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Contribution by Backroom Team
     A warm summerday, the warm wind strikes gently over her naked body in the sun. A perfect day - small waves move from the sea towards the lonely beach. She puts her book aside and listens to the birds and the wind whispering in the gras.
Contribution by dia
     Relaxing back onto the towel she smiles to herself, how fortunate for her that Master was called away that morning. He hadn't planned on this trip so had not prepared a list of instructions for her to follow, which would have completely filled the time He was absent. Instead He gave her a brief verbal list of things to do expecting them to take all day. She was unsure as to whether she had done all that He had asked, as her mind had been wandering at the thought of unexpectedly being alone for the whole day. Now lying on the towel with the heat of the sun and the soft breeze caressing her skin she didn't care. Reaching for the oil she pours a generous amount into her small hands applying it to her arms, shoulders and neck. Slowly working down to her breasts, the oil soothing her still tender nipples from last night's session, the gentle touch arousing her almost instantly, sending a pulse of pleasure surging through her. Lingering a few moments over her nipples she prolongs the sensation, before continuing to cover her stomach with oil. An ache begins to grow deep inside, as her now erect nipples experience the sensual kiss of the warm breeze flowing over them. She knows it is forbidden to satisfy her own hunger, yet how would Master ever know. He will be gone until at least dinner and it is only a little after lunch now, more than enough time for her to cover any telltale signs. The yearning desire for pleasure quickly makes up her mind, as the warmth of the sun heats her oil covered body, her fingers slide down her soft slippery skin until they reach the place that is burning even hotter than the sun to become the centre of her need. Her hips rise from the towel and tilt to meet with oil covered fingers that probe deeply inside her. A barely audible moan escapes her lips as she rakes her nails over her already swollen clitoris. She quickly becomes lost to the sensations that radiate through her as she slowly strokes and teases with expert fingers, filling the air with the sounds of her pleasure, she gasps and moans deeply, as her juices flow freely and her passion almost reaches the crest. Suddenly she is startled by a loud noise…..
Contribution by Guardian
     She snapped her head around to see a man standing a little way off in the distance. Slightly embarrassed she hurriedly covered herself from his strong gaze. Obviously embarrassed as well, the man averted his eyes from her glistening form. He continued to walk with his eyes averted from her in a vain attempt to remove himself from the situation. But his eyes had already made him a captive to the moment and sealed his fate. Thinking himself rather inadequate for such a beauty, he would never think that perhaps she would want him around during such a private moment. He being of noble blood prevented him from attempting to talk to one who was obviously a member of a royal house. Sighing to himself he continued to walk on in the hot summer day only to be stopped by the one he tried so hard to avoid. Her eyes met his and in a silent communication that only those two understood they changed direction to return to a more secluded atoll. It was there that he chanced his first few words. Politely inquiring as to her background, only to be saddened to find she belonged to another. He continued for quite a while in conversation with the one who caught his eye. Learning much about her history, family and even tastes. She confided in him that she loved to go to that place and lay there gathering the sun. But it was a very different surprise for her to have someone chance upon her while she was pleasing herself. Further stating that it was a first for her in a public place. Smiling warmly, he continued to listen to her stories, all the while feeling his heart and body yearn for her attention and affection. Upon her finish, he began to tell his story. That he belonged to a house of nobility and was no one of any great import. Letting her see that he too loved to be outdoors. Also telling her of the great embarrassment he felt when he gazed upon her naked form glistening in the sun. She too shared the same feeling about that moment, however, it was past and no one need know. Their conversation continued on for a while more and soon the sun began to set. Bringing along the night and with it a soft cool breeze. Her silks fluttering softly in the night caressing the curves of her body made it hard for him to disguise his own interests in more than just the conversation. Soon both found that the conversation, as good as it was, was beginning to die away and leave a pleasant silence, broken only by the occasional wave breaking on the rocks. Both were lost in thought when a rather large and all too convenient wave broke right in front of them. Frightened momentarily, she jumped back into his arms and at that moment, both realized something they had overlooked. Their own needs, desires and feelings…..
Contribution by dia
     His body presses hard against her, his manly aroma surrounding her, strange, unfamiliar and dangerously arousing. A blush creeps over her face, as his lips lower softly down to brush against hers, lingering and deepening. Shocked more by her own responses than his kiss, she breaks free of his embrace. Gathering her things, she rushes to escape the realisation of what had happened, for one brief moment she had allowed her desire to carry her away, one that would cost her dearly if Master ever found out. She hears him call her name, but doesn't look back, running all the way home, hoping and praying that her Master had not yet returned. His car isn't in the driveway, she breathes a sigh of relief, knowing that her Master would be angry to return home and not find her waiting. She enters the house quickly and leans back against the door to catch her breath…..
