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Contribution by BDSM Storyteller
     This time maya and I decided to not post a new story intro but leave it to our valued guests to express their fantasies. May your day be filled with joy and happiness. Ash & maya
Contribution by Michael darkme

     Michael yawned. He was so bored, he simply couldn't take any more. He may as well just sleep his damn boring life away! He worked in a warehouse loading trucks twelve hours for five days, and when he wasn't working, he was taking care of his home repairs and car repairs, and taking care of the damn bills, and on and on it went.

He was married, and although he loved his wife, they were just to busy all the time and she always wanted him to be the man in charge. Well, he was tired and he wished to God that something would happen to change his miserable life.

To give him purpose.

That's when he met Nikki.

Nikki was a security guard at the plant he worked at, and she was so hot, he wondered why she would ever work as a security guard where a bunch of male chauvinist pigs worked at.

He asked her one day why she worked there and she told him, "Why do you ask, Michael? Would you be my big bad protector if I were in trouble?"

He would have answered, but she surprised him by grabbing him by the front of his shirt and looking him in the eye. "I can take care of myself, little man. And I can take care of you."

He was shocked! He stared at her and realized that this turned him on. She looked down and saw the bulge in his pants and she smiled.

"You need training," she said. "One of these days, I'm going to train you on your proper place in this world. Do you understand me?"

He nodded, but he wondered what training she had in mind.

But weeks went by, and they only had small talk as he went in or out of the building. Little did he know that what Nikki was doing was gathering up information about him. She intended to kidnap him and take him somewhere where he would become hers...forever!
Contribution by kurrvi_Gr

     It had been so long since the evening of their confrontation and Michael, though he had not forgotten, had tried to put it from his mind. Arriving at work that night he signed in as usual and seeing Nikki he hurried past the gate. Silently cursing the blush she could always bring to his cheeks.
Nikki simply smiled, she had seen the blush and knew her effect on him. Her smile changing to one of a cat with a huge bowl of cream and a mouse under one paw she began to stride towards him. Her full hips swaying seductively, every curve accentuated in her steps, cold blue eyes penetrating his back, he knew she was approaching.
Without knowing why he stopped in his tracks to wait for her, shaking his head at his reaction to her silent command and how quickly he had obeyed.
"little one, I think I will begin your training tonight! Follow Me!"
Contribution by Michael

     Michael shook his head as he went into work. He had to stop thinking about Nikki, and day-dreaming about her giving him commands. He passed another day of work and had no events until break time. Nikki cornered him in the hallway and told him to follow her. She had to talk to him about something important.

"What is it?" he wanted to know once they were inside a room, apparently alone.

Suddenly, she threw her arms around him and passionately kissed him on the lips. At first, Michael was surprised, but he soon closed his eyes and kissed back.

He thought he noticed flashes, and opened his eyes. There was another woman at the door, taking pictures!

He stopped and pushed himself away. "Hey!" He pointed at the woman in the doorway, but she laughed and left in a hurry.

Michael would have followed but Nikki stopped him. "Get back here!" she demanded.

He stopped and looked at her. "But someone took pictures!"

Nikki smiled. "I know. That's Jenni. My friend...and I wanted her to do that. Do you want those pictures back?"

Michael nodded. "Yes. I do."

"Then here's what you have to do." She handed him an envelope and smiled. "There is an address and instructions in this envelope. You will follow them to the letter...or I will take those pictures to your wife myself. Do you understand?"

Michael nodded.

