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Contribution by Setup

     The doorbell rang. I walked slowly to the door and when I opened it, Chris was standing in front of it. Soaking wet and tears in her eyes.
She wasn't a beauty, but she had the certain charme which made men turn their heads. Her dark brown hair was long and followed the move of her head and sometimes hid her face which gave her the look of a sulking kid.
Her dark eyes were usually sparkling but now they were covered with tears ....
Contribution by VelvetRose

     I quietly ordered her to enter into the foyer and strip off her wet clothes then to wait in the main room by the sofa in front of the open fireplace. She managed to whisper, “thank you” as she caught her breath between her soft sobbing. I closed the door behind her as she fumbled with the buttons on her wet shirt. She let her clothes fall gently in a pile on the tiled floor then gracefully made her way over by the sofa. I heard her sigh softly as she approached the warmth of the fireplace as she felt it blanket her naked body. The soft light reflecting from the candelabras and the open fireplace created the room’s intimacy and the shadow of her submissive image quietly waiting for Me. She was kneeling on the rug, sitting back on her heels, her slim thighs spread apart, her hands placed behind her back with her fingers clasped and her eyes lowered. I smiled contentedly at how well I had trained her but My thoughts were occupied with why she was so distressed and why did she come to Me, why now?
Contribution by lostsoul

     She had ended our relationship almost two years ago, saying she was not sure if it was what she wanted, and My heart had yearned for her every day since. I fetched a towel to dry her dripping hair, and moved beside her. My gentle hands, brushing away her tears, only to have more replace them. I turned her to look at Me, her brimming eyes causing me sharp pain as I remembered the way she looked the last time I had seen her, when she was still Mine.
Her distress was so acute now, that I longed to find who had done this, but, that would have to wait, she needed my support now. I pulled her into My arms and held her, stoking her hair, and watching the light, from the fire play on her soft satiny skin until her sobs had ceased.
I could feel her tears on My chest, little diamonds, the light catching them as I inhaled deeply. Putting my finger under her chin I turned her face, to look at Me and quietly demanded "Who has done this to you?"
She shook her head mutely, dark hair shimmering with this small movement, and with more courage than i knew she had she whispered "i am so sorry, let me come home to You....?"
Contribution by leigha

     The words stabbed at My heart. How often had I awoke suddenly from a dream in which she had spoken those very words? How often had I needed, wanted to hear them from her? Due to our age difference I'd had many subs before her but the truth was that while I had cared deeply for each of them, secretly I had loved her. I had loved her and she had left Me. Left us. It was what she needed then, I told myself, and I am what she needs now. The thought of anyone harming her was more than I could stand, but for now I must put that to the side. If I allow her to come back now, because she asks, will she then think that things have changed? That I have changed? No, her instant obediance to My ways when she came in was evidence that was not so. Her hair was begining to dry by the firelight, bringing out the silken curls I had loved so much. "That, I think, is a conversation better left to morning." I said. "When your tears have dried and you have rested."
Taking her up into my arms, I felt how weak she had become as she tried to place her arms about my shoulders. Her head resting on my collar bone was weary from whatever recent ordeal she had endured. I could smell the waves of her hair as the tendrils cascaded down my bare arms. From the weight of her tired little body she had lost weight, which was not good given her light frame to begin with. Carrying her down the hall, the room she once occupied, the room directly connected to Mine, I felt her attempts to remain alert. Damn him, whoever he is' I thought to myself. With a free arm, I pulled back the downy comforter she had loved so much. The room was the way she had left it, truth was, no one had slept here since she had gone. Laying her on the bed, resting her head and shoulders on the pillow, I pulled the covers over her naked body. "I'll make a fire for you, it will be very cool tonight" I told her softly. Then asked "Will you be all right if I leave you for a few minutes?" Quietly she nodded her head. I moved across the room and knelt by the hearth, working the wood up to a nice flame before adding bigger pieces. Soon the fire was going full and letting off good stromg heat. Returning to chris, I found her nearly asleep, staring off into nothing, a pained look on her face as though reliving her recent past. I was afraid to touch her. Past experience had tought me long ago to bring a sub from a state like this out slowly, carefully. Three times I had to say her name, before she finally began to focus on the here and now. Her eyes lost some of their glazed look and soon she was focused on Me. " Are you warm enough?" I asked her quietly. She nodded, though she still felt chilled to the touch and from the feel of her skin was suffering the onset of a light fever. "sleep, now, Chris" I said, brushing a stray curl from her face. "You know tomorrow will be better, no one will hurt you here." I assured her. As her hand began to warm in Mine, she drifted off.
It was a fitful night for her, as she slept the sleep of one who hasn't slept in ages but had the nighmare nonetheless. I dozed lightly from time to time that night, in the chair by her bed. The one I had occupied on the rare occasion that she became ill with some errant cold or flu. Back when she was mine. My mind flew back over the last few hours. i am so sorry, let me come home to You..? she had asked so pittifully, needfully, like a penatent child begging forgiveness for some small innocent sin. When finally she did sleep soundly, I slept too.
It was the light through the sheer lace curtains that woke me. Her room. I had come in here again imagining her home and fallen asleep in the chair. The rustling of the blankets on the bed woke me fully and immediately. She was here. It hadn't been another dream. I went to her quickly, checking her forehead for the sign of fever I thought I noticed last night. None, she'd be fine. Breathing a sigh of relief, I sat on her bedside and watched the last few moments of her sleep. I watched the way her chest rose and fell with ehr breathing, the way her lips curved into that perfect vee and the way she sighed, or whimpered softly in her sleep. I drank her in as though she might be lost to me in mere seconds. Perhaps she would rethink her decision to come here now that she was out of her immediate danger. As I brushed her hair back from her delicate face, she began to waken. Her long velvety lashes fluttered. How beautiful she is, I thought. Slowly her eyes began to focus and she saw that someone was sitting on the bed with her. Her reaction was very obvious, for recently she must not have been accustomed to sleeping in a bed . It began to occur to me just what type of situation she had been in, and I felt the anger flood through me, nearly overflowing. I had to keep my composure, for her, for chris. She spoke not a word, so uncertain was she of her place with me. Did she call me Master or use my name? Would I accept her back or no? I knew she would do nothing without direction, so quickly, I rose and offered her a t-shirt and pair of sleep pants from My rooms. Thanking Me meekly, she took them and with some difficulty began dressing herself. I helped her with her shirt, pulling it over her head and getting her mass of long curls free of the collar. "Come" I told her "breakfast, and then we'll talk" .
Contribution by VelvetRose