Contribution by browneyes
      Finally her breathing becomes normal, but she can still hear her heart beating a wild tatoo in her chest. A blush steals across her cheeks as she remembers the feel of his lips upon hers. A sudden noise startles her out of her reverie. With a shaky hand she answers the phone. Swallowing hard she says hello, her voice coming out sounding squeaky to her ears. Her body tenses as she hears her Master's voice questioning her...
Contribution by Mistress_Elethia
     She pales as her Master asks where she has been, stating He has been calling for some time and received no answer. She could hear the anger in His voice. Panicking, she desperately searches for something to tell her Master. She cannot lie to Him, He would know, He always knows. Quickly, in a voice seeming too high-pitched to her own ears, she explains she was out on the beach sun bathing. The silence was deafening. At first she thought He had hung up, but no she could here His breathing. Timidly, she softly questions if He is still there. Her hands begin to shake as she awaits a response. Her stomach tightens into knots. She considers begging Him to answer her, but only knows this will worsen the situation. Then He speaks, in a voice as hard as steel, announcing His intentions to deal with her when He returns. He warns, in a soft voice, His hope the tasks He has set for her were completed. She hears a click in her ear as He ends the call abruptly. Slowly. with trembling hands, she returns the receiver to its cradle. Leaning heavily on the counter, she bursts in tears. Her sobs are so loud she does not hear the key turn in the lock and the door swing slowly open. Suddenly realizing she is not alone she looks up to see her Master standing a few feet from her. Her heart thundering in her chest she realizes He had been on His cell phone. He stares at her with angry eyes. She quickly kneels and whispers her apologies. Not acknowledging her presence He strides past. She follows His movements out of the corner of her eye, stiffling a gasp as He unlocks the door leading to the room where He keeps His special toys....
Contribution by maiden twinkle
     tears begin to form in the corner of her beautifully,perfect round eyes.she remembers the last time when Master was this angry and she trembles with fear.her mind ridden with guilt of the kiss from the stranger,knowing that Master will somehow know.She hears the chains rattle from the other room and she shivers.Her mind is in a panick as she hears Masters heavy footsteps,She wants to run but knows that He will catch her.Stand girl,He orders.she tries one last time to beg forgiveness as she slowly obeys her Master and stands.Master then grabs her long.wavy ,silky auburn hair and pulls her close to Him.Her collar glistens in the light as Master shows her the leash that she will never forget,the leash of discipline.The links chain shine in the light,hard and cold steel,as hard and cold as Masters anger.She can feel His hard cold gaze on her.His gaze sends chills through her body as He fastens the leash to her shimmering collar.Master orders His slave to follow "this way girl", His hard voice echo's.With eyes cast down,trembling and afraid,She follows her Master........
Contribution by sweetslave_MQS
     her heart beating fast and wild in her chest. she struggles with the question of, should she tell Him of the kiss? she knows she can not tell Him a lie, but if He doesn't ask…He pulls on the leash, quickening her steps behind Him. Can He hear her thoughts, she wonders…her body trembles with fear. Does He already know, and He is waiting for her to confess? her Master stops just before the door, He turns to her. she can feel His eyes upon her. He lifts her chin to meet His gaze. Some of the coldness has gone, replaced by sadness. Tears of shame and remorse fall down her face…she thinks to herself, "how could she betray Him so?" Without a word spoken, He turns and leads her in…......
Contribution by Burning Cinder Fury of Crimson Chaos Fire
     As He leads her to the room there is a sudden knock at the door. Anger flares in His eyes at this delay. As He removes the collar He orders her to see to the intrusion. Feeling great relief, she drags her feet on her way to the door in a vain attempt to prolong the inevitable. She can hear her Master preparing for her punishment in the other room. Slowly opening the door her eyes widen in shock. It is him! The stranger from the beach. Her heart thunders in her breast, reminding her of a caged bird batting at its prison in a desperate attempt at escape. Her skin becomes cold and clammy with fear as she notices her lipstick is on his lips still. One thought echoes through her numb mind, this cannot be happening....