That night, after work, he sat in his car and he looked at the envelope. Then...he took a deep breath and opened it so he could find out where he had to go and what he had to do.
Contribution by kurrvi

     "A warehouse? The old one on Deredo Street, if she thinks I'm going there she is more insane than I thought." Michael thought as he sat there staring at the words typed smartly on the paper in his hands. Dropping his forehead to the steering wheel and exhaling deeply he turned the key and the engine purred to life as he crumpled the paper in his fist and manouvered the car from the lot.
"Dam the woman to hell and back, I really have no choice." talking to thin air he expected no reply, so nearly pulled the car onto the pavement when a satisfied voice met his ears from behind him. "I knew you would eventually do as you're told. Now hurry up I have such little patience as it is." his startled gaze turning up to the mirror to see Nikki smiling, her chin rested on her hand against the back of his seat.
His thoughts turned back to the bit of paper still crumpled in his hand and what had been written there of the events of the night to come.
Contribution by fyrelight_FL

     Michael pulled out of the driveway. Heading toward the warehouse the words written on that crumpled piece of paper replayed themselves in his mind. Nikki leaned forward behind him, her perfume filled his senses as her warm breath blew softy on his neck. He soft lips caressed his hear as she whispered....are you ready for this? Michael gasped softy, almost choking, his hands gripping the steering wheel, knuckles white. Nikki laughed softly, as she ran her fingers through Michaels hair, grabbing it tighty as he tries to move away. "not a good idea Michael". Michael turned into the driveway of the warehouse, trying to deny the overwhelming feelings struggling inside him. Panic, fear, anger, excitement, a jumble of emotions raging through him. Pulling in Michael shuts the car off and sits, waiting. "Get out" Nikki commands. As Michael gets out of the car Nikki grabs his hands behind him and quickly puts handcuffs on. "Heyy !!!" Michael shouts. " a good boy and be quite Michael" Nikki says as she puts a blindfold over his eyes and pushes him through the doorway of the warehouse. Michael stands there, the silence is deafening, he hears his own ragged breathing, his senses heightened, he waits, his heart beating wildly, her nerves tingling, her mind alert to every sound, every movement...but he hears nothing but silence..........
Contribution by tawnea

     Stood there in the darkness, every beat of his heart intensified. Suddenly he hears footsteps approaching, sharp little clicks of high heels on the stone floor, his head turning as if that will let him see through the blindfold. "who's there?"
Nikki slaps him across the backside and laughs, her voice filling his ears as if her lips were again close to his flesh. "He is learning still, I'm sure he can be trained though. What do You think Debra? A good body, and definately hungry for this."
The deep scarlet blush that covered his cheeks merely brought two sets of laughter to his ears as another female voice answered. "Mhmm, He has him off for Me Nikki".......
Contribution by amabyte

     Michael felt Nikki's hands at the front of his shirt, and breathed in the heavy scent of her perfume. The buttons of his shirt flew off, as Nikki pulled hard at both sides of the shirt, baring his chest. He tested the handcuffs that held his hands behind his back. They were heavy Duty. Inescapable.

He heard Nikki giggle to herself, and felt his nipples harden as she rolled them gently between her thumbs and fingers. She pressed up against him, playing with them.

He cried out in pain as she squeezed them hard. Sucking in air in response to the sharp pain, he could smell her long hair and feel the intense heat of her body against his bare midriff. He couldn't help himself, but started responding to the stimulation, pushing back against Nikki's sensuous body, trying to press his growing hardness against her.

He heard the other woman, the one Nikki had called Debra, walking up to him, her heels clicking on the ashphalt. She ran her finger nails down his back, beneath his shirt, which intensified the mounting pleasure that was overwhelming him.

Suddenly, Michael felt a crack across his cheek, and cold space in front of him where Nikki's body had been.

"Get down on your knees, boy, where you belong"

Nikki's voice rang out, and he felt firm female hands on his shoulders, pushing him downwards.

Contribution by Sarah

     As Micheal hit the floor,sharp thudding of concrete and stone cut his flesh,as sudden confusion surrounded him.
Contribution by Keirans_irish_rose

