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Contribution by Guardian
     He stood there as she slept, admiring the beauty of her sleeping form. He had longed to take her and make her his. Now she was and this was the happiest day of his life. Unable to sleep he walked quietly throughout the house preparing things for her in the morning. He longed for for he to know the pleasures he could give and the love he contained for her. For now she would sleep, morning was approaching all too soon. He noted quietly how the new collar fit so well around her neck. Howthe stones reflected even the tiniest bit of light. His eyes wandered lower on her form passing over her breasts and down to her stomach. Yes, he longed, but he moved to her side and reached out to carress her gently into wakefullness.His passion stirred...
Contribution by Mistress_Elethia
     Wakening slowly, her body responded to His touch, even as her mind betrayed her heart. She loved her new Master dearly and yet there was a part of herself she kept hidden. Feeling His hands glide over her skin, she moaned. Her body arched up to meet His expert touch, yearning for more. Her thoughts continued their traitorous path. Is this what she really wanted? Could there be more? Should she tell Him of her thoughts? She fought the sudden desire to be more aggressive. Her heart pounding she forced herself to be submissive to His obvious need for her. Perhaps, one day, she will tell Him of her fantasies, the ones that awaken her in the deep dark of the night, the ones that cause her body to hum, her skin to tingle, her heart to thunder within her breast. The image of Him kneeling before her as she holds the whip, her collar locked securely around His neck. She truly loved her Master and did not wish to leave Him. Confused by her thoughts, she relaxed under His touch as His hands roamed over her body. She kept her silence for now...
Contribution by Guardian
     He looks into her eyes and begins to lethis hands wander over her body. He loves this new feeling and loves more still the one who is his. He waited a long time for this moment and promised himself a lifetime of pleasure for them both. But there was something wrong and he could see that without her saying a word. It was time for them to discuss the deeper aspects of their new relationship. They had passed into a permanent life together and he wanted her to be comfortable with everything they did. He looked into her eyes and softly began " tell me, mine, what do you desire of me?" she looked at him suprised he had asked. She wanted him to continue, not to talk. But sensing his desire to comunicate she gave in and said' " To please you Master". Hiding her fear of him discovering he secret desire. He looked at her and smiled softly adding, " Your answer is a good one my love. But it isn't all together true now is it?" he looked sternly at her. After all, if they were to be perfectly happy in thier union then they needed to open up completly. She stared at him in complete horror as he seemed to know she kept a secret from him. He looked at her and smiled a very loving smile. " would you think less of me if i said i don't want to be the Master all the time? That perhaps i would enjoy being dominated?" He looked at her and winked. She threw herself into his arms kissing him more passionatly than she ever thought possible. At this moment her heart truley became his. But she was still perplexed as how he knew and she asked, " Master, how did you know?" He held up a collar, slightly thicker than the one she wore. Darker and heavier as if made for a man he smiled and said, " I found this when i unpacked your things earlier. I was preparing things for you so that we would be able to spend time together. I was angry at first, but settled my mind that this wasnt the way to begin our new life. So i left my mind open to something new." He looked at her smiling. She said" But, Master, what will the others of our lifestyle think? Wont they think you a bad Master?" He looked at her thoughtfully then began, " What they think is of no concern to me. I love you and I want us to remain together. It occured to me that perhaps new things would help us grow closer together." She stared at him wide eyed and couldnt think straight. He was offering her the chance to Dom him or was it a ruse? She defiantly asked him to give her the collar. He handed it over a very mischevious grin crossing his face. Then he lowered his eyes to the bed. He waited for her to figure out what to do next. He didnt wait long for she quickly snapped the collar around his neck and pronounced him hers as much as she was his. He looked up into her eyes and thus began their very new, very unique relationship. He was nervous but knew she was happy and that, to him, was as important to him as his own happiness. And as all good Masters know, a happy sub is a loyal sub. He grinned and moved his hand to his and kissed her passionatly. His lips parting to let her tongue cross his own. Tonight would be his and tomorrow...hers.....
Contribution by Wrath
     She returns His kiss with equal passion, not quite able to grasp what has just happened. She trails her fingers down His chest and watches His breathe quicken at her touch. She smiles softly, noting that she to has much control over His passion as well. She presses Him back onto the bed. She leans over Him and flicks her tounge into His ear, His quick gasp of pleasure making her smile. A trickle of sweat forms on His forehead, she raises herself over Him, and licks the sweat away. Then slowly, oh so slowly, kisses the side of His neck and places quick nips and kisses down His chest, reaching His navel. she flicks her tounge into His navel, watches with pleasure as His manhood swells from her attentions, she looks up at Him, enjoying the site of the collar around His neck. Smiling mischeiviously, she whispers to Him....not yet. Climbing off the bed, she walks to the closet, where He stores His toys at, her hips sway seductively, Her long hair tumbling over her shoulders, she glances back at Him. Then continues her journey to the closet, she opens the door, reaches in............