     I could hear the sound of her light bare footsteps on the polished timber floor as she quietly followed Me. It seemed to bring life once again to this Manor House. It’s one of the things I constantly missed and craved for so deeply. Her presence here always created an incredibly erotic aura that instantly died the day she left. I watch her walk gracefully out onto the private courtyard and curl up on the cane chair by the fountain, just like she’d done so many times before where she’d enjoyed spending her allocated free time there, soaking up the solitude and the harmony of the garden. Knowing the scent of the Roses bringing back memorable moments for her

She looked so vulnerable, a lost soul finding her way back to her haven. I looked at her questionably and thought. So why was she back? She didn’t have any physical marks of being whipped or flogged. There was no sign of torture or abuse. Her elegant body didn’t have any brandings or marks of ownership on it. I felt My heart sink at the thought of her being emotional abused. She must be feeling so betrayed and so confused to be here. I knew she was searching for the ultimate in being owned. But it seems she didn’t find it otherwise she wouldn’t be back. I saw a few tears slowly roll down her cheeks as I offered her the bowl of fresh fruit. Gently wiping away the tears I sat down beside her and held her close. I didn’t want to disturb her thoughts at the moment. I wanted for her to feel safe and that it was ok for her to be here, but I also wanted for her to be aware that I’m still the One who totally owned and collared her, who owned her submission, her heart, her body and her soul. I wanted her to feel that I love and missed her. She was the reason that gave Me purpose. “Eat, I ordered softly”.
Contribution by serenity

     A strong sense of peace washed over me … here i was, finally – back in the only place in the world where i felt i belonged – back in that magic embrace i had longed for so many times over the last two years. i felt the sun caress my being, the breeze was so crisp and fresh, the birdlife created a beautiful chorus in the bushland behind me, and the Roses … oh the Roses – their scent lifted my soul and immersed my mind, memories of a perfect time came flooding back.