     He waited in the darkness, a shiver running up his spine, the blindfold still secured over his eyes. To his right he could hear the women whispering, but strain as he might he could not hear a word they said. He could feel the sting of the cuts on his knees, the coldness of the concrete floor seeping into his legs, making them stiff and ache. He could hear their steps coming towards him, his body tensing, listening hard to hear which way they were coming. Suddenly a hand slipped into his thick hair, gently caressing his scalp, then grabbing his hair and jerking his head back roughly. Feeling the tension in his bent neck, his breath coming in rapid gasps, the her lips came down on his, her tongue entwining with his, in a deep searching kiss that left him breathless. A second set of hands roamed over his chest, down his tight stomach clenching as fingertips softly caressed him. Down still, down the length of his stomach, in a flash he felt his pants unsnapped as fingers ran along his waist teasingly. The lips so soft had moved from his lips to his neck, kissing, nipping, sucking as a low moan escaped him. The hands at his pants slowly slid the zipper down, light touches sending jolts of pleasure through him. Gasping as he feels soft lips slid over his hardened nipples, as the hands gently, teasing carress his lower stomach.....a soft voice, whispers in his you like this..little man? Suddenly the lips are gone, the caresses stop, he feels hands on his shoulders shoving him forward, bending him till his cheek is resting on the cold cement floor, kneeling, he thighs spread wide. A voice comes out of the darkness.....that little man is something you will have to earn.....we have plans for you.......
Contribution by Amabyte

     Michael jolted as he felt a thud on his inner thigh. One of the women, he thought it was Nikki, kicked his legs even further apart. "I want you completely open for me, little man" Nikki spoke up, confirming his suspicion, a cold detachment in her voice.

He heard Debra's high heels click on the concrete, and her foot pressed up against his face. In contrast to Nikki, who was still wearing her heavy black leather work boots, Debra was wearing elegant high heeled pumps. Michael's mouth was pressed against the leather of her instep as his cheek lay on the concrete.

He felt Nikki step astride his back, and pull up his cuffed arms in her strong grip. She pushed his arms upwards, putting great strain on his shoulders if he resisted, and forcing his face harder into the concrete and against Debra's shoe.

"Lick, dog, lick Miss Debra's lovely shoe. Show her how much you love it"

Nikki taunted as Michael extended his tongue, and started licking the dusty, slightly salty tasting, leather of the woman's shoe.
Contribution by SIMON

Contribution by Pilar

     "Good little slave!" echoed Nikki's voice through the empty warehouse as Michael's tongue went about its task of polishing Debra's high heeled pump. "Now kiss her foot and clean the other shoe slave", ordered Nikki. Michael placed his lips on Debra's nylon covered instep and kissed it passionately then moved his head to her other foot. He feverishly began licking the shoe, from toe to heel like an amimal in heat when suddenly the silence was broken by Nikki's stern voice.
Contribution by fouet

     -And now, open your mouth wide! Be a good boy, you know you're gonna be fucked in your beatiful lips with the pointed toe of my shoe!
Contribution by xxx

     -Are you..- he started, but Nikki stepped onto his hand and nearly crushed it. He screamed.The girl just answered:
-I said, open your mouth wide, now.
Contribution by Amabyte

     Michael parted his lips, and felt the gravel on the sole of Debra's shoe against his tongue as the young woman forced her foot into his mouth. The angle of entry was uncomfortable: he felt the hard pointed toe press against the roof of his mouth, and he found that his nose was pressed painfully against Debra's nylon hose covered foot.

Despite the pain, and the intense humiliation he felt, the warm exotic scent of her foot, the feeling of being invaded so intimately, and then the damp heat of Nikki's ass as she hitched up her leather skirt and dropped herself astride his back to enjoy the fun, were making him feel terribly aroused.
Contribution by Flame

     She started rubbing herself against his back. The liquid honey of her centre started seeping onto his back. She then started lubricating and rubbing the whole of his back with her desire. Wow the scent of the bitch was arousing. She had so much honey to spare of herself. She must be really wet down there for the wetness to seep through her nylons and onto his back
Contribution by fyrelight

