I had been pure. The tip of my tongue slid along the backside of the papaya stealing a taste of the sweet fruit, trying, unsuccessfully to quell the rising heat within me at Her touch. My eyes drifted closed as She moved away from me and down the length of the table. Slight jarring of the table alerted me to my sisters movements though without opening my eyes I couldn't tell whether they moved away from the table as well. I soon found out as their tongues lapped at my body gently, teasingly, the soft sounds of their whispering moans adding to the heat that curled within me. My Mistress' soft mocking laughter rang out, she was at my feet, a sharp crack of leather against the table startled me enough to make me jump. A sharp gasp parted my lips as the paddle stung the bottom of my feet then the tops of my thighs and along my body as if the paddle were being passed to each of my sisters in turn. The slaps were quick and random, seeming to come from all directions at once. I writhed and groaned as the slight sting heated my flesh, my lids snapped open only to close as my Mistress' voice cracked out like the whip she carried at her side, "Did I tell you to open your eyes? In fact I did not tell you to close them but..since you chose to close them then they will remain so until I tell you to open them. Understand my oh so sweetly bound angel?" The last was punctuated by the slap of the paddle to the underside of my breasts. I gasped and writhed closing my eyes tightly waiting for my Mistress' next command.

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