Contribution by Wrath
     She pulls out four sets of handcuffs and walks towards Him. His eyes open wide in surprise. She sits on the lower edge of the bed and places the first set of cuffs around His right ankle and snaps the other end of the cuff around the bed post, then does the same with the left ankle. She looks to Him and smiles mischeviously. She raises Herself over Him, and stradles His throbbing manhood, rubbing against Him, He groans in pleasure. She leans across Him, Her long hair trailing across His chest, She quickly secures the cuffs to His left wrist, and secures the other end to the bedpost, she wiggles Her hips, so that her moistness is pressed closer to His manhood. Then She takes the right wrist in Her hand, sucking long and hard on His index finger, He gasp in pleasure, He moans loudly,and presses up against Her wetness. She raises Herself up off of Him, and secures His right wrist with the cuffs to the bedpost. She smiles at Him, No My Lord, not yet. She climbs off the bed and walks to the window, opens the shade to let in the moonlight, Her body glistens in the light, She looks to Him as He drinks in the sight of Her beautiful lithe body, Her breast standing erect. She walks back over to the closet and pulls out a bottle of oil. Then walks back over to the window, so He can see all of Her bathed in the moonlight. She applies a generous amount of oil into both of Her hands. She precedes to rub the oil all over Her body, all the while Her eyes nevering leaving His, She pays careful attention to Her breast first, squeezing the nipple gently, moaning as sudden jolt of pleasure enters Her body. His arms and legs jerk at the shackles, She reads the desire and need in His eyes, and contiunues to rub the oil on Her body, reaching Her womanhood, She enters one finger into Herself, He moans loudly, wanting to be the one touching Her, to be inside Her. She grins mishieviously, knowing His thoughts as if they were Her own. She whispers to Him, No Master, not yet, tis My time to torture You. She turns and walks back over to the closet, and pulls out a whip. He gasp in astonishment, not realizing, that by allowing the collar to be placed around Him, that He to would also be treated to the same tourtuerus pleasures that He to had shown Her. She smiles wickedly, as She flicks the Her wrist, the end of the whip hitting the floor loudly. He winces, for having always been a Master, His flesh had never been touched by the end of the whip. She looks at the expression upon His face and smiles knowingly. I shall make it as pleasureable experience as You did for Me, Master.........
Contribution by cat
     She plays with the whip teasingly running the leather over his body slowly trailing it up and down, she holds the handle of it to his lips for him to kiss, "the sting of the whip is a delight I intend for you to enjoy fully, Master." she whispers in a slow almost growling tone of voice. The words echo in his mind as she places a blind fold over his eyes. She leaves him lingering in silence steping softly over to a chair in the corner of the room watching his breathing increase. He longs to hear a noise any noise that would indicate where she is in the room. His arms tug slighty at the cuffs his senses are intune with his body, he feels the collar around his neck as if it is growing tighter, he licks his lips several times. She can see him flex the muscles in his legs finally he whispers her name. She makes no reply, he calls it a bit louder. She remains in the chair studying his every move, she notices some beads of perspriation forming above his upper lip, she knows he is almost ready to recieve what she has planned for him......
Contribution by Michael
     ...and then she smiles as the new arrival made her entrance. She was tall, and shapely, and her long red hair reached to the small of her back. She eyed the man naked and bound before them and was pleased to see the blindfold. She wasn't pleased to see that the man was not gagged.
She scowled at the woman. "Why is his mouth not gagged?"
Hearing another voice, the man froze. Then he said, "Why are we not alone?"
Without warning, the woman with red hair slapped him hard across the face. "You are not permitted to speak, worm!" Her name was Jhenna, and Jhenna reached into her bag to retrieve a ball-gag. This she put on the man and stuffed the ball into his mouth.
"Fun and games are over," Jhenna said to the woman. "He will from henceforth never be a free man. Not where I am taking him." She looked at the man. "I am taking him to an island where the women are the superior, and the men are our slaves and our play things." She turned to the woman again. "You are coming, too, where you will be trained to be a Dominant woman always. To your rightful place...and this worm will become your footstool."
Contribution by Master's little one
     After a months passing,the little miniscule "worm" found his place on the island,learning to please his many Dominant owners in every possible way...In those 30 days and 30 nights,he became the lowest of slaves,with the least respect from the stronger femmes of the land...

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