     the leather of her shoe slips from his lips, and the girl leaves his back, he shivers feeling suddenly alone, despite the abuse he wants them to come back, to continue, again he heard whispers, then feels a leather collar slipped around his neck, the sound of a chain clinking in front of him, on his hands and knees he feels a tug at the collar around his neck......he stiffens, determined not to be lead around like a dog........suddenly a sharp smack lands accross his ass, flinching more from surprise then pain, a soft grunt leaving his lips......another harder stinging blow, then another, a soft gasp escaping his lips, the collar pulled tight allowing him no escape as sharps blows rain down upon his ass, stopping as he feels the sting beginning to creep into his hot flesh,the heat spreading, humiliation at the feelings that are coursing through him, another tug and he moves, being led, feeling the cold floor against his knees, he is lead to a chair, and pulled between soft spread thighs. the scent of arousal filling his senses, he moves forward eagerly,closer, the scent stronger, filling his nose, firing his blood that courses through his veins like red hot lava, all flowing hotly, coursing to one throbbing, pulsing, burning with desire place, he hears her ragged breathing, feels her arousal, a soft inner thigh caress his cheek as he moves again, his tongue slipping out to run over his lips as he strains forward, eager, suddenly he is jerked back by the leash, he hears a soft voice and just one word.....BEG!!!!!!!!
Contribution by flame

     He would do anything ... anything at all even beg if he could get to the wonderful musky area and suck on cum and so he begged.

Like a dog he begged crawling on hands and knees and kept on begging until he got to that gates of heaven and he feasted on the cum. He sucked and sucked and still it kept flowing as though it was unstopable.
He thought to himself he was to die today he would at least die with a smile on his face.
Contribution by Bound

     Or so he thought. With another jerk of the chain, Nikki brought Michael to his feet, as she released one hand from the cuffs to raise both arms over his head while re-attaching the cuffs to a large hook dangling from the ceiling. Putting her lips against his ear she whispers, Your going to enjoy this "little man". Nikki lifted his blindfold, stepped back and raised her skirt to reveal she was wearing a strap-on dildo...Mmmmm she said grabing her "cock" and looking him in the eyes as Debra sits in the background fingering herself.
Contribution by Jaxson

     And then as she plays with her dildo Debra gets out of her chair and slowly moves to Nikki to play with the dildo and to lube it up so that Nikki can place the dildo into your virgin ass.
Contribution by Darcprince

      As Nikki slid her fingers thru his hair,she slowly tightened her grip and pulled his head forwards.She leaned don and whispered in his ear,"You're nothing little're nothing more then a slug crawling beneath my feet.You will serve me as I see fit and you will do this without hestitation or reseveration.Should I find your service disspleasing......simply puit you will be punished as I see fit.Say good-bye to you to the life you once knew,there will be no going back".
Nikki tightened the her grip in her her and shoved hid faced to the floor,she did this with firm force,asserting her postion.
The next four words she spoke sent a shiver of fright and confusion thru Micheal's mind....."YOU BELONG TO ME".
Contribution by Darcprince

      The room was suddenly filled a loud noises,noises Micheal could not determine.He heard the sound of chains chingling.The sound of wood being dragged across the floor.His mind raced with images of something(s) being setup. Nikki's spoke out loud and said ,"slave,fetch me My cuffs".Debra repiled,"Yes Mistress", and quickly scurried to do as she was told.Within seconds she returned.Micheal felt his arms being pulled forward and he becamed pinned to the floor,his face pressed firmly to it.He felt some between put around his ankles and secured.He tried to moved his feet a little to take the strain off his inner thighs but found out they were attached to each other.A rope was attached to the collar he wore and pulled down beteen his legs and then attached to whatever held his feet apart.He attemtped to test his bounds butg for his troubled recieved a stinging across his left butt cheek. "Don't move,dog!"
"I want you to fight.I want you to put up as much a fight as you can,I do not want you to give up......ever." She walked around him and slowly the tassles of a flogg caress his back and trail down his ass cheeks......trickling thru the crack.I want you totally broken and weak before me.....I will mold you into the type of slaveI want you to be.
This infuriated Micheal,"Im nobodies slave,lady.You're nuts to even think that.Now untie me and I'll be on my merry way.
Nikki threw her hair back and gave a wicked laugh.."Oh thats good,boy,that was good.Now the fun begans".
With that she let her first stroke make contact with his his backside.
Contribution by Beth

