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Contribution by I sub2blkmen only

     Sam is walking to the bus stop just leaving her first day at her new job, she sees a small book store with a selection of books on the table. As she turns to walk away she sees a book, with a woman kneeling, head down and hands turned upward at her side, the woman looked peaceful, Sam sees the bus comming and quickly hands the clerk a $20.00 bill and grabs the book smiling she says keep the change and steps on to the bus just as the driver is about to close the door. Finding a seat right at the front of the bus she opens the book and starts to read, BDSM... Bondage, Dominance, Submission, Masochism... she quickly closes the book when she realizes what the book is actually about hoping nobody on the bus saw it, but could not stop thinking about it all the way home. By the time she got home she could do nothing but sit on the bed and read... masterbate and read somemore. By 2 am she had to force herself to put the book down and go to bed, her dreams were filled with fantasies of things she had never even known existed.
Contribution by ScreemnMeme

     She woke late and had to rush to get to the bus for work, thinking just for a moment if she sould take the book with her, then knowing it would be two distracting to have at work, left the book sitting on the bedside table. Her day at worked went even more slowly knowing she just wanted to get home to read of the new erotic and sultry things that have kept her mind wandering and her pussy wet all day. She couldnt help herself when she thought the office was empty at lunch, she loged on to the computer and typed in a search for BDSM... these four letters that up until less then 24 hrs ago ment nothing were beginning to consume her. To her amazement she found a whole world out there that both excited her and and at the same time gave her so many questions, how could someone like to be treated as a slave, but at the same time she knew she identified with the sub's not the Dom's, in the book of stories she had started to read last night. She lost herself in thought for a few min putting her self in different situations, thinking of the things she knew she would never do, unknown to her she had started a list of limits that would be pushed and tested and eventually almost totally eliminated. She clicked on to a chat site and was thrust into a whole new world. Her instant message box went off, the message from "Sir Rob 2 u", it is customary to state your position when entering the chat room here, are Y/you D/s? She didnt know what to answer, what was she... she wanted to please him she wanted to talk to him she wanted him to tell her about everything she questioned she answered, with one word, "sub". Just as she hit enter she heard the sound of voices returning from lunch, she exited the room and the private message without any further words, but scribbled down "Sir Rob 2 u" on a post it and put it in her day planner. The rest of the day went by quickly as she was lost in fantasy of Sir Rob, and the fact that she went to the ladies room twice to masterbate, she was needing to understand she took a small binder clip and in pinched it on her nipple, it was painful, she took it off quickly and stretched it out a little to make it just a little more comfortable, when she reached climax she pulled it off she let out a moan, and she came harder, she went to her desk wanting more, needing more.
Contribution by twilighthush

     It seemed so odd, really -- the subconscious creed of those that had fallen prey [addiction?] to the clash and crash underworld of want and need, power and submission, of flesh and taste, of a world where need is no longer lost in a bewildered thought alone.

Hours filled with delirious daydreams and wet-throbbing fantasies consumed a shivering, slender body nearly incapable of producing any credible work. The distraction was clearly noted by the admonishing gazes that cut through her -- the gaze of her superior, the strangely beautiful yet odd Daisuke Ando. Cold, calculating, and silent, always hiding behind his stoic masquerade of silent reserve and fine-cut suits, Daisuke was a man that every woman sought after, a man that every man sought to be -- and because of her listless behavior, she found herself seated on the leather-covered chair in his office as he closed the door behind them with a faint click.

Her eyes met his, and she instantly lowered gaze in silent reproach, knowing the words that would surely come --
Contribution by grant

     Do you take your employment here seriously Sam? Daisuke asked her firmly. I understand that you are new to our firm, but it has been brought to my attention that you have spent a great deal of time today away from your desk and are apparently not focused on your work. Do you understand your position here? He asked. She looked up briefly at Daisuke and said well Sir; yes I do. I had had some difficulty getting to my work today. As she gazed onto his face, she noticed there was something unique, something she had never noticed before about her boss. As she fought to stay in the moment she said. I guess my mind has been somewhere else. His dark green eyes cut through to her soul as he listened intently to her explanation. She knew that she had to erase the deviant thoughts from her mind, at least during work hours. Her mind raced as she tried to figure out how he knew she wasnít concentrating today. Was it the unnecessary trips to the bathroom to relieve her throbbing loins from the misery and torture her mind has put her through? Did someone hear her today in the womenís room while she masturbated? Or was her computer being monitored, did someone in management see her logging onto the Internet or read the instant message from Sir Rob. As she glanced at her hands she saw they had been shaking quite noticeably. He glanced at them and said to her, what is going on today, are you all right? She sheepishly looked upward and said well I think I will be feeling a bit better soon; it was something that I ate today, that has bothered my stomach. I will come in tomorrow and show you just how hard I can work, I promise. Daisuke knew something was up. It was obvious to him, Sam was not telling him anything near the truth. Look Sam, he said, I will not tolerate anything but honesty here. I expect you to put in a full days work or else. If you not interested in working here then you should let me know by tomorrow. His voice was deep, calculating and powerful. She had trouble hearing his words. Hear mind wandered as it consumed her submissive side. Her pussy contracted as she forced herself to hear him. Sam, I want you to meet me here in my office at 8:00 and let me know how you plan to get back on track ASAP. Is that clear? With that he stood up and opened the door. Sam tried to smile at him as she said Iím sorry and left his office. As she turned around, she saw him back at his desk. He hadnít even seen nor heard her apology. As she walked back to her desk trying to go un-noticed, an over powering desire took her hostage. She couldnít believe the strong urges that suddenly over came her. She felt she was going to cum, right there in the middle of the office. Sam turned and ran to the bathroom in full stride and in full view of her co-workers. She found the first stall, lowered her hose and began fondling her pink wetness uncontrollably. She held onto the wall for fear of falling, as her mind filled with the thought her meeting with Daisuke tomorrow. How she wanted to ask for his forgiveness and hoped he would punish her severely. She needed him to punish her, to control her. He was what she was always looking for and never knew it. Her mind raced as she screamed his name and simultaneously came all over her panties. Whatís wrong with me she thought? I canít be doing this. I need this job so badly. Why am I so consumed with fulfilling my submissive desires? Help me she shouted out loud. Hearing the noise from the womenís room, Debbie from accounting entered the bathroom in near panic. Are you ok? Whatís going on? Sam rapidly put herself back together as Debbie move closer to the stall door. Yes I am fine; I have just had a difficult day. I will be ok. I will be out in a few moments. Thanks for checking on me, Sam said somewhat quietly. She sat herself down on the toilet and waited for the crowd of co-workers to disburse. Why has this happened to me? She thought. I must be loosing my mind. After twenty some minuets had passed, she got up and quietly sneaked for the comfort of an empty elevator. The workday was finally over. She needed to get home. She needed some rest. And she needed to figure out how to control these sexual urges before she met with Daisuke in the morning.
Contribution by ScreemnMeme

     When Sam arrived home she went straight to her computer and logged on to the site she had found earlier in the day. As soon as she was on she recieved an instant message from Sir Rob, why did you disappear so suddenly today, he asked? She thought for a just a moment and before she knew it she had just told a complete stranger everything she had done and had been thinking for the last two days. She even told of her impending meeting in the morning. They spoke for hours, he was kind and understanding then abruptly he he stated it was midnight and that she needed to go to bed and sleep, the answer would come to her in the morning. She would know exactly what to say. Tell the truth and with that he said good night. As she lay in bed she tossed and turned until sleep finally came. When Sam woke she had to rush, she had forgotten to set the alarm back in order to get to work earlier then normal. Sam arrived at work at 7:45 she had never gotten ready so quickly she didnt even have time to think about what she was going to say. Daisuke was in his office he was on the phone and his door was cracked, he didnt hear her come in. She closed his door quietly and waited outside for him to come get her. She watched the clock for 15 minutes she stood not moving not knowing what she was going to say, but then she remembered what Sir Rob had told her, "Tell The Truth". At 8 exactly the door opened. Good morning he said and motioned to the couch he had in his office. He took the chair just infront of her and sat quietly. He looked her directly in the eye, she lowered her gaze, he spoke very matter of fact, What have you to say? The truth she thought ok here goes. I have no excuse for my behavior. I understand that I must be repremanded but please let me explain what you asked of me. I have a been in a self realization that has caused me great torment, I was distracted. It wont happen again because part of my realization was of who I am. I want to please my superiors, I want to do the best work I can, and still learn to do it better. I want to to be corrected when I make a mistake. I want to be humble and I will do nothing less than I am told to do, and will come to you for direction under whatever guidelines you give me. He was shocked at her language, something in the way she spoke these words, could she be... Sam he said, why did you close my door when you came in? She was shocked but quickly replied, I did not want to intrude on you and your privacy, and I wanted to be at your door waiting so you knew I was serious about doing nothing less than you directed me to do, Sir. The way she said the word Sir confirmed it for him. Daisuke asked her very matter of fact, Sam would you say you are looking for leadership and discipline? Yes Sir that is exactly what I am looing for. I understand, this realization do you have a hold on it rather then it a hold on you, thats all I need to know, if you do then I am prepaired to let you stay under my direct supervision and on a strict probationary contract I will have it ready for you to type from my dictation. I am having you moved to the desk infront of my office. Go clean out your old desk and be ready to start work at 9 sharp.
Contribution by twilighthush [dictator of the surreal]