Contribution by guardian
     He looks at her with wide eyes not realizing this was her Masters home. He looked to the floor and wondered how this could have happened. Not knowing what was going on in the dwelling, he politly asked her to get her master. She stood there staring at him knowing if she did so the lipstick would give them away. Dread in her heart she turned and walked headlong into her Master. Chancing a look, she crossed his eyes with hers and saw there what she feared. He knew and she was doomed. He gazed into the home and stark realization dawned on him as to what was happening. He quickly crossed the threshold and grabbed her Master forcing him into the other room. The ensuing argument was quick and quiet making it difficult to understand what was going on. She strained to hea the two mens arguement but before she could make anything out, her Master appeared at the door. His face had changed somewhat, no longer wearing the look of anger. He had, instead one of mischief and suprise. He gazed into her eyes and walked quickly to her taking her into his arms he kissed her and whispered that she would still be punished for going out, but not for any other reason. Her jaw hit the floor. She was speechless. Looking first from one then to the other, she failed miserably to understand what had happened. She sullenly walked to the door and closed it, tuning to once again go back into the room where her punishment awaited. The stranger stopped her Master and whispered something into his ear to which he nodded immedately. A sly grin crossing his face he walked in after his. He crossed he room the the fa wall and took down a few items moving quickly to the rafter he hung chains and shackles. He sent a stern look at his, who immediatly went to him. He painstakingly placed the shackles around her wrists, being sure not to allow them to cut into her as this would not be acceptable. Unnecessary pain or cuts were frowned upon by any who knew what they were doing. He turned and walked back to the wall, unwrapped the rope and hoisted her clear of the floor. Tying the rope off once more, he walked to the closet and reached in pulling from it a whip. She looked, but didnt realize that he had spent the last few months learning how to use it. How to inflict pain as well as pleasure. To cut without scarring if he so chose. The mere thought of using it arroused him greatly. But knowing they were being watched arroused him more. She would be whipped for the first time in both thier lives and he would do so with great care. He looked at the wall, grinned slightly and pulled back the whip. Feeling its length uncoil itself across the floor. With but a flick of his wrist he sent the tip flying towards her....
Contribution by sweetslave_MQS
     her body tensed as the whip bit into her skin, the pain searing through her entire being, her lips opening to scream, yet she stifles it. he is watching...her Master sends the tip flying across to her again, striking her back, her back arching wildly as it strikes. The tears stream down her face. But she still refuses to cry out. The pain is more then she has ever felt from her Master. she dares to look over at the stranger, who is now bearing witness to her punishment. He is leaning against the wall, The slight grin across his lipstick stained lips makes her body shudder. Another crack of the whip against her back. This time she can not hold back, a scream escapes her lips. But her scream has fallen on deaf ears. Another crack of the whip, and another. her screams coming loud and hard. she looks over at the stranger once more just in time to see him cross the room, her tear soaked eyes follow him, and to her shock and disbelief, her Master hands the stranger the whip.......
Contribution by Spam Man
     A if out of nowhere sirens were heard in the background. Footsteps were heard lightly out side of the door. A light sigh of releaf came to the girl. Before she knew it a loud crack of the whip had run along her body slicing it stright down the middle causing her to scream out in pain. Her Master quickly walked over and gaged her. They left the room closing the door tightly leaving her in the darkness. The darkness didn't scare her though, what scared her was being able to tell if there was a third person in there somehow that she didn't know about. This was the first time she had ever been left alone in the "special room". She could barely make out anything from outside. She had no idea what could be happening. She looked about the room nervously, feeling the blood run down to her breasts and silently drip off. Suddenly she heard a whip crack. She tried to see where it came from but her eyes still hadn't adjusted. She heard more following. She tried to find out where it was coming from by listening, but it seemed to echo through the room. Meanwhile her Master and the stranger walked to the door and heard coming through it, "THIS IS THE POLICE! OPEN UP!"
Contribution by dia
     Opening the door the Master asks calmly "how can I help you officers?" The officer proceeds to explain that they had received a report of a woman screaming and that they were checking out this complaint. The Master laughs and apologises, "My friend and I were watching a horror movie, we had the windows open and the volume must have been too loud as we turned it up while we were in the den. We didn't want to miss hearing it. Please come in and check for yourself." The officer stepped inside and the Master led him into the sitting room where the tv was indeed showing a horror film, as if on cue the woman screamed a loud piercing scream. Apologising for disturbing their evening the officer left the house. Smiling as he made his report back to headquarters that it was two bachelors watching a horror movie and nothing untoward was happening at that address. Returning back into the room the stranger walks calmly over to her. He removes the gag and tends her cuts, His hands softly stroke her hair away from her face, wiping the tears that slowly fall. Waiting until her sobs subside. He looks deeply into her eyes, whispering closely into her ear, "relax little one, you WILL find the pleasure in this pain and beg for more before this night is through." Placing chains around her wrists and ankles he pulls them tight, stretching her body and exposing her completely to Him. Turning calmly He walks away from her. She hears Him talking with her Master, who laughs loudly at the stranger's words. Moving to stand before her He slowly uncoils the whip allowing it to lie on the floor but for a brief moment before flicking His wrist expertly, making the whip crack loudly and dance towards her unprotected body. She braces herself for its impact, but is shocked and surprised how it wraps around her body, licking over rather than biting into her flesh. A fast volley from the lash rains down on her, each landing in a different place and within a few moments she is moaning not from pain, but from pleasure. The stranger smiles…..