For what seemed an eternity my eyes stared through the fruit in my hands … i sooo wanted to look up into those eyes, but i knew i couldn’t, i knew i shouldn’t. i felt the soft caress of warm skin against my face – hands so small and yet, i knew that in an instant those same hands could be the instruments that so easily took my mind, my body and my soul to places beyond any horizon imaginable. i felt that familiar slide begin to take effect, and knew at once it was time to speak … time to say so many things.

i slid to my knees and held in my hand on my open lap those feet that i knew so well, eventually i found the courage to look up into those Dominant eyes …
Contribution by Jsbaby

     As she slid from her seat kneeling at My feet, I felt the warm touch of her hands on My bare skin as she lifted my feet to her lap. Her feathery, soft touch after so long was nearly too much. Instantly I wanted her back, to erase the two years of her absence, my mourning. I'd been alone since she left, choosing to be so. There had been a few young women whom had made request to be in My compay, but I could not bring Myself to replace her presence in this house. I couldn't bare the thought of another woman's scent driving hers from every corner, from the draperies, the sofa, from My home, O/our home.
"Master, .." I heard her speak, her voice cracked with emotion. "Master, thank You for taking me in. i am so sorry to have intruded into Your life with no warning. i didn't even think of calling Master." Her voice, like a sad melody pierced my heart. She went on quickly and I was determined to give her her say. It was what she needed and I had always seen to her needs. "Master, i thought that i needed to search myself, and the world outside Your home for my ultimate fulfillment. i went looking for what i thought was perfect and total submission. i was selfish, never telling You how i felt, keeping my needs inside. i thought that doing whatever You wanted and wanting nothing for myself was submission in the begining. You began to teach me differently, but i had resisted, thinking things couldn't change. That i couldn't change. i realized that i wasn't giving myself to You completely and befoer Your work was finsihed, i fled. Soon, Master, i understood that it was not You who had failed to own me for You can't own one that won't be. i never gave all of me to You. and" she broke down, a torent of tears washing over her face, breaking the pieces of My heart. " it's too late." she sobbed. "i've dreamed of home, of You, for so long now. i've hurt You so, and Master, i whis so much that i could take it all back. i'd give anything to make everythign the way it was for U/us." Holding her close as she finished, soothing her, pulling her soft hair back from her face I decided she was done with what she had come to say. The rest would be up to me.
"Chris," I began. " Things will not be as before. you can be certain of that. For all the things You have said are true," I paused a moment, "except, that it is not too late. We will talk today, I want to know where you have been, who has put you in such a state that you come to Me in the middle of the night, soaked and near fever. And when I am convinced that you are fully ready and capable to give yourself to Me completely, we will talk of rebuilding U/us. For now, eat, you need your strength." I commaded quietly.
Contribution by leigha

     She ate with a ravenous appetite that morning, stirring the feeling of anger and disquiet I had the night before. My mind raced at all the possibilities of what had become of her, what he had done to her. I wondered, if she had been properly cared for, clothed and fed. It was cold last night, so far the coolest night of the year, and yet she came through the door cold, wet, with no jacket. Her wet clothes had clung so tightly to her frame she looked nearly naked. And when I had carried her to her old bed and lain her there, i could feel her weakness, i could feel her weightloss, could see it.
I decided not to press the issue until after she had finished her breakfast. After her third bowl of fruit, toast, and two cups of tea, she pushed back her chair, softly whispering "thank You, Master." I smiled, " you're welcome." Taking her hand, I brought her back into the house saying, "it isn't autumn yet, but it is chilly, and after last night, I want you where it is warmer." I knew instantly where she would want to be, and led her through My study, into my private quarters. I noticed her reaction, her every move, every thouhgt that shehad was mirrored in her eyes. I saw her as she entered the room, closing her eyes and drinking in the fragrances of the room, my cologne, newly washed laudry I was putting away when the door rang last night, still sitting on the foot of My four poster bed. I took her past the bed to the bathroom and listened as her soft feet padded along on the tiled floor. I began to get out things, towels, soap, her favorite shampoo I sometimes used just to feel her presence while she was absent. Turning to look at her, seeing the uncertainty in her eyes "Take of your clothes, Chris." I began to fill t6he tub. Under such unusual circumstances, I was prepared to indulge and pamper her. I wanted My chris back and it was obvious it had been sometime since anyone had cared for her needs at all. I knew the bath would relax her, maybe even make her sleepy again, but I also knew that she would me more willing to open up and talk to me of all the things she had endured and of the things we needed to discuss. The faster things got back to normal for her the better she would feel. Helping her into the oversized tub, I sat on the bench beside it. Taking a sponge in my hand and lathering it well, I began to wash her shoulders and back. I could see she was near tears again, so unaccustomed she had become to lack of intamacy and tenderness of touch. I had given her so much, as much as I had ever taken from her and more and she had left Me. I couldn't help feeling dissapointed, but how happy I was that she was back, and how much I wanted her to stay. To be Mine again. Softly, my dissapointment barely noticable, I said, "I'm waiting...where have you been, what has happend to you, and why now have you suddenly come to Me as you did last night?".....
Contribution by VelvetRose

     I felt her emotions torn apart as she struggled to find the words. she caught her breath and paused for a moment, bringing her knees close to her chest and hugging them. She slowly raised her head and looked sadly at Me. her eyes reflecting the regret and the betrayal of the last two years. her voice was so faint as she talked.