     A dream :

Hot lips tracing over flesh so soft and supple, the tongue lapping over that sought-after taste of passionate lust, and a whip chases through the air to cut against that skin ...

"You deserve this..."
"...Yes, Sir..."

A harder lash that ignited burning passion.


Ah, that taste of salt and tears.

"...Yes, master..."

[ and ] she woke up shuddering, soaked in her own juices.
Contribution by ~scarlet~

     biting down on her botton lip as she slides a hand down under her cotten panties, feeling her wetness grow more and more form her dream.
her eyes close as she lays back down on her bed, her figners exploring her sweet wet pussy, imagining strong hard hands grabing her little body and pushing her down, whiping over her tight skin.
her figners moving faster and faser as she breathes deeper, her supple lips gasping the air as she arches her back up and down, grinding her tight young ass agaisn her sheets. biting her lip as hard as she can as she screams out loud, feeling her boiling hot cunt burst out in pleasure, coveirng her hands in wet juices, imagining his throbing cock deep inside her as she cums more and more over her fingers.
Contribution by MoistJuliet

     Moving quickly to gather up her belongings, Sam didn't even have time to think about what she was doing. As she placed the last item on her desk, she suddenly realized that he was giving her the directness that she desired, and yet for some reason she still craved more guidence. Just then the phone rang and she aswered the phone promptly. It was Daisuke on the other end. I have decided that you will take my dictaion in exactly one hour. Do not be late! There was a click on the other end, and Sam hung up the phone slowly.
Instinctively she opened up the chat room and send an instant message to Sir Rob, telling him what had happened
Contribution by slavesal

     Sir Rob replied immediately - well done Sam, as you see telling the truth is always the best answer.
Exactly one hour later, Sam was standing in front of Daisuke's desk, dictation pad in hand. She could feel the wetness developing between her legs and her nipples felt hard against her white top. "Sit down Sam," ordered Daisuke, as he moved around to the front of his desk. Sam sat, head bowed and ankles crossed demurely. She could feel his eyes boring into her soul and her whole body seemed to be coming alive as he moved to the door and locked it quietly.
" I feel you have much to tell me Sam," he said softly. "Come over here." He moved to the couch and she followed him, legs wobbling a little with anticipation. He sat on the couch and motioned her to her knees in front of him. She dropped down and instinctively took up the pose of the woman on the book cover, head down and hands turned up at her side. Her knees were apart and her toes turned forward. She had no recollection of learning how to kneel, but it felt right. Daisuke put his hand under her chin and lifted her head so she was forced to look into his piercing eyes. "Good girl' " he praised her, and her heart beat faster. She smiled demurely, and lowered her eyes again. His fingers moved slowly down her body and traced a path around each breast. Sam felt as if her body was aflame.
Just as she was preparing herself for his hands to move further down her body, he stopped. "Stand up, girl," he ordered."Back to the chair." She obeyed immediately and picked up her dictation pad, ready to take the notes he dictated.
The notes she took made her blush to the roots of her long blonde hair. They spelt out the conditions of her probationary period as his personal assistant.
She was not to wear any bra or panties during the time she was in the office, and her legs must always be apart while she was taking dictation. Should she wish to go to the bathroom, she must ask him first. Her tops must always be able to be unbuttoned at the front, and must be tight enough that the shape of her breasts was always visible. When he ordered her to work late, she must come into his office when everyone else had left and assume the pose she had just been in by the couch. Should he order her to undress she must do so without hesitation. She must always wear stockings and a garter belt, never tights. Her skirt must be short enough to allow him a view of the tops of her legs when she bent over his desk, but long enough so others would not be able to have a view by accident. She must go and have a brazilian wax so her body was clean and smooth at all times. If she agreed to these conditions, she would have a probationary period of three months, after which her position would be confirmed as permanent should both agree.
When she had finished writing these notes Daisuke asked her whether she was happy with the conditions he had stated. Stammering, she said she was. He ordered her to type them and bring them back to be signed.
Sam typed the conditions up and presented herself at Daisuke's desk to have them signed. When both of them had signed them he told her she could have the rest of the day off to get herself prepared for some overtime. She was to come back to the office ready for work at 6.00 pm when everyone else had left.

Sam left the building and walked along the busy street. "What had she gotten into?" she asked herself. The answer came to her as she looked at her reflection in the shop windows. "You wanted to be ordered about, to have your submissive desires met, and he has begun the process."
Sam turned into a beauty parlour, not her usual, and asked for a Brazilian wax. She was not even sure what this was, but it was part of her contract so she had to do it. Half an hour later she left with a pussy as smooth as a baby's and as bare. It felt so strange, but in a nice sort of way. Her next stop was a clothing store where she bought a new red skirt and a white blouse which fitted his requirements. They were so different from her usual clothing that she had to look twice at her reflection to make sure it was her. A pair of long white stockings and a pretty garter belt was added to her shopping bag and then she was finished.
Sam went home then and had a shower, washed her hair, and then had a soak in a warm scented bath. She oiled her body and made sure she smelt delicious.

She practiced walking in her highest shoes, then at about 5.00 pm she dressed herself as he had instructed, and left for the office, shouting herself a cab so she didn't have to catch the bus and show herself to anyone else, arriving at the door of Daisuke's office at exactly 6.00 pm. She knocked softly and when he ordered her to enter, she walked in and knelt exactly as her contract said she should. Once she had done so, he locked the door and told her to stand and take off her skirt and top, but to leave on her stockings, and garter belt. Blushing, she obeyed him. Although she had had lovers in the past, this was different from those occasions. This man watched her impassively as she disrobed, folded her skirt and top, placed them on the seat and stood in front of him. Daisuke walked to her, and told her to stand with her legs apart, and her hands behind her neck. She felt very vulnerable as she obeyed him and felt his piercing eyes move over her nakedness. "Mmm," her said, touching her breasts and lifting them gently,"These have much promise." His hand moved down her stomach and rested on the garter belt. He turned her and looked her whole body over. "Bend over," he instructed. She obeyed him, glad that her hours at the gym had kept her cheeks tight and firm. "Oh yes," he murmured to himself, "Very nice." Sam could feel the now familiar wetness in her pussy as she wondered what would come next. He led her to the desk and told her to get up and lie on it, with her legs spread wide and her arms above her head. Sam had never felt so exposed, but it felt so right. His hands stroked her body gently, paying particular attention to her breasts, tweaking each nipple until each one stood hard and high. Then he moved to her pussy, and she felt his hands move over her smooth skin, massaging her soft mound gently but firmly. She closed her eyes and relaxed under his almost hypnotic strokes, only to be woken up by a finger probing the depths of her wet pussy, moving in and out and gently flicking her clit, which responded by getting harder and harder, hotter and hotter. Sam didn't know what to do - if he continued, she knew she would cum, and she didn't want to do that now.
As if he sensed her discomfort, Daisuke stopped and told her to stand up. She did so, her legs wobbly and her body on fire. "Dress yourself, girl," he ordered. She put on her skirt and blouse and stood before his piercing gaze. "You obey well, young woman," he said, "but there is much I can teach you." Sam waited for his next words. "You must never tell anyone else about our arrangement," he ordered. "You will continue to work at the desk in front of my office, but your working hours will change. You will work from 1.00 pm until I tell you to leave for the night. At 6.00 pm each night you will present yourself in my office, locking the door behind you, and kneel naked in the middle of the room. Do you understand me?" Sam nodded. "Speak up, girl," he ordered. "Yes, Sir," she stammered. "You have nothing to be afraid of, girl," he said gently,"You will find me an excellent teacher, and you will discover things about yourself you have never realised. Are you prepared to be pushed to the very edge of your limits and beyond?" "Yes, Sir."
He opened the door of his office, checked that there was nobody else in the area and dismissed her. Sam left, her body alive and yet strangely at ease. Finally, she thought, her desires were beginning to be met. She walked to the nearest cab rank, aware of her new clothing and its possible effect on people around. Gladly she entered the darkness of the cab, and went home. She was too tired to even chat with Sir Rob, although she wanted so much to tell him about her experience. Tomorrow would do.
Contribution by devilishnymph4u