     he winced with pain as the lash contacted with his ass ... Michael tried to lift his head to object but it was no good he was firmly tied and chained. As he lay there thinking what a big mistake he had made nikki grabbed his hair pulling his head back as far as it would go straining the collar round his neck and causing him to choke a little. "You will have to be taught a lesson BOY..." She thrashed him again sending a jerk of pain through his now tired and cold body...he didnt care any more and was worried what was coming next. He was dragged to a small device which he had seen briefly earlier. This was like a block of wood suspended between two metal stands... like a hobby horse. He was lifted by his hair and chains. "get on this scum" he was told, no i wont Michael said as he tried to pull away from Nikki but another lash of the whip came down arcross his ass and he relented and climbed on awkwardly as he couldnt see what he was doing. Hands still tied behind his back he lay there wondering what was about to happen as he felt Nikkis hot thighs on the backs of his legs. Instantly there was a huge shooting pain between his cheeks as Nikki pushed the strap on into his ass. He screamed in pain as it was pushed further and further into him
Contribution by Darcprince

     .....his scream was loud and terrifing he thought to himself as his mind raced.The fear he felt was totally consuming his brain;what was happeningto him????He was terrified of Nikki but suddenly he was aroused by her actions as she fucked his ass with the strap on.Oh yes it hurt but it was starting to feel was causing him ot get an erection that was amazingly hard under the circumstances. Suddenly his ass was free of the dick.His head was pulled down against the horse and a chain was attached to the collar.He was now spread open on the horse and his ass was exposed to what harm Nikki wanted to do to him.
Contribution by beth

     Debra appeared out of the gloom and walked towards Michael snapping a whip across the palm of her hand with a crack... Michael jumped at the sound and wondered what was coming next. Nikki moved away from the worried Michael lying as still as he could in the cold dark room... not knowing where she had gone worried him but Debra was going to worry him even more now as she lifted her leg astride Michaels back and lowered her already wet pussy down onto his back. He winced with pain as she took her whip and inserted the end into the crack of his ass swiping it up and down between his cheeks. When was it going to end ? how long would he be kept here and would he ever get home again? The thought of going home to a warm safe house appealed to him but a strange feeling had come over him and he becoming excited. He was becoming uncomfortable as his Hard cock pressed on the cold rough wood beneath him. A sudden feeling of pleasure came over him when he felt debra's hot breath between his legs. She was licking his balls and playing with his now hard cock. He felt a rush of blood as he tried to turn himself over to enjoy this pain free moment. As he did this a sudden sharp cracking noise mixed with pain came crashing down on his red swollen behind....Shit !!!!! that hurt .... the pleasure he had once felt drifted away from his body as this new wave of pain came over him
Contribution by matt

     Michael soon began to relies he may never see his wife again "why did I let her blackmail me" he thought to him self. Just then Debra hit him again "dam it stop that" he said, "why you don't like that" said Debra, as she whacked him again. Michael found the more he complied the more it hurt. "mistress Nikki I think he has had enough," "I'll say when he has had enough, right little boy" said Nikki.
Contribution by Darcprince

     As his mind raced with terrifing thoughts that he maynever see his wife and kids again,Michael became aware of a new feeling.With each lash he was taking,he noticed that he was getting harder.Nikki aslo took notice of this but chose to continue with her torment of Michael...atleast for now anyway.
"Here,slut!",she said loudly. Very quickly Debra was kneeling at her feet."I want you to take care of the dog's erection and be quick about it....NOW!",she told her.Debra with hestitation did as she was told and assumed her position under Michael and began sucking his hard cock.Michael began to moan loudly and as the female slave licked and sucked at his cock.... "I can get into this",he thought to himself.He was not prepared for what happened next.....Nikki shoved a 3 inch butt plug up his ass and Michael could nothing to stop this invasion.He heard a smack but it was not with his skin.
"Bite, bitch !",and he felt a sharp pain on his cock as Debra began to take bites at his cock...this a whole new thing and the pain was unbearable...when would this pain stop????
Contribution by wht_oleander