“i was captured in the illusion that He so skillfully created.” she sighed softly as she found the strength to quietly continue. “But…That’s all it was, simply an “illusion”. I held her gaze as I placed My hand lovingly under her chin. I gently stroked the side of her face then tenderly placed a light delicate kiss on her lips. She closed her eyes as she felt her body surrendering to the feelings deep inside her, that have lain dormant for so long. I stroked her hair caressingly and waited quietly for her to continue. Her soft voice was trembling as she searched through her memory to understand why the illusion became a shattered one. She lowered her eyes and tried desperately to hold back her tears knowing she owed Me an explanation.

“i’ve come to realize that it was You who offered Me the “ultimate” in what i was seeking. O/our journey contained such erotic intimacy and intensity. The level of depth was unique. You offered me the freedom to spread my wings for my soul to soar at he highest level. You didn’t suffocate me”

The tears were now flowing uncontrollable as they gently rolled down her cheeks. Once more, I tenderly kissed her lips then let My fingers sooth her as they traveled gently along the side of her neck, where My collar of Ownership once belonged. I didn’t want to interrupt her trail of though but I needed for her to deal with her emotions. I listened to her shallow breathing as she found the courage to continue talking. her eyes met Mine once more as her lips formed a warm smile.

“Yet…” she hesitated, then whispered. “At the same time, You've always created the Passion and the fire that I craved for in My submission. You created a safe haven in your Dominance, Your Ownership and in Your expectations, which i know now were the foundations that gave me strength.” She paused for a moment then added sadly. “i didn’t realize that till it was too late.”

she took hold of My hand and lovingly placed a light kiss on the palm of it. I knew she remembered the impact they had on her body.

“i’m so sorry. Please forgive me.” she begged softly as she whispered with deep regret. “i know in my heart i’ve always belonged to You, with You. i belong at Your feet.

I felt My obsession consume Me in wanting her back as My collared slave within the walls of My Manor House which she gave life to. This is where she has always belonged. I knew she desperately needed to hear Me say that. But, in taking her back, it had to be under My terms. I smiled warmly as I saw the expression in her eyes confirmed that she understood and expected that, even without My expressing it.
Contribution by serenity

     i had waited for what seemed an eternity, to hear the words i so longed to hear right now, not only hear them with my ears, but with my heart and soul – i had to know for sure before i could lay everything i had, everything i am back at the feet of my One, that that was what this Beautiful Creature truly wanted, truly truly desired with all of their being, just as i had wanted/dreamt/prayed for … it was as if every little bump in O/our journey, every kiss, every caress, every erotically intense event, every defining moment awaited the spilling out of those words in order to even earn the right to have existed in the first place – without those words, everything else meant nothing, all of O/our past, all of O/our struggles – they just became the pages of O/our lives, chapters put on the shelf to collect dust. How i wanted O/our pages to remain open … to be the beginning of infinite possibilities W/we hadn’t even dared to dream …

i dared once again to look into those beautiful eyes – they seemed to be saying all the things i wanted to hear, the language between O/our bodies seemed to be speaking in volumes – and yet, the very reason i had begun my inane search all that time ago was now back to haunt me every bit as powerfully as before …

Didn’t my Owner know how badly i craved to feel the tight boundaries of expectations and rules, didn’t this most Wonderful Person realize i thrived in this environment, this is where my soul gained wings to fly … my whole purpose, my whole reason for existence was within these Manor House walls – i never wanted to leave them again, i never wanted to leave them before – but i had to know i was as much a part of the fabric here as the candles on the wall, the dancing flames in the fireplace …

In an instant, i was bought back from my thoughts … a leather collar had found it’s way tightly around my neck and i was being pulled towards those eyes – the intensity was too much for me to retain eye contact, yet i couldn’t look away … was i going to be dragged back out into the street, my heart grew heavy and tears well in my eyes …