     Sir Rob,
How does this day find You Sir? i am sorry i did not get the chance to talk with You yesterday. i had the day i have always dreamed of having.
i am in training with a Master. Yesterday i realized how much i need to be controlled and used to feel humble. Fate has brought me here to serve Him. i must confess it excites me to think about Him and the next time i will have an oppertunity to please Him. The small phrases like, "little one" and "good girl" speak to my soul. i need to have His eyes looking straight into my heart and knowing just how to calm it's racing beats and take me to safety.
i feel as if i am rambeling here Sir, and not entirely certain if should be speaking of this. i will talk to my Master about this matter and will contact You soon.

cc. Master
Contribution by ramya

     The girls in our school trained prperly in bdsm. We don't use stupid tools and we use equipments like canes clothpins and wooden ponies. First of all girls will be tested for their virginality and they will be ordered to remove their all clothes! We will burn burn their dresses and our slavegirls will be kept fully nude for their remaining life. And I can point out some regular curriculams in our school. Every morning they will be given a dozen of canings on their soft flesh before their morning duties. After the duties we will tie their hands back and will order them to stand in their knees in their cages. Then we will put cloth pins on each of their nipple and put a neck color. Some cuts will be given on their breasts by cane until tears come. After that only some food will be given without removing the ties! After that Hard exercise will be conducted on open place in front of our special guests!
Contribution by leigha

     Sam read the note the had fallen from the pages of the book and wondered. It seemed to have been written by a young girl, or maybe a young man?, to a friend. Sam wondered if the note was truthful and if such a place existed. Perhaps her Master expected this kind of devotion. Did he expect her to endure this type of treatment for his pleasur? Surely not, she scoffed at herself. It must have been a practical joke, a young patron at the shop had slipped it into the book knowing someone would find it after purchase. Still, the fear nagged at her all night. The answer was simple, so simple that Sam was surprised she hadn't thought of it before. She would simply have to ask her new Master about it.
The next afternoon as the clock struck the hour of one, Sam seated herself at her new desk, in full view her Master. She had dressed with care according to instruction. He simple white blouse fitted snugly about her full, firm breats, the buttons down the from accentuating her cleavage. Her very short, very snug navy blue skirt clung to her figure. She wore no jewelry, and only the slightest make up. Her hair was pulled up in the back and the soft curls pinned in place with a single sparkling barrette. From behind her Sam heard the door open. All in an instant she felt her body longing to respond, to turn, to go to Him. But she had not been called yet. She waited for what seemed like an eternity and then..."Sam, I would like to speak with you. Bring a note pad and come into my office, please." Sam had noticed a few questioning glances from the other people on the office and each time he called for her she was again cast wary looks. No doubt they were wondering how a new secretary with little experience had at the tender age of twenty-three managed to land a promotion to personal assistant the first day on the job. A day which she had not only been late for but had spent far to much of in the ladies room 'not feeling well'. All this raced through her mind in the three steps it took to croos from her desk to His door. She entered closing the door behind her. Standing there at His desk, her eyes, lowered, head slightly bowed she waited for instruction. "Sit" He commanded simply. "I have a few tasks that I would like for you to complete. They should take no more than an hour and I want you back here by 2:30. First, go to mail room and bring up a package that is waiting there. Then you will stop by my residence and retrieve a file which you will find on the hall table. I need it for a meeteing that has been rescheduled for today." He said handing her a slip of paper with the address and a key. " When you return we will talk" He told her. "The office is closing early for the holiday so we sould not be disturbed" he stated simply as He surveyed her appearance. She had done well, exactly as instructed. Her heels were noticably higher than those worn by any of the other women in the office, the nylons wrapped around her legs gave them a light sheen as she moved. Slowly he ran his hand up her thigh, the inside of her creamy warm thigh. Satin garter, lace trim, mmmm and no panties. He fought hard to restrain his yearning for her. She was so soft, and his moist fingers told him, getting wetter by the minute. " Now hurry and finish these errands. Report directly to my office when you are finished" With that he dismissed her to complete her tasks. Her body was aching with need as she gathered her purse and light spring sweater.
Contribution by sub2blkmen only

     Sam collected the package at the mailroom befor leaving the building and wondered what it could be it was a small box within it she could feel the contents shift, it was solid but not to heavy, she put it in her bag and headed for the front door, when she was stopped by the door man and told there was a car waiting for her. She stepped out of the building and was greeted by a tall blonde man about 25 years old, he opened the door of the car for her and asked where she needed to go. Sam was completely supprised, she had not thought about how she was going to get to his home, just set out to complete the tasks assigned. As the driver started the car Sam heard a cell phone ring, it was in her purse. She looked in the purse and the box she had just picked up from the mailroom was ringing. The driver smiled as he watched Sams face while she pondered what to do. Then she heard the driver answer his phone, yes sir was all she heard. When the driver turned down the street she knew immediatly which house was her masters. It stood out from the rest, it was definatly his house, grey stone with tall windows, the only color was the small planter on the poarch. As Sam entered the driver stated he would be waiting in the car, the door closed behind her. She was in his home and she was alone. She looked for the file and saw it right where she had been told it would be. Just as she turned back tward the door Sam notced the bedroom door, it was open just enough for her to see the bed, it was in the center of the room, it was drapped in a thick burgundy chinelle, it was a four poster black iron bed, it was every bit as commanding as her Master. She knew if she were to stay any longer she would be tempted to look around, look into her Masters world with out his permission. She quickly left. Sam slipped into the waiting car and closed her eyes to imagine being in the bed she had just seen, she felt her thighs tighten as she became wet, her breathing became deep and heavy, then she realized the driver was watching her in his mirror, he smiled and put up the privacy glass between them winking just as it closed. She was embarrased. Trying to refocus she picked up the file and opened it, then felt a knot in her stomach immediatly, it said use the phone in the box to call me immediately. She was almost in tears as she opened the box, the phone showed a message waiting. She did not check the message, but called her Master as he instructed. Ahhhhhh my nosey little one, I had hoped you would open the file, for it will be my pleasure to teach you to do as I instruct nothing more nothing less. Now check the message on your phone, yes your phone, that is the only message I will ever leave you, you will answer the phone day or night with out fail. All she heard was a click. Then she heard the drivers phone ring and the car turned around. She pressed the voicemail button on the phone and heard her Masters voice. Go to the bedroom, remove all but ur garter and stalkings, lay across the bed on your stomach with your face tward the window, and ask yourself is that is where you want to wake in the mornings. If it is not, do not be there when I arrive leave the phone on the bed, return to work at 8am, and never speak of this offer to me again. She didnt know how long she had to make this decision, she had questions, what exactly did he he mean did he mean every morning? She stood there listening for a car to pull up she was confused excited, she wanted to know but was filled with fear, she wanted to look around how was she supposed to look out a window and know if she wanted to be there in the mornings. Then it hit her, did she want what the world had to offer her out side the window, or did she want what he had to offer in his bed. She undressed and lay on the bed waiting for her master. It was dark and she was awaked by a warm hand to her back, I will be your provider, your lover, your Master, you only have to be my little one, he leaned in and kissed her on her neck, pull ur hair away from your neck little one, and tell me you are mine. Sam answered I am yours Master. He slid a gold choker around her neck and used what looked like a small screwdriver to fasten it, it was just tight enough she felt its presense but it did not restrict her neck, he handed her a small mirror. She smiled, it was a thin gold band much like a bracelet, with a small o ring which hang from the front. She touched it and said thank you Master its beautiful. He explained that to anyone on the outside they would just noice a unique piece of jewelry, but to those that knew of this life would know she was owned. Your life is a clean slate Sam, your mornings are free to see your family and friends after you see me off to the office, you will be mine from 1pm on seven days a week. You will not return to your apartment, you have a full wardrobe in the closet, and a car and driver at your disposal, your paycheck will be direct deposited into a savings account, it is yours entirely to spend as you wish should u ever want to leave, but while you are mine you will live with what I provide you, I have provided you with a gym membership, I expect you to go as often as needed to keep your mind and body healthy. You have an account at the Beauty Salon in the gym lobby, You will have your hair up off your shoulders and away from your face unless i tell you other wise, you will have a manicure and pedicure every friday and every monday you may chose to have massages and body wraps at your whim, I suggest you schedule them often your muscles will be sore. Now little one sleep, take it all in, your life starts tomarrow, this is the last time you will sleep alone.
Contribution by slavesal