Contribution by FireLores_rose
     the strange lays the whip on the floor and walks towards her, she hangs there, her body covered with sweat, the marks of the lash throb painfully. He reaches her and gently lays His hand on her hip, looking into her eyes, He slowly eases His hand along her waist, gliding up to her breast, He kneads one breast, His hand soothing and tender. She moans softly and her body moves involuntarily. She hears stirring behind her turns her head toward the sound, knowing it is her Master. She tries to see Him but He stays secluded in he darkness. The strangers other hand joins the first stroking, soothing, He strokes her breast, His fingers find her hardened nipples, He squeezes sending shock waves through her body. Her eyes close, head tilts back as she let out a moan of pleasure. His hands slide down cupping her welted bottom, rubbing squeezing, his fingers deep in her skin. She feels the sensations begin to streak through her body, every nerve tingling, her body moving on its own. As His hands slide to that tthat throbbing place between her thighs she moans and gasps. His fingers slide over her, she feels her body tense, feels the waves of pleasure start to course through her body, she pushes herself against His hand, she feels the need build inside her and whimpers... please.. she whispers, her eyes glazed with passion, her body screaming for release of the burning pressure pushing her so close to the edge.....the stranger stops, His hand slips away, she whimpers in fustration, from behind her she hears her Masters soft voice.......oh no little one, you have a long way to go.........
Contribution by Guardian
     The stranger step away from the sub hanging in chains. He looks at her with a soft gaze. Turns to the Master and whispers something in his ear. His eyes widen and he shakes his head wildly. The stranger looks at him with a gleam in his eye. He reaches for the whip once again and prepares to swing. Looking in to the subs eyes he flicks his wristand the tip cracks softly over her skin causing her to jump with pleasure. His skillfull application of his whip is a dream come true for one who could only think of how angry her Master was. Again he prepares to swing but instead of whipping forward, the tips reaches back and entangles the Master. Turning around the stranger looks at him. His face one of stern displeasure. " I had thought I taught you better. You disappoint me with your methods of punishment" he said. The Master looking very terrified now could only mumble his objections to his interference. " You have no right to get involved" he yelled. With a twist of his wrist he broughtthe master to his knees. " You are no Master. You are abusive and masocistic." he growled through clinched teeth. " I regret ever training you" The Master looked at him with angry eyes. " You tried to take mine from me. You think I dont know where she was all day? You think me a fool?" he yelled " You have destroyed all I worked on for these past few years! You will leave my home now!" Looking at the cowering master he grinned an evil grin and calmly said. " Yes I will go. But you shall never be known as a Master again. Your time in our lifestyle is over. We have no time for this kind of behavior. As for yours, she has the right to choose where she will go. She is released from your collar" He turned and grabbed the collar and snapped it in two, tossing the broken thing to her ex-master. Tired of arguing with the feeble abuser he dragged him over to the sub, yanked her free of her bindings. Turning to the master he yanked him up from the floor and wrapped him in the chains. " It is here you shall remain until I discuss you with the others. At that time and only at that time, you shall be freed. But don't evertry to return to us. " he said. He turned his attetion to the sub who was shivering and bleeding quite freely from her masters bungled attempts to punish her. He walked quietly over to her, grabbed a cloak and wrapped her naked body in it. She looked sadly into his eyesand whispered " What am I to do now? This is the only life I have ever known." He looked into her sad eyes. " You will find another more loving Master. Please forgive me for showing you this one. I had no idea he was using this place to punish you. " turning his head and glaring at the terrified master" He was given these tools for pleasure... Not Punishment" he said. He wrapped his arms around the shaken sub and walked out of the room, leaving the master to think about his hidden abusivness. They walked from the masters house and down to the beach. They reamined silent for a time saying nothing letting the daysevents wear down. They came to the place where they first met and both, without saying a word blushed very red. After a good laugh he decided they should return to the place where he held her last. As they walked he dialed a number on his cell and a short time later hung up. He looked at her in silence and walked her to the water to watch the waves crash once more. They sat there quietly admiring the beauty in the wich the ocean played dominant over the rocks. Ever molding and shaping them to what ever form the waves desired. It was a peacful end to a bad day and the only thing the broke the silence was a very happy ' Yes, Master... ' The End....

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