Contribution by tara{MP}

     I could see the fear painted on her face as she looked up into My eyes. As always before, her eyes betrayed her every emotion. Pulling her close to Me, I wrapped one arm around her tiny waist, letting My free hand find her hair and entwining my fingers there in her soaked, wavy mane. "No," I told her sternly. "I'll not be sending you aout alone to fend off the world on your own. you, want to come home to Me? you, are home little one. you'll, find My collar a notch tighter on you than you remember- to help you not forget your past and recent errors. you may find that I might not require as much of you as you would like, however that is not you decision to make. Decisions require first haveing a choice, and with your Master there are no choices but those I give you. I am giving you one now Chris, and the coice once made, this time can never be taken back. Are you certain this is what you want, Chris? It is the last and only time I'll think before speaking" With that I released her, watching her slip back into the steaming bath, bubbles covering the skin I loved so much. In the pit of My stomach I felt a small fear nagging, what if she said 'no'? I left her to return to my study. Already it was early evening, W/we had slept so late. Pouring Myself a drink, i felt a small, barely dry hand slip around Mine, taking the glass from Me. And then a soft whisper.."Master, that is my duty." She was there, her choice made. Watching her pour My drink, I sank into My favorite leather chair, My eyes never leaving her as she walked from the near table gracefully, bringing My drink, kneeling and offering Me the glass. Taking it from her tiny hand, I stroked her hair in appreciation for her gesture. It had always been her favorite sign of affection from Me and My favorite to give. I hated the thought of having to punish her, but it must be done, for her good and for O/ours. I sat sipping my drink, pleased and contented beyond words seeing her at My feet again. The longer she was home the house seemed more and more to come to life. W/we talked for a bit and as I finished My drink, I rose from My chair. "chris, it is time for bed." I told her simply "you are excused to tend your duties". Witht hat I watched her bend kissing My feet, and rise from the floor. I watched her every move as she turned down My bed, lowered the lights, and began to undress Me. I watched as her hands slowly worked each button of my shirt loose, as her hands slipped the shirt off my shoulders and laid it on the chair nearby. I felt the warmth of her hand as she loosened My belt, unzipped my slacks and helped me step put of them. The light from the fireplace, glowing on her naked body. she performed well, and apparently the past had done little to undermine My training of her. As I sat on the bed, her next move was obviously being questioned in her mind. Moved as I always was by the innocence she never seemed to lose, I took her in My arms. Reaching into the bedside table, I withdrew a small box. "chris, your collar is for a slave in training. you are no longer in training, and are quite aware of what is expected of you and perfectly capable of performing. As you know, chris, a submissive in a collar like that does not share my bed." Opening the box, I showed her the contents. her collar, the one I had specially made for her, so she could wear it always, even in public without drawing unwanted or undeserved attention. As I took it from the box, and placed it around her neck, I saw a tear slip from her lashes and fall softly down her cheek. Taking the key from the box, I inserted it into the lock hidden in the small, elegant heart-shaped fob. "Thank You, Master." she whispered. Lying back on the bed, pulling her to me, kissing her and indicating what I required of her this eveing. If she performed well, I could then happily give back to of Myself if I so chose to.
Contribution by serenity

     i was in heaven … how i had longed to feel that collar around my neck again, i had felt so naked and so lost and alone without it – the extra notch just reminded me how fortunate i was to be back, back in this realm where i felt so at peace.

Only one thing now stood in the way of total bliss, one thing on my mind and i knew it was also on M’s – but would M make it a tortuous wait, or would it be dealt with now, so that tomorrow could not only start a new day, but a new chapter. A part of me hoped and prayed it wouldn’t be now, it wouldn’t spoil this magic moment, yet the rest of me yearned to get past it – to finish off this ugly chapter that i had created and be able to move forward.

The kiss was so forceful, so erotic and sooo incredibly possessive, like none i have ever experienced before – my arousal ignited and i felt myself melt and O/our two souls blend and become a part of the same dance … i became so totally lost in O/our kiss that seemed to last a lifetime.

Suddenly i felt a jolt of pain and scrambled to come to my senses – realizing the pain was in my mouth i tried in vain to pull my tongue back from M’s mouth, but it was captured in an erotic bite, i couldn’t move – pleasure and pain raced through my body at lightning speed and i realized M was planning to deal with the last two years right here, right now. Anxiety and fear raced through my whole being as i was yanked back from that floaty place and bought back into reality with a bang.

Across the bed i was dragged, only too willing to keep up to avoid more pain – i could already feel the swelling. The release hurt even more than the bite and the swelling continued – i feared my next breath, but in the same instant i knew there was no where else on earth i’d rather be – a mixture of contentment and fear washed over me, and i laid very still on my front while my hands were bound spread from one end of the bed to the other.

i watched as M collected up the clothes i had been wearing when i arrived – with hatred in M’s voice i watched as the clothes were thrown into the fire, M exclaiming that nothing from the past two years was to stay with me – that everything, including memories were to be erased. Little did M know that although i had embarked on a search for the ultimate, i could never let another touch me, no matter how close they got – in my heart i always knew i was M’s property, and could never bring myself to bring that much hurt and disgust into M’s world, i knew i’d never be able to face M again if i had come back tainted, and i knew deep inside that coming back was my only ever real option. As difficult as it was, i tried to speak to explain this but was greeted with a ferocious slap and ordered to be silent.