     "Sleep, how could she possibly sleep," Sam thought as she lay on the bed, tossing and turning, her body on fire with excitement. However, the next thing she knew, the sun was streaming in the window and warming her body as she stretched like a cat. She touched the gold band round her neck and knew that she had finally found what she had been searching for. She had a Master who had promised to provide for her; a new life with much promise ahead of her. She lay and let the sun warm her body while she thought about what her Master had said the night before. Her mornings were her own, that she could remember, and she was to be at his service from 1.00 pm onward. Sam glanced at the bedside clock and saw that she had five hours to herself. Such a luxury for a woman who had always worked 9-5. She turned over and lay on her back. Her eyes widened when she saw the large mirror on the ceiling and the hooks arranged in strategic places around the bed and on the ceiling. She touched her breasts and saw her reflection smile down at her as she fondled her warm body.
Just then there was a knock at the bedroom door. Sam sat up quickly and wrapped the bed cover round her. "Come in," she called. The door opened and the young man who had driven her yesterday came into the room. "Your Master sends his greetings," he said, "he has asked me to drive you anywhere you would like to go this morning. Just call me should you require the car." He withdrew, and Sam rose from the bed, dropped the cover to the floor and went to the bathroom where she found the most enormous bath, a shower with various shower heads which would clean all parts of her body, a bidet and large fluffy towels on a hot rail. She picked up one of the towels and wrapped it round her body while she explored the drawers and cupboards in the vanity unit. She felt her face redden when she found a box of disposable enema kits in the bottom drawer. "These surely were not for her to use," she thought. She dropped the towel and turned on the shower - warm jets massaged her body as she turned around - there was even one which sprayed up between her legs, and she stood with her legs spread wide while the water shot deep into her pussy. She could feel it tickling her clit and felt it responding as if she had masturbated. She could feel a climax coming on, and wriggled in pleasure, tweaking her nipples as she came. "Wow!" she yelled as her body shuddered with the orgasm.
Legs shaking, Sam turned off the shower, and stepped out, wrapping her body in the warm towel. She dried her hair and put on her make up - just a little to accentuate her eyes and lips. She needed no blusher, her cheeks were pink from her pleasures in the shower. Slipping on the white lace robe which she found hanging on the hook by the shower, Sam left the bathroom and went hesitantly down the hallway, looking in the open doorways for a kitchen or dining room. She found the kitchen and saw the young man sitting at the breakfast bar, drinking coffee. Sam turned to leave, but he stopped her, inviting her to come and eat something with him. Conscious of her naked body showing through the lace robe, she wrapped it closely round her and sat down beside him.
As they ate and drank coffee, Sam asked the young man about the house and his job here. It transpired that the young man had been employed by the Master when he was much younger. He had been working as a driver and general assistant since then, and when the Master wished he performed other duties. He did not elaborate on these duties, so Sam did not ask what they were. Maybe when they were better acquainted he would tell her.
Sam left the kitchen and returned to the bedroom to dress. She decided that she would not go anywhere this morning, but would enjoy the luxury of doing nothing until 1.00 pm.
At 12.30 pm Sam dressed in her office clothes, put her hair up as instructed, her garter belt and stockings on, and the young man drove her to work. She entered the building, conscious of the dozens of prying eyes watching her enter Daisuke's office and sit behind her desk. She sat as instructed, glad that her back was facing the door should anyone come in to the office. Master called her to come with her dictation pad. She went quickly to the chair in front of his desk, sitting as he wished and waited while he shuffled some papers on his desk. She could feel the wetness between her legs and her face flushing as she sat exposed for him. He came round to the front of his desk and sat in front of her. "Did you enjoy your shower this morning, Sam?" he asked. "You seemed to be having a good time."
Sam's face went bright red. How did he know about the shower? she wondered, then almost fell off her seat as she saw the small television monitor on his desk. The view flicked from the bedroom of his house to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to another room which she had not seen. "In future young woman, you are not permitted to come to a climax until I give you permission. Your body is now mine and part of your training will be to learn how to stop cumming until I tell you to. This is the most important part of your training and we will begin it in earnest tonight. Do you understand me, Sweet Sam?" " Oh yes, Master," she stammered.
"Now stand up and come closer to me." Sam stood and stepped right up close to the man to whom she had pledged her life so recently. He reached out and put his hand between her legs and she instinctively spread them so he had access to the warm secrets she hid high between her thighs. "Oh, yes, my dear, such a wonderfully responsive young woman." He fingered her clit idly, as if he was twiddling his pen as he though about something. "Turn around' please," he ordered. She obeyed instantly and felt his finger explore the crack between her cheeks. She clenched her bottom cheeks in embarrassment and he gave her a smart spank on her ass."Never do that again!" he said sharply. "No, Sir," she replied, forcing her body to relax. This was all so new to her. "Now sit down and take this dictation," he ordered as if nothing had happened.
The rest of the afternoon continued like an ordinary work day, until 6.00 pm arrived. The building emptied of its occupants and Daisuke looked up from his desk and nodded to her. She stood, locked the door and took off her clothes and knelt in the middle of the room, waiting as instructed for his attention. "Well young woman, you have begun well, although there is so much you need to learn. The first lesson you must learn is that your body belongs to me. You must never ever deny me access to any part of it. Do you understand that?" "Yes, Master," she replied. "Good. Now stand and come to the desk. Bend over and spread your arms to the opposite side and open your legs wide. You will have your first experience of my discipline." Sam stood as instructed and took up the position. She felt the cold wood of the desk under her stomach and breasts, and wondered what was to come. She felt Daisuke's hand stroking her ass, probing the warmth between her legs. She sensed him move away and heard him open the door of a cabinet behind her. As he returned, he came round to face her. He held a long cane in his hand. "Now my sweet child, you understand that you must learn that to deny me access to your body is a sin?" "Yes Sir," she replied. "Tonight you will be given six strokes to remind you of this rule. After each stroke, you will tell me the number, thank me and ask for the next. Is that clear?" Tears welled up in Sam's eyes as she replied "Yes, Sir." "Good. You know this is for your own good, don't you? I love you so much but cannot have you disobeying me." "Yes, Sir" she stammered again. "Kiss the cane. It is your friend." She did so as tears began to flow down her cheeks. "Now we will begin." He moved back behind her, and she felt him stroke her ass with the cane, gently. He continued to stroke until her ass had warmed up. "Ready?" "Yes,Sir." She heard the swish as the cane and flinched as it bit her ass. "One, thank you Master. May this one have the next please?" Again the cane stung her skin. "Two,thank you Sir, again please." The third and fourth strokes landed, were counted and the next ones requested. Sam was sobbing silently as the fifth landed. Once again she thanked her Master and asked for the last. When the punishment was over, Sam felt her Master move close behind her, and stroke her sore ass with his hand. She was amazed at how wet she was between her legs. She realised that although the cane had hurt her very much the pain had actually turned her on. She relaxed as Daisuke continued the soothing massage on her stinging cheeks. She felt his fingers moving into the warmth of her pussy and wriggled in pleasure as they probed deeper, tweaking her clit as they did so. He continued his probing, moving his fingers deeper and harder into the depths of her pussy, while the other hand continued to soothe her sore ass.
Just as Sam felt as if she would cum at any moment, Master withdrew his hand. "Now we must leave, my sweet one,I have another appointment to keep," he said, as he pulled her up from the desk. "You need not dress. Just put this cloak around you and put your clothes in this bag." Sam wrapped herself in the cloak he held out to her, put her clothes in the bag and followed her Master out of the office and down to the waiting car. The young man sat impassively as Master helped her into the car.
Master took a large handkerchief from his pocket, and gently wiped the tears from Sam's face, leaning towards her and kissing her cheeks softly. "Well done, little one," he whispered."That was a hard lesson for my sweet one, but one which she had to learn early on."
Contribution by screeemnmeme