     Michael knew the pain would never stop, because it was the sweet pain that he had always dreamed of. He never knew what to call it before, but anyone with any experience knew where he was..He had entered 'subspace' and he knew he never wanted to go back. It was the pleasure, it was the pain and it had all become one within him. The more Nikki gave him, the more he wanted. He knew that it would end because anything that feels this good always ends..
Contribution by darcprince

     ...and end it did......rather abruptly.Nikki jerked Debra the slave back and ordered her to heel in the corner.She spoke to her as though she was talking to a dog,a pet of some sort.The more Micheal thought about it,she was a pet to was he the more he thought about it. Nikki jerked the leash attached to the collar he wore around his neck,it caused him to fall over on his side and become more helpless then before.She walked over to him and placed her booted foot in his crotch.As she did so,she leaned down,causing preasure to be added to his crotch.She looked down at him and said,"Micheal,this is just a taste and what is to become of you.You have'nt begun to experience the whole picture yet.When I'm done with you will nkow your proper place is at my feet and you are less the worthless to me but yet you will be my prized possesion.I will use you as I see fit anytime I feel like it,you will no resist or complain.You will be punished for my pleasure and my anger.I hope you and your wife were on good speaking terms when you last saw her because you will be seeing here again nor will you ever see life as you once knew it......this is my world and you are now a slave in my world.Here slaves are meant to serve and service.I hope you do your best to figth and resist becasue I will most enjoy beating the fight right out of you as I did debra.....she was a good spirited fighter but she wore too quickly.Now it's your turn. With that,she pressed more firmly into his crotch and caused himto scream in pain."Now my fun begins,dog,now it begins!!!!!
Contribution by absinthe

     his eyes desperately searching the room for Debra ... his body reeling in pain .. his mind not knowing which way to turn ...
Flipping over , he sees her in the corner . Her eyes lowered as not to intrude on Her Mistresses actions . Seeing her like that somehow brought a calming sensation to his soul ...
Then with renewed spirt he stopped fighting what was happening . With complacency in his voice , softly asked
"whats Your wish Mistresses ? "
Contribution by whtoleander

     Ever so softly but with demanding determination she said, You are not worthy to even lick my boots. You will crawl for me like the dog that you are. Only then will I decide if you a good enough slave to serve me. Now crawl for me slave!! And crawl he did, for at least an hour, while she stood there and watched him, the whole time wishing she would just allow him one lick of her delicious, dripping wet pussy.. But he knew that was not going to happen, that he would have to earn it with his service to her. It didn't take him long to figure THAT much out about her.He would do as he was ordered or suffer the consequences. It was a delicious pleasure that he had dreamt about forever. To serve, serve, and serve somemore. After all it was not about him at all, it was all about HER. Satisfying and pleasuring her and suffering the consequences for violating her rules. Come here slave, she called to him..
Contribution by darcprince

     ....he scurried to her feet as quick as the chains wold allow him to move.He knew to keep his eyes down cast for fear of being beaten.Out of the corner of his eye he could see Debra,she was still kneeling inthe corner and had not moved as she was commanded earlier."Here,bitch" said Nikki and quickly crawled to her feet and took her place beside Michael;she too kept her eyes to the floor. Nikki Looked at the female slave and said,"Debra,I want you to take this dog to the racks and chain him there.I will be in check on him in a few minutes.I also want you to assume your position after you are down.......we have a long night in front of us." Nikki had a smile on her face that was pure evil.As Debra was taking control of Michael by attaching a leash to his collar,Nikki added something to her proir command."Slut...I want you to prepare my strap on.....I have two slave to fuck tonight"......
Contribution by honey 4 ya tongue