M spoke, as my legs were dragged to the other side of the bed and my feet pulled over the edge … “Anything that i wish to enjoy with you in my dungeon, in my control of you, in my taking pleasure from your pain, should not be used to punish you with – i want you to know the difference between discipline for My own wicked pleasure and punishment for your mistakes – the two should never be confused”.

i felt terrified, i knew in flogging that i could find that comfortable headspace and take whatever was dished out – what was being planned, i had no idea, and died a thousand deaths waiting. Momentarily i panicked and tried to pull free, but that only tightened the restraints even more.

M placed a hard bit through my teeth and said i would need this to bite on. i could feel my heart pounding through my chest and tears finding their way down my cheek – i asked myself if this is really what i wanted, but before i could finish the question i already knew the answer – to be Owned by M, to feel the confinement of boundaries and rules, to enjoy the pleasurable times together, the laughter, the pushing of limits – i wanted all this and more, and had no doubt i belonged right here, right now – and i knew M had to do this for U/us both to be able to leave my mistake in the past and move forward.

The cane rest against my buttocks and was then pulled gently over my thighs – i was confused, i thought this wasn’t going to happen, yet i also knew M delighted in the fact that i hated the cane – the pain was unbearable and i couldn’t take more than a couple of strokes. Again i tried to find a more comfortable position, but it was fruitless. i felt the cane make tracks down towards the bottom of my legs and i braced myself, then it continued and tormented my feet – holy shit, i knew – i whimpered and tried to hide the panic that i felt but it was too late – my punishment had begun ….

It was relentless and went on for what seemed an eternity.

Eventually it ceased and i heard myself sobbing . M spoke again … “you hated to crawl for me, now you have no choice – you wanted to walk from me, now you’re not able to … you’re mine My pet, to do with as i please – you belong here with Me, always have always will – I love you, and couldn’t bare to have another since you left – you’re mine, you’re all i want, all i desire”.

i heard those words, i wore my collar - and punishment was over. Contentment totally washed over me ...
Contribution by lost soul

     I released her from her bonds and held her, 'you know that we can never return to the way we were before, dont you? It must be more, everything, your gift must be complete, I can accept no less' i said to her. She nodded mutely in reply, 'from now on, you will sleep here with Me, never will you sleep alone, now come to Me' I quietly commanded. She moved to My embrace and lay still untill she was asleep. As she lay in My arms i watched her for nearly two hours, wondering at the time we had been seperated, overjoyed that tomorrow morning she would wake up in My arms. I felt the welts burning her skin, bruises she would wear proudly, knowing what they meant to us both, and tears still streaking her face, although a smile curled on her lips. I had hated every moment, but it had had to be done, so we could both move on and grow, and i had known it must be the cane, so she would learn the severity of her error.
I looked to the collar that encircled her throat, briefly concerned that it might restrict her breathing. No, it would not, i had checked it over and over again. When I had put it round her neck, when I had kissed her, as I held the cane in My hand, after every stroke, I knew it was safe and would not harm her as she slept.
Half asleep chris, opened her eyes and looked up at Me, her eyes were as i remembered them, sparkling, even in sleep, not the red rimmed and tear stained eyes I had seen so much of in the last twenty four hours. Smiling she whispered 'i love You, Master' and slumbered on.
Contribution by master's dark angel

     I smiled down at her watching her as she slept, an emotion so raw, so pure filling me at the feel of her lying next to me, knowing that she would never leave me again, couldn't leave me again, I could scarcely breathe. Mine! I loosed my breath slowly and moved the slightest bit to pull the covers over our entwined bodies. A quick frown pulled down her lips still swollen from my mistreatment and a soft fearful mewling sound broke from her, her hands clutching at me as if she were afraid to be left alone even for the smallest bit of time. A soft growl rumbled in my chest, I still had not learned who had done this to her. But then, what good would it do? This was a lesson she had learned on her own, and a lesson I fully intended to erase. Not so much what she learned as how she had learned it.
Contribution by VelvetRose

     As I lay there quietly beside her, watching her fragile image and listening to her soft breathing, I reflected on My thoughts. I knew she needed bring closure to her last chapter before I could ignite a new one. One that would give her strength to surface all the layers of her submission that gave her vibrance, and to once again bring life to My world, to My Dominance, to O/our journey. But before that can happen, she needed to heal from the outcome of her last two years of abuse and neglect.