     As Sam rode home every bump of the road reminded her of her Masters disclipline, she didnt like it! It felt humiliating just laying there asking for more, panic struck her, an empty feeling in her chest, is this really the life she wanted. Tears fell down her face as she realized, yes it was. She heard her driver speak and was drawn back from her thoughts... had she heard him right he had made her an appointment at the salon. She smiled, yes this is what I want. Sam entered the salon and took it all in. Luxury was the only word to describe it, soft sounds of nature floating through the air, and the aroma of herbal preparations filled her senses. Her driver told her he would be waiting for her in the car. Sam was a bit embarrassed she had on only the cloak given to her by her Master, but deep inside her she knew this was his wish. Her embarrassment turned into pride, she was proud to be his she wanted to please him. She was escorted to a private suite, when she entered she saw three men, the oldest one introduced himself and the two others, explaining that Daisuke had specifically requested they attend her, and would be the only three to attend to her. First she was led to a whirl pool where she was bathed and then to a table where two of her attendants massages her body, paying close attention to her reddend bottom. Sam could not ever remember feeling like this in her entire life, she wanted to cry and to hide , but knew every action would be reported to her Master, this she was sure of. She closed her eyes, bit her lip and held her tears, while trying to understand why men, why did he want her to feel like. After being washed massaged waxed and polished Sam was set infront of a mirror, hair swept up, with just a hint of makeup, to see her self. She grew wet knowing this would please her Maser. Sam was given a wrap around velvet dress, very low cut and very thin her nipples stood erect as the soft fabric carressed them, then was handed a beautiful pair of high heal shoes and a matching hand bag. Just then her phone rang panic hit her, she quickly found it in her cloak pocket and answered , Yes Master. I have been told you are almost ready for me, read the note and follow the instructions, I will see you soon little one. Sam opened the note as soon as she realized he had hung up, it simply read use the contents in the hand bag and have your diver bring you to me. Sam opened the hand bag and was in shock, how much was he going to throw at her in one day. Sam reached in and found an anal plug and a small pillow pack of lube. She heard his words in her head, is this where u want to wake... She opend the lube and emptied the entire thing onto the the plug lifted her dress and struggled for about 5 min before holding her breath and just doing it. She felt the sting of pain flow to every part of her body, she lay completely still for what seemed an eternity for the pain to subside. she used a towel to clean off the mess he had made and lowered her dress back down inspecting for wet spots. Walking in these shoes with an anal plug in her virgin ass now sore inside and out sent the message loud and clear to Sam that Daisuke now owned her body.
Contribution by merilea

     Sam waited in the lobby as her Master's car made it's way to the entry of the salon. Gabriel, the driver, opened the rear door of the long, dark car out of which her Master appeared. Her breath caught when she saw him. He was always well-dressed, much better than most men, but tonight he was particularly polished and put together. His dark suit fitted without the slightest flaw caressing his broad shoulders and trim waist in exactly the right way. His presence was commanding and he seemed thoroughly aware that he was in control without the slightest hint of conceit. He entered the salon and gave her an apraising look before greeting her. Very deliberatly he asked her to turn, in full view and hearing of the salon staff and other patrons to the establishment. Nervously Sam turned, suddenly timid keeping her eyes low and only briefly meeting His gaze. "you will do nicely" he told her. Taking her hand he whispered, " You look lovely" causing her to blush profusely. Her innocent charms touching Him to the core, he offered her His arm and escorted her to the car where Gabriel was waiting for them. Seated in the car only moments later He turned to explain to her, "tonight I want to enjoy a wonderful dinner and the pleasure of your company, My pet." The car made it's way down the gently curving road lined on either side by budding trees and Spring's promise of of beautiful color to come. At the edge of the forest a fawn and it's mother were rooting for the first crcus and tulip bulbs of the season. Sam's breath caught at the sight and momentarily forgetting where she was she smiled broadly and grasping her Master's hand drew His attention to the enchanted vision. The look in His eyes was evidence enough that he was pleased at her reaction and was right in thinking there was something special about her from the begining. As they drove on he continued to watch her every reaction, the way the light played with the color of her eyes, the way the late sun sent a wash of light through her strawberry blonde hair and how when she saw something that moved her the peaches-and-cream skin glowed with color and life. With every tilt of her chin, with every sparkle of her smile He was falling, deeper.
Contribution by Screeemnmeme

     Sam had a wonderful time at dinner, her Master treated her like a queen the entire night she glowed at being the center of his attention. On the way home he was silent, and seemed a bit withdrawn, Sam wondered if she had displeased him durring the evening, but was afraid to ask. The evening was the best night she had ever had and didnt want to spoil it. How odd that just a few hours ago she felt the most humiliated she had felt in her entire life having her body manipulated by three men she didnt know, and she was willing and happy to spend the evening laughing and talking with the person that subjected her to it. Just as the car pulled up to the house her Master spoke her name, Sam... I will go slow, I will train you to serve my desires be sure, know full well my discipline will be swift and sturn, but also know that I will let no harm come to you, your free will, will dictate what you recieve from me. When we enter the house you will follow Gabriel he will prepair you and answer any questions you have, with that he leaned forward and stopped just short of kissing her, then looked in her eyes and said I do believe I will wait to draw out your breath while your cum for me, yes... that will do quite nicely as our first kiss. Sam was drawn back with butterflies in her stomach, trembling she followed Gabriel. She was taken to a room, Gabriel explained here was the only place in the house she could ask questions freely, her Master would never enter this room, it was her santuary. Gabriel looked at his watch, and said one hour, we have much to do, we can talk as I work. Sam didnt know what to ask ever question that she had about her Master escaped her, so she just listened to what Gabriel has to say. I have been working for your Master for many years you already know that, I am sure you want to know what I ment when I told you I performed other duties, I saw the curiousity in your eyes... no Sam not those kinds of duties, I am talking about you, you are my duty. Now lets get you dressed, Gabriel started to remove Sams dress while assuring her he already knew what had been asked of her and there was no need for embarrasment. Gabriel skillfully dressed Sam quickly in a dark green velvet corset whick lay just under her breasts helping them to be very pronounced, Her hair was then pulled up to a bun and fastened with two black sticks that were exquisitly painted with green and gold. Sam was handed a wooden box the size of a shoe box and told to take her position on the floor next to the bed, and hold the box for presentation to her Master. Gabriel walked Sam to the bedroom she had slept in last night and knocked on the door, turning to leave he said I will schedule a massage for you at the salon in the morning.
Contribution by leigha