     Michael followed Debra as quickly as he could but hindered by the restraints and the lingering throbbing from the loss of his innocence he asked Debra to slow down for him. He was answered by the crack of a crop to his tender buttocks, "we may both be slaves but you will soon learn your place, when in my care you become my slave, it will serve you well to note there is a strict order of authority" Debra stoped him abruptly by stepping on Michaels hand with her shoe making sure that he felt her authority as she opened the door to a room. Michael saw hooks and chains suspended from the ceiling, a selection of fancy leathered instruments of which he knew no use as he was just taking it all in Debra ordered him in to the room with another crack of the crop to his ass, she leaned close to his ear and wispered, "you will never take my place you are only a new toy you will lose your shine, I will make sure of that" and as suddenly as it was inserted the butt plug which was now settled into his ass was removed in one swift motion, tears formed in Michaels eyes as she walked away, Debra was holding a strap on dildo made of black leather with what appeared to have sliver rings fitted down the shaft she placed it across a velvet chair which stood out as the only piece of furnature that he recognized and then she fitted a collar on herself much like the one he was wearing and she took her place next to him on the cold ground. Nikki stepped into the room and he was grateful to see her, he didnt know why but as much as he knew she would cause him pain, he was comforted by her presence in all the chaos... at least with Nikki he knew her intentions or did he?
Contribution by whtoleander

     I am the princess of darkness, Nikki announced loudly as she strutted into the room. She had changed her outfit and now wore a black leather corset, 4-inch heels and lace-topped nylons. She very prominently held a cat-o-nine tails in her hand, swinging it wildly as she entered the room. You two bitches are about to find out what it truly means to be my slave. She picked up the strap on dildo but not before giving Michael a hard, swift crack of the whip on his already rosy ass. He said nothing as the tears flooded his eyes but noticed that Debra was smiling over at him at the sight of his pain. Surprisingly she stood up and wrapped her arms around Nikki, who kissed her fully on the lips. Debra knelt down and licked Nikki passionately while Nikki grabbed her by the hair. "Lick me bitch" she said to Debra. Then, pushing Debra away, she stapped the dildo on and turned to Michael. "Are you ready to learn what it means to surrender yourself to me?" she asked...
Contribution by Darcprince

     He was confused.Here was Nikki,his Mistress standing in front of him wearring a big black strap-on dildo.What was he supposed to do with this thing??Somehow he knew what was expected of him,he knew he had to comply.He stuck his tongue out and started to lick the head of the rubber cock when suddenly a slap crossed his face and sent hin reeling back on his heels."Who told you to lick my cock,dog??!!",Nikki bellowed at him.Before he could form an answer,Debra lashed him with the crop.Nikki forced his head to the floor while Debra continued her assault on his already ssore,tender ass.
The beating must have continued for almost 10 full minutes,he was starting to black out from the beatings.Nikki saw this and ordered Debra to stop lashing him,she was so caught up in the beating that she did not want to stop.Nikki had to grab her by her collar and bring her to her knees,she then slapped her across her face, took crop and delivered 10 harsh lashes,bringing tears to her eyes.She grabbed Micheak by his hair and pulled himto his knees,thrusting her cock in his mouth and began fucking his throat.Micheal gtagged as the cock slid down his throat but this did not slow Nikki down.She was spurred on by the sound of his gagging and thrust even harder,fucking his mouth as a man fucks a wet pussy.She ordered Debra to stick her tongue in her ass and and lick for dear life.Debra was a slave and knew her place,she did as she was told began to lick her Mistress' puckered hole....bringing her pleasure. After a few minutes,she pushed both of the slaves away and walked to the wall,she chose a device that was odd shaped and it's use was very perplexed.It had a split ring at the top and mid way the two shafts were another set of rings which was followed by another set at the end.Micheal had no idea what this contraption was for,he was sure he would find out very soon. Nikki walked over to him and placed the lead ring around his neck,it fit snugly.She then attached his wrist to the rings at mid way,his ankles were attached to the two remaining rings. Now he fully understood the way this contraption put him in position were he was on his elbows and a position where he could not move.He was completely helpless to protect himself,he was totally at the mercy of another.A woman with a rubber cock that was 2" bigger then his own and she was going to use on him and the female slave,Debra,whom was worried that she might lose her place as the first slave....a submissive with a agenda.
What was going to happen to him and could he handle it....????
Contribution by richard

     he knew what what would happen next and wimperd as nikki made her way round behind him u will be mine i will humillate u a u will revel in it like the little bitch u r she said before forcing the whole black rubber cock up micahels arse pulling his hair back nickki then commands debra to stand over micheal and for a moment he can smell her sweet wetness then the mistress orders her to start pissing and as the hot liquid reigns down .....
Contribution by bashfulkitty