I stroked her hair gently then traced My fingers lightly along the side of her neck which has always been a delicate part of her body. I thought more deeply about having her spending the next few days confined within My Manor House walls and gardens, writing all that she’s feeling and what she’s experienced, then offering Me the chapters to read, to understand where her soul lost it’s way. Hopefully with time she’ll be emotionally ready to close her book of chapters, to place it in the open fireplace, as W/we sit in silence to watch it burn and resolve her part two years. The image of her freely kneeling naked at My feet, the collar, My collar of ownership placed in the palm of her hands, seeing the passion in her eyes as she offers it to Me for it to once again be placed where it belongs, possessing her neck was something I’ve been longing for, for so long. I wanted to hear her soft, spoken words as she offers Me her devotion, her submission, her love, her loyalty, her body, her emotions, her commitment, her soul and her being. Accepting My terms, My conditions, My rules and My expectations unconditionally. I would feel her anticipation knowing that she can trigger My desires so intensely.

I sighed softly, I already knew in My heart that without hesitation I would accept her soul with the collar and in return she would hear My promise to always protect her, to make her feel safe, loved and needed. To travel on O/our intimate and erotic journey. To push and seduce her boundaries and her submission to the edge of her world and into My Dominant Realm.

I looked at her peaceful image and whispered softly, “There would be no turning back, My precious one. This time you will be branded as Mine with My mark of ownership.”

I pressed My body closer to her, kissed her tenderly on her neck and whispered. “I can’t be who I am without you.”
Contribution by leigha

     The next morning I awoke early, nearly startled to realize that there was someone in my bed with me. Pulling her closer, I ran my hands through her chestnut brown locks, smelling the sweet fragrance of her, tracing the curves of her face with my fingertip. As the sun continued to rise I watched the way the early morning light played with her hair, the delicated lashes that fringed her eyes. she was not so pale this morning, and I was very happy to see that the peaches-and-cream complexion was returning to her fair skin. She stirred suddenly, waking with a start, befoe realizing where she was and that she was safe-with Me. She smiled a sleepy smile, closing her eyes again hugging Me closer. "good morning Master" she whispered cheerfully. As I lightly ran my hand down her back, she flinched, though made no sound to indicate her obvious discomfort. I sat up in the bed, telling her 'sit chris' which she immediately did though with curiosity playing in her eyes. I opened the small stand near my side of the bed, retrieving a small jar of salve I had bought ages ago while abroad. Carefully I began to apply it to her back and shoulders while the sweet, spicy frangrance of it filled the room, not at all unpleasant. As I worked on her back, telling her it would help until her bath after breakfast, I thought of the past hours in which she had returned to me. " I am very happy that you are home again little one, my house, our home will not seem empty now" On and on I talked as I applied the salve, telling her to roll over so I could minister to the angry red stripes and bruises that were marking her tender bottom. As I finished I told her it was time for breakfast- making our morning meals together was something we had always enjoyed and I was determined to give her as many pleasant new memories as possible to help erase the old.
Contribution by VelvetRose

       She relished having her naked body immersed and blanketed in the warm bubble bath. I kissed her lightly on the lips, telling her I would be gone for the day. She smiled warmly, closed her eyes and rested her head back against the bath. She needed new clothes and personal items which I wanted to go shopping for, but without her. I felt she needed the time alone to allow her emotions and thoughts to settle.

I pulled out of My desk drawer a small black diary that would be the tool for her to write her emotions in that surfaced in her over the last two years, and of the outcome of why she was back home, with Me. She had to take the first step to begin her healing. I felt the breeze caress My thoughts as I stepped out into the courtyard. This place had so many erotic memories for B/both of U/us. I sighed softly as I placed the diary and a pen on the table beside her favourite chair knowing that this was a perfect place for her to feel the solitude as she fills the pages with her words of her heartaches and pain.

As I looked along the flowers in the garden, I noticed two of the elegant roses were nearly in full bloom. I smiled knowing that the deep Red one always represented Dominance and the white one was for submission. I cut them both, placed them in water in a tall slim vase, and left them beside the diary for her to reflect on. One of O/our rituals was to always have The Roses present in every room of the House. Their strong scent blended with the dancing flames from the candles and the fireplace. Sadly, that ritual stopped the day she left. This was the first time I felt the deep desire to pick them and place them on display.