     Sam positioned herself near the foot of the massive four-poster bed. She sat kneeling, head slightly bowed and eyes lowered. The glow of endless candles splashing their light into every corner of the room. The soft, velvety chenille bed coverings with their heavy fringe and beadwork brushed lightly against her skin. All this she drank in seemingly in the space of forever, when in actuality it had been mere seconds. A large set of mohogany double doors opened at the other end of His suite and a figure stood there taking in the vision. The fighure was clearly not that of Gabriel who's tall, lanky frame was quite different from that of her Master's. Clearly it was he who stood there looking at her. His broad, and quite muscular shoulders covered with a black-and-bronze silk robe, open all the way down, exposing his rippling abdomen and his trim waist about which was tied a pair of long, black satin, draw string sleep pants. Without a word he strode across the room, allowing the doors to shut themselves behind him. Sam began to tremble, he seemed so different than before. Or was it her imagination playing with her? He stood directly in front of her, looking down on the shining pile of red gold hair. "sam, as part of your training we will begin immediatly. I do not want you to get the idea that anything happens at your pace. I said that I would allow you choices and that is true, but as a child who never can be allowed to forget who it's parents are, so you can never forget who your Master is. Do you understand?" "yes, Master" Sam answered quietly being sure to keep her eyes lowered.
"Good" He replied simply. "Now, from this time on, when we come into each others presence, I expect you to greet me properly. I expect that until you are addressed you will keep your eyes lowered, but when I am talking to you I want your full attention focused on me and not the weave of the carpets. You are not to speak or address me without permission, particularly when at a later date we have company. If it is nessessary for you to speak with me, lightly touching your throat will indicate to me that you desire to speak. I will of course grant this request at my discretion. The only exception to this will be if you become suddenly ill and you may simply leave to tend to your needs at which time I will check to see that you are taken care of. I am a firm Master, Sam, but not without compassion. If you need to tend to personal needs, such as the bathroom, you will always ask for permission first. From time to time I may have friends who are in the lifestyle or who are knowlegable about my participation in it in my home and when you are in their presence you will adress all as Sir. You are not to be touched or allow yourself to be touched without my permission. Do you understand all I have said?" He asked, looking down into her eyes. "yes, Master" She answered. Sam, thought to herself, permission to go to the bathroom? Why would he care if or when I went to the bathroom? Still, she had answered Yes, Mater. She only knew that it felt right, no matter how it sounded. "now what have you for me, my pet?" He asked. Sam lowered her eyes and offered him the small wooden box, which glistened richly in the candle light, covered in it's many finely detailed oriental carvings. Taking it from her soft, small hands he smiled and offered a somewhat amused "thank you, pet". He placed it on the table near the bed, and opening the lid looked into the box and closed it again. "Come and take my robe, Sam." Standing she felt more exposed than before. The green velvet corset, more than a little snug, constricting her movement. The light flesh tone stockings encasing her long svelt legs held up by garters attached to the corset. She walked over to him in heels far higher than those she had ever worn before and wondered if she could ever learn to walk naturally in six inch heels. Taking his robe she carefully slid it down over his firm shoulders, and as he motioned for her to put it on the chair across the room,she felt a flush of heat through her. She walked. He watched. Her waist slimmed to smaller than its natural size, emphasised her round hips. She knew he would see her firm young ass as she crossed the room. Every move she made, he watched, his gaze burning through her. She stood and waited for further instruction. "Gabriel does fine work." He said to no one in particular. Come here Sam" He ordered. "Do you like your corset, Sam?' Yes, Master. It is quite beautiful, Master, and the fabric is so soft it feels like butter, Master. Thank you for this gift" "Hmmm, I am glad you are pleased, however I am not entirely. Gabriel does not have the firm hand needed for such things. You see, he's a stong man phisically, but a soft touch with women. Turn and give me your back now." Sam, wondering, turned. She felt his hands on the laces begining to undo them. Almost instantly she felt freer, her ample bossom sucked in a great gulp of air, letting it out with a sigh. And then almost immediately, she felt them getting tighter. He pulled the laces from top and bottom, alternating until they met in the middle, and again the same over and over, until Sam felt she couldn't breathe. Finally, finding her form satisfactory he tied the laces in the middle of her back, tucking them into the green velvet. Sam could see her reflection in the mirror, her waist slimmed to almost half its size it seemed. Her breast appeared twice their size and her hips also. "Much better," her Master intoned interrupting her thoughts. "Now, lets see what this box hold for your immediate future".
Contribution by lilbitohhhhoney

     Her Master opened the box so that Sam could not see the contents. First he pulled a black silk scarf from the box, then ordered Sam to turn around, the scarf was then tied tightly over Sams eyes, then adjusted to completely take her sight. Hands behind ur back Sam, she was told. Her wrists were bound together by what she thought to be another scarf. Our first lession my pet will be TRUST. I will give you orders you will not hesitate, you will respond quickly and with confidence. I will allow no harm to you. Do you trust me Sam? Yes Master she replied. I will be at your side for the next two hours you will be blindfolded. We are having company, I expect to give you an order only once, You will be touched... but only with my permission, no objects will enter any part of your body, that pleasure is allowed to only me. Now lets go attend to our guests shall we. Sam felt her Master just behind her to her left and then felt his hand on the small of her back. The sensation of his touch sent waves through Sams body. I will guide you Sam, now walk. Sam stepped forward with reservation but followed quickly with her second and third steps as he put pressure to her back to move her forward. As Sam reached the last stair she felt great relief. He wispered in her ear 13. Excuse me master she asked? 13 steps Sam, you were to concentrated to count. For the rest of the night you are not to say a word, if you need to use the bathroom you will signal me, one finger on the back of your hand means you have to urinate, two means you need to move your bowels, give me plenty of notice Sam, I will excuse you when appropriate. Do you trust me Sam? Yes Master I trust you. good now lets see those nipples of yours, cant go to a party with out pink nipples, Sam felt his warm fingers squeeze and pull her nipples and became wet between her legs. Then she felt a pinch first on the right then on the left, she realized he had just put somthing on her nipples it pulled a bit and hurt. She was led forward by his hand and escorted into a room that seemed to have many people in it. She heard voices of both men and woman. Excuse me everyone may I have your attention! I would like to present what I hope will be my greatest work yet... Sam.
Contribution by raine

        Instantly Sam felt what seemed like a thousand eyes on her. Though she could see nothing, not the faintest hint of light, she imagined several smiles as those in the room looked her over. She could almost hear the smiles and amusement in the greetings bestowed upon her Master, though not a soul there addressed her directly. Behind her she heard the whispering voice of Gabriel, "Sir, the last guests are arriving now." and Sam felt the air around her shift as Gabriel moved away. Just knowing Gabriel was there made Sam feel odd. Surely he would know all that might transpire here tonight, and yet, in the morning she must face him. What was that he had said to her just before he led her to Master's rooms? Yes, she remembered, that he would schedule a massage for her in the morning. Sam felt her Master's hand on the small of her back again, urging her to move forward. Instantly she moved several steps to what she had to assume from the acoustics must be the center of the room. The floor was not the hard, cold sounding marble she had seen in so many rooms, but rather soft, very lush carpeting. Sam could feel, as they moved through the room the heat of many long tapered candle that her Master was so fond of. Now standing there, he whispered in her ear causing the long strawberry blonde tendrils to tickle her ear and neck. "No fear Sam, only trust. Do you trust me Sam?" Not allowing her to answer he quickly moved away. She heard laughing in the corner, long and hearty laughter. A second later, two men whispering with eachother followed by deep chuckling laughs. Sam began to perspire, despite her best efforts her breathing became quick and ragged. More laughter. Were they laughing at her? No, no they couldn't be. Suddenly it all sounded so menacing and hateful, the laughing the quiet whispers. Then without warning she felt two strong hands on her shoulders holding her. Another hand on her neck brushing down her chest to her breasts, rubbing roughly against the clamps Master had put there. A soft female hand rubbing down her firm ass and firmly smacking her there. "Such a pretty thing." She heard a soft whispery female voice say as a woman passed. "Mmmmmmm" a strong masculine voice said as hands reached up to cup her breasts tugging on the clamps firmly. Sam felt many hands suddenly on her body. bringing her gently to the floor.
Contribution by lilbitohhhhoney

     Once Sam was kneeling on the floor, the hands left her as quickly as they had come. Sam felt scared, she had expected her Master to touch her, use her for pleasure in a sexual way, but what pleasure could he find in her being poked and prodded. Tears started to well up in her eyes, her breathing started to change. Her master noticed immediately, and wisperd in her ear, you are doing wonderfully, I am very proud of you. Sams tears were gone instantly, her Masters words took all anxiety away. Two hours passed very slowly, Sam heard her Master talking to the guests, answering questions she didnt quite understand the context of. Ceremony of the roses, she would have to ask Gabriel what that was, she heard her Master mention it several times.
Contribution by screeemnmeme