     , pouring into his mouth Nikki fucks him harder with her strap on. michael coughed and spat as the warm piss hit the back of his throat. Nikki laughed and swatted him with the wip "Drink Slave!" debra giggled as he drank her piss. Nikki pulled out of his ass and commanded debra to straddle across his back so that Nikki could have easy access to her steamy pussy and she reinserted the butt plug into michael. Nikki fucked her hard, pushing michael's knees harder into the floor and ramming the plug into his ass. debra reached around and pulled hard on the nipple clamps attached to michael. Tears ran down his cheeks. He wanted to collapse but the restraining contraption kept him still. He didn't know how much more he could take or when it was to end, but he felt like he belonged.
Contribution by i sub2blkmen only

     The room was suddenly filled with the sound of Michaels pager ringing. Nikki ordered Debra to bring her the pager. "Your worried wife..." Nikki said with a voice that made Michael realize that his marriage was over and life as he knew it had changed forever. Nikki pulled out her cell phone and dialed the number. Michael was in a panic what was she going to say to his wife, he felt a new humiliation she was violating him in ways he had never even thought of.
Contribution by Terup1

     " This is Michael's secretary. May I help you"? Nikki said into her cell phone. "...yes....uh huh....he'll be late getting home. He's been given an enormous task to complete and we're trying very hard to see that it's done before much longer." ".....yes...I'll tell him you called......alright....bye".
Nikki ended the conversation and threw the phone across the room where it shattered against the far wall. "Fucking cunts! I hate weak people! Now, where were we little man.......seems I gave you an order.........."

Outside, in her car, Michael's wife sat in angry desperation. Having arrived at his work just in time to see him and Nikki leave, she had followed them here. She knew he had fantasies about strong women from what he asked her to do during sex, but she never thought it would be something like this!
Still, she loved her husband and was determined to take him back at all costs. She'd show him what a strong woman was!!

Wearing only sweat pants, tennis shoes and a sports bra, she got out of her car and opened the trunk. Inside was some rope and a tire iron. She grabbed both of these and began to creep to the darkened side of the building. Peering in the windows, she saw her husband being totally dominated by two enormous women. She saw his erection and knew he was thoroughly enjoying his pains at the moment. Mesmerized by the sight of these two females and her poor, helpless husband, she became both enraged and excited at the same time. "He wants a strong woman?.......I'll show him who's strong!"

Creeping around the back of the warehouse, she found a door slightly ajar. Slowly she opened it and eased herself inside. She could hear their screams and moans as she crept closer and closer to where they were hidden. By the time she got close enough to see inside the room they were in, she saw Nikki had bound and gagged the other female and was busily raping her ass with what seemed to be a giant dildo, while Micharl sat, tied helplessly in a chair listening to every whimper Debra uttered as she squirmed in her tight bondage while being raped.

She crept silently closer and seeing a light switch by the doorknob, quickly turned off the lights and charged into the room wielding the tire iron as a weapon in front of her. Nikki's back was to the door and her dildo being rammed deep inside Debra, prohibited her from turning around as quickly as she should have. The first blow struck her on her shoulders and as she turned around to face Michael's wife, the second blow caught her on her temple and she fell unconscious to the floor.

Feeling nervous and scared to death, she wasted no time in tying up Nikki in a strict hogtie and used her sports bra as a mouth-filling gag. She found some duct tape laying nearby and made sure her gag would silence Nikki for a while. She fixed a loop of rope around Nikki's feet and over around Debra's bound arms......... Then she turned her attention to her husband sitting erect and scared by the wall.....
Contribution by The End Master

     then she called 911...

The End...

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