“I hope she finds the courage and the strength to pick up the pen” – I thought sadly to Myself as I locked the front door behind Me on the way out…

Contribution by leigha

     As i dried myself but the fire, i smiled looking at Master's bed. He had lain out some of his clothes for me to wear, telling me mine had been thrown out the morning after my return. I picked up His white shirt and slipped it on my arms, wrapping it around my body, feeling as though it was Master's arms holding me as they did all last night. Master was meticulous in his dress, and the light starch of his shirt rubbed my bare nipples as i moved in the garment that was several sizes to large for me. Knowing that this early autumn morning was already warm, i left wearingonly the shirt. The courtyard was where i wanted to be and it was totaly secluded from prying eyes.
As i entered the courtyard, the sun shone crisply and the stone tiles beneath my feet were warm and soothing. my body still ached from my punishment of the night before, though not as badly since Master had soothed them with the sweet smelling slave. i had decided on my way down the stairs that the chaise was where i wanted to be, but as i stepped closer it was the table that drew my attention. A tall, sleder silver vase held two beautiful roses. One Red, one white. U/us. i smiled from the deepest place in my heart...U/us, together,Dominance and submission, He and i. The thoughtful gesture was worht more than any words He could have given and i also knew that there was a deeper meaning in them. One which He intended i should reflect upon. As these thoughts flitted through my mind, my smile faded when my gaze wandered to the table itself. A black book and a pen. i knew instantly what He wanted and such a sudden jolt made me wonder if i had the courage to risk so much. Sitting i picked up His pen.....
Contribution by Lady C

     She began to write, i was surprised when she had picked up the pen. i loved her smile, she had cute little dimples that i had always admired. at 9 o' clock we ate dinner then went into the bedroom to talk. when we got into a converstation i couldn't help but get hard fom the sound of her voice...
Contribution by leigha

     she told Me of her stroll through the gardens and about how much she had missed the smell of the roses and multidude of other flowers growing there. I couldn't resist the urge to trace teh curve of her bare skin as she soaked up the warmth of the fire as we talked. I wanted her so much, the need was overpowering. "Come here," I told her. Quickly she moved from the place where she lay on the persian rug, to between my parted knees. I looked at her, intently a moment, my hands playingin her hair softly at first, my thumbs rubbing the soft skin at her temples. I couldn't resist any longer. Taking a handful of her auburn curls, I leaned quickly kissing her, deeply, hotly, with more passion than I had feltin two years. The need and desire of all that time, passed with no release flooded out of me to her. Standing, I removed my robe and sleep pants. I bent and picked her up, such a small thing, and felt her legs about my waist. Already my cock was hard, and I could feel her wetness against me there. She looked uncertain, as though fearful she may have to take the cane again. Quickly, roughly I laid her back on My bed and moved to position myself on top of her. Covering her face in hard, passionate kisses, needful, lusty kisses. Nibbling her neck and colar bone, her breasts, tender pink nipples all responded to my kissing little bites. We hadn't made love in all the time she had been back home, and now I was going to have her, because I wanted it, needed it. It was her purpose and she would know it. Tonight I would take her, reaffirm for her My dominance, and her place. And then, tenderly we'd make love, all night.
Contribution by lost soul

     I thrust forward, breaking into her with more force than she could take. her scream of pain changed to one of pleasure as i moved, part of me realised that that there had been no other since i had last touched her. I looked into her eyes and saw confirmation, and she smiled as the shock registered on my face. She was Mine and always had been.
Contribution by eshe'

     Our bodies entwined as I pumped deep and hard into her, little moans and gasps of pleasure escaped from her. Master please i need to cum she said, 'not yet' I told, 'not yet'. I could feel the excitement taking over from inside me. Unable to hold back any longer, I pinned her arms back against the white silk pillow, Now! I comanded her, cum for Me Now! She sqealed in pleasure as her ogasm overwealmed her, strong and hard. Whoooo, the feeling of love overwhelmed Me and I could hold back no longer. Nobody else had ever made me feel this way. My nails raked her shoulders. Gently I removed my now flacid penis from her, and sat astride her. Lovingly she attended to me with her tongue and mouth, cleaning me in that wonderful way I remembered. I looked into her deep brown eyes, i love You Master, she said, the tears in her eyes were now, not for sadness but for happiness, contentment and fulfillment. Laying in my arms, she told Me how so very much she had missed me, she had never doubted to whom she belonged. It was the purpose for her being, the reason for living she told Me, like one half of a coin. We lay for sometime relaxing there together.

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