     Once the last guest had left Sam was told to go wait on the bed, in her position. A rush of heat flowed to the center of her body and she became wet instantly, this was it she thought. Tonight he will take me, and with a smile in her heart Sam pranced up the stairs with out hesitation. Positioned on the bed just as her Master had told her to Sam waited. Her fantasy of what the night was to hold for her made her wet enought that she could feel the moisture on her thighs. Her Master appeard from out of nowhere, and smiled. You did well my pet, I am so pleased with you, all night I have wanted to be alone with you and now here we are. Stand for me over there, by the mirror Sam. Sam moved gracefully to the mirror aware he would be watching her every step. Now turn and face me... Nice... now reach behind u and let loose the ties and slowly remove ur corset... yes just like that. Sam noticed her master becomming erect, this made her smile inside. Sam pulled the corset lose and let it fall to her feet stepping out of it and to the side just a bit to assure that her master could see her back side in the mirror. Now lift your breasts Sam and hold them for me, yes now pinch the nipples does that feel nice Sam. Sam replied with a soft yes Master I do like how it feels. Daisuke now sat at the edge of the bed, come to me Sam... slowly. Sam walked very slowly to him and instictivly knelt at his feet. Her master ran his hands to the back of her head and let her hair down. You are so beautiful he said to her as he leaned in and kissed her neck. Sam threw her head back and drew in a slow deep breath, and then felt his fingers slid between the moist lips of her venus. His fingertip easily found her throbbing and swolen clit he soflty rubbed around and over her clit as he kissed her neck, she was so close to cumming when he stopped and seductivly brought his fingers to her mouth. She tasted herself, closed her eyes and let out a low moan, Daisuke then did the same. Daisuke removed his robe and was now only wearing a pair of black silk boxers, he was hard, and he was wet with precum. Sam reached for her master and freed him from the confines of his boxers. She took him into her mouth, using her tongue to taste every drop of precum, and her lips to caress him. He layed back on the bed and allowed her to pleasure him. His hands behind her head holding her hair firmly he pulled her over him then took her by suprise and rolled him self to the top of her, positioning his throbbing cock on her clit rubbing rhythmicly, Sam started to breath heavy and deep, then when it was clear she was about to cum, her master entered her, pulled her body to his with one arm behind her back and the other behind her neck, leaning in he kissed her sliding his tongue in her mouth as they both exploded, and melted into eachother. Sam knew she wanted to be his for the rest of her life.
Contribution by wumpaskitty

     In a sharp gasp of air, Sam knew her master had entered her, which only induced a profound orgasm that ripped through her body leaving her moaning out her for her master. Master leaned down to take Sam's breath, as he had promised, while she came. Sam's mind was spinning, she was delighted by her Master's lovemaking, how each stroke held her orgasm and pushed it further. Before long, Master pulled from the kiss, and looked down to his little pet underhim, writhing in pleasure, and as he moved his lips to her breast, and licked once for taste, then bit down with his teeth, causing her to cry out, he felt his orgasm push over the edge. Sam felt her master explode inside her, she gasped and felt her own pleasure building again. Master slowed his strokes, knowing he was now teasing Sam's orgasm from her, building it, watching as she was beginning to lose control again, but just before he felt she would come, he pulled from her. Sam's eyes grew wide, she was panting, whimpering for more, begging for her master to finish. Master slid himself from the bed and stood there in her full view, he grabbed his cock, and with merely a look into her eyes, and a single word, she was up on her knees, eyes lowered slightly, knees spread, sweet nectar dripping from between her legs. He told her in a almost hypnotic voice to lick his cock clean, and she did, eagerly, his shaft and head, and balls, were licked and sucked clean, the taste of her own juices, and his cum mixed together made her even more eager to do his bidding. Her eagerness didn't go unnoticed, and Master commanded her to stop, and she quickly returned to her submissive position before him. Master took in the sight of her form, and after a moment, began to speak, "Sam, this night, will be unlike any night for you, for this night is the first time I have had you, but the last time you will be had so easily. From now on, your duties to me lie before you, how you serve me physically, how you pleasure me. You will be taught, you will be trained, I will show you all you need to know, to serve me, in my bed, in my bedroom, in my home, in my life. Tonight, your lessons will begin."
Master placed a hand on Sam's mound, and felt her wetness, and her quivering, he knew she understood, by the fact that she was still dripping. Master walked to the closet, and opened the door, on the door, were several items, floggers, paddles, a cane, a crop, and much much more, in the closet were many drawers, some with chain, some with rope, some with bindings, so much was there, everything neatly kept, and organized. He grabbed a flogger, made of softer leather, swung it a few times, to get the feel. Sam heard this and twictched slightly at the sound of the flogger through the air. Master had noticed this and quickly commanded her to the floor, she scrambled to his feet. "This night, you will learn disclipline, you will learn to control yourself, to give to your master without ever a second though." Sam waited until her after her master spoke, then simply replied, "As you wish Master." Master told Sam to stand, and lean against the bed, to make herself ready to be entered. She stood, quickly, leaned against the bed, bending over slightly, using her hands to support her upperbody, she remained quiet, she spread her legs slightly, waiting for he Master to again pleasure her. Then without notice, the flogger struck her, across the ass. She knew she had displeased him. She wondered how. "Sam, to make yourself ready for me, I expect your to place your head and chest on the bed, turn your head, so you can breath properly, your arms are to be extended out from your sides. You will receive 10 lashes with the flogger, you will first ask me to teach you properly, then
you will count each flog, and then again ask for each additional flog." He held the handle of the flogger before her lips, and asked her, "Sam, do you understand this? Kiss the flogger if you understand, and agree." She complied without hesitation, she knew she didn't have to think about it, that she understood, and wanted her training. She kissed the flogger, asked her Master for his instruction and shifted into the positions she was instructed to take.
Contribution by slav

     Sam felt Master stroke the soft leather across her ass, as if measuring it for his stroke. Try as she might, she could not help but clench her ass cheeks as the leather caressed her skin. Master saw this and the flogger struck her sharply, causing her to suck in her breath and bite her tongue to stop from crying out. Sam counted "one, thank you Master. Teach me more please." The second blow struck and she repeated her thanks and asked for more. After the fifth stroke, Sam had silent tears pouring down her cheeks, but she continued to stammer out her thanks and count the strokes. By the time the tenth lash had landed, she could hardly speak and her legs felt like jelly, but Sam could feel the now familiar wetness between her legs and knew that her climax would not be long coming. Master moved close to her and stroked her ass gently, applying some sweet salve in soft strokes, each one moving closer to her secret spots between her legs. She moved her legs so Master could have easy access to her dripping pussy, but he stood her up and instructed her to lie face down on the bed with her legs spread wide. She did so without hesitation and waited for whatever Master had in store for her. She knew he was not finished with her yet and wondered where his lessons would take her now.

Master moved away and she heard him reach into the cabinet next to the bed. When he returned, she felt him reach with his finger into her asshole. She knew she must not flinch and held her breath as he applied some lube to the end of a butt plug and pressed it firmly into her waiting hole. He pushed slowly until the whole plug was deep into her asshole. Waves of pain swept through her at first, but slowly they subsided as she relaxed and took the plug into her. When it was fully inserted, he moved his fingers down her crack and into her wet, waiting pussy. He moved it in and out, teasing her throbbing clit as he did so. The butt plug only heightened the sensations she was feeling and she realised that she was entering a new realm of sexuality. Her whole body tingled, and her nipples ached as they rubbed erect against the bed cover. Sam moaned as her Master continued his probing and teasing. She wriggled in absolute ecstacy and felt her climax come nearer and nearer. Not wanting to displease her Master, she tried very hard to hold back until he said she could cum. As if sensing her climax was imminent, Daisuke withdrew his fingers and turned her over on to her back. She lay there, tense with desire, as lay on top of her and she felt him enter her, deep and hard. His cock moved her to agony as she held and held her orgasm. His tongue moved over her body as he continued to move in and out of her. He bit her nipples one by one, each bite bringing her closer to the edge. She felt him shudder as he came deep in her again and again, until he lay there, spent. "Now, little one, it is your turn" he said, his breath coming in shallow gasps. He continued to move gently until she could hold her orgasm no longer, and she came and came with such force that her whole body seemed to be on fire. She lay there entangled with her Master.

Master moved off her and lay on his back. Again, without even thinking about it, Sam moved and knelt beside him, taking his cock into her eager mouth, licking and sucking until every drop of her nectar and his cum had been cleaned away. She continued to suck gently until his cock became soft again, and then knelt back again and waited for his next instruction. "Turn around, my little one," her Master's voice was gentle. "Bend over and let me see that beautiful ass of yours again." Sam obeyed and as she bent right over she felt Daisuke gently remove the butt plug from the deep recesses of her ass.

"Now, beautiful one, you may go and bathe. I will come in shortly and you may help me with my bath. You have performed well this night and you learned well."

Sam walked slowly but proudly to the bathroom, her legs a bit wobbly after the evening's activities. As she lay in her bath she dreamed about the lessons she had learned and how much more she had to learn in order to please her Master.
Contribution by YourSlave

     As Sam lay in the bath she closed her eyes, deep in thought. She was startled when she opened her eyes and say her Master watching over her. By past lessons, she immediately got out of the tub an kneeled in front of him. "Now my pet, you will bath me," said that Master. "Yes Master," Sam said quietly. The Master directed her to empty her bath water and refill the tub with cold water. Sam obeyed, still dripping wet and nude. The Master watched her every move. Then the Master ordered Sam to get into the tub. Sam obeyed.
Contribution by starrynyte

     Sam sat down in the cold water, instantly feeling the ice cold chill rip through her body. Her nipples became painfully hard almost immediately. With her eyes still lowered she awaited her Master's next command.
Daisuke removed his robe and climbed into the tub behind Sam.
"Face me", he said sternly.
Sam obediantly turned her body around in the large tub and faced her Master. She stared at his chest, waiting his next order. The silence seemed like hours, though they only sat like that for just a few minutes.
"Take the soap and get the cloth from the rack just over your head, lather the cloth and bathe me", ordered Daisuke.
Sam did as she was told and and gently began to bathe her Master. She took her time washing his skin. She took in every muscle, every freckle, every single part of his body. Her desire to please him pushed her to learn everything that she possibly could about Daisuke. If she could only figure out his mind and how it worked.
"Sam". His voice gently pulled her out of her own thoughts. She blinked and continued washing His body.
She slowed down as she worked her way down His body. She felt a familiar warmth between her thighs that this wonderful man always brough upon her, as she took His cock into her hand and gently washed it. She must have stopped completely while washing and began to daze back to the events of the night, because again, a little more stern this time, she heard, "Sam".
He looked her over and realized that she was turned on and lifted her chin lightly, looked her right in the eye and asked her, "Do you want Me inside you again?"
Sam caught her breath sharply and looked Him right in the eye as she almost whispered, "Yes".
A slight smirk crossed His face and he nodded and said, "Soon enough, you have so much more to learn, my pet".
Disappointment was apparent in Sam's eyes as she nodded and continued down her Master's thigh, gently massaging the soap into His skin. She finished His bath by rubbing the soap on His back and breathing His scent in one last time before this time together would end.
She rinsed out the cloth and placed it back on the rack, then with her eyes still lowered she patiently awaited His command.
"Stand up, get out of the tub and dry yourself off with that towel sitting on the counter, then get the other towel and dry Me as well".
Sam obeyed, she quietly stepped out of the tub and dried herself off, then she took the second towel and stood beside the tub, waiting for Him to step out.
Daisuke stood, the cold water dripping off of his body. Although the temperature of the water should have given him a different appearance, He was still quite turned on and it was very apparent.
Sam gasped quietly and stepped towards him with the towel outstretched, she patted his body dry, the whole time her eyes lowered.
"Now kneel before me", Daisuke ordered softly.
Sam thought that perhaps now she would be invited to please Him with her mouth as she dropped effortlessly to her knees and put gently rested her wrists on her head, her arms making an 'x' shape above her head. She awaited Him, anticipating what He would say next.
"Sam, you did very good tonight. I am proud of you. Though, you still have alot to learn. To aid you in this, I have purchased you some books, educational books which include personal experiences of fellow Masters and Slaves. I feel you will find the information in these books quite useful. For the rest of the night, until I come to bed, I want you to pick one of the two books that I have bought you and begin reading it. The books are lying on the bed and there is a cup of hot tea on the nightstand awaiting your arrival".
"You may stand now", He said.
Sam stood before him and smiled slightly as he kissed her forehead and dismissed her.
She walked down the dimly-lit hallway with a smile on her face. Her mind raced with thoughts of lust and love. She had never felt like this for anyone before. As she opened the bedroom door, her eyes immediately found the books that her Master had spoken of. She took the book off the top and quietly studied it's cover. It had a picture of a woman gagged, bound, and blindfolded. The picture itself was enough to make Sam quickly sit down on the bed and begin her reading.

Contribution by Lady C

     Sam saw pictures of women in bondage, different slave positions, etc. She was surprised at how mant different things there were. From plants to toys. She began to wonder what her master was doing. She became very curious to find out what the rest of the house looked like. Sam decided to take a look around. She knew that their was a chance she would get caught, but she had to fine out what was in the other rooms. Same marked the page of the book that she was on and began to head for the door.
Before she opened the door she put her ear to it, to make sure that no one was in the hallway. When she heard nothing she opened the door and began to tip-toe down the hallway. At the end of the hallway she saw a room with a stock in it. It had a place for the head and hands. She was turned on by this. She saw steps and walked down them. At the bottom of the stairs she could hear her masters voice talking to an unfamiliar man. She wondered who he was, he was about 6 feet tall with a tan and black hair, He looked sort of like her master. She wondered if they were brothers. Sam decided to go back upstairs becuase she was getting tired. When she turned to head back, the floor creaked. Her master quickly turned around and headed in her direction.
Contribution by Master's dark angel

     Daisuke quirked a finely arched brow, pursing his lips in obvious vexation. Well, it seemed his pet had not quite learned her place. As he strode toward her she shivered caught in the smouldering look that caught and held hers before she lowered her gaze to the floor. Quiet wrd trembled from her lips as he stopped just in front of her, he was angry, "Master...I..I.." A husky laugh came quickly on the last of her words, but not her Master's, the other man spoke his words a quiet rumble in his chest when he spoke. "Well, brother, it looks as if your little slave needs a bit ..tighter hand. I always said you were a bit to soft for" Daisuke smirked, his voice soft and controlled, but it was apparent it clothed the anger that lay simmering beneath his cool exterior. "Control your tongue brother, but mayhaps you are right." His hand grasped her chin firmly, his other entwined in her hair jerking her head back as he loomed over her. Confused, frightened and shamelessly turned on by her Master's strength and fierceness she could only swallow and breathe shallowly through her parted lips, as she watched her Master from the corner of her eyes. "Is that right my pet? Is it more..control you need? Hmm? Do you mistake my kindness and gentleness for weakness?" His hand left her chin and slid to her throat, tears starting to her eyes as he tugged a bit harder at her hair. With a cool chuckle he turned andshoved her toward his brother. "So little brother, here is your chance, show me what a ...tighter hand can do." Startled she cried out reaching for her Master tears sliding down her cheeks, "No! Master! Please! It is only you I want, only you I wish to please! Please Master I beg of you! I am sorry!" The harsh laughter felt hot against her flesh as his brother pressed his lips against her cool flesh, his hands roaming over her body, tweaking her nipples harder than her Master had, then trailed down to fondle her mound pinching the delicate lips there. "Oh...such a pretty sight, your tears and your begging so delightful but ahh my dear, you will truly learn to cry and beg before this night is over. You disobeyed your Master, tonight you will learn obedience, you wll learn how to cry a slave's tear and how to beg for your Master." She shivered and trembled at his tone, bu dared not raise her gaze for fear of what she would see in her Master's gaze. But her Master's laugh she heard well it seemed to dance along her skin like small needles, hardening her nipples and making her wet in spite of her pleadings and tears. Daisuke walked over to her and pressed his hand against her mound feeling the telltale wetness of her excitement, his hand pressed on her breast felt the way her heart beat against her chest like a caged bird, his voice velvet soft against the sensitive tip of one breast,"Oh yes..she will learn. Won't you my pet, take her brother, it is time she learned!"

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