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Contribution by Backroom Team
     Flambeaus throw their flickering light on the old stonewalls of the main hall and dunk it into a dim light. Lady Tara rests on a huge, ornated throne, flanked by two muscular, male slaves chained to it on each side. A light armour made of fine leather emphasizes her shapely body. She raises her eyes and looks intensely at the man kneeling 6" feet in front of her throne. He is wearing nothing but a steel collar, his eyes look desperate, nearly fearful. Minutes pass ... silence saws on everyones nerves ... she gets up from her throne, the slave's chains rattle gently, a slave girl with a golden chalice in her hands hurries to look down at the floor ... the goddess moves towards the kneeling slave and starts to speak with a low but strict voice which would never allow any contradiction:
Contribution by Carpe Noctem
     With a click of the remote, George changed the channel. "Hey I was watching that!" hollered his wife of 43 years, Martha. "What is it with you and that stuff Martha? For months you pestered me to get the spice channel, and when i finally got it, all you do is watch it, and want my to tie you up and spank you every night. Your 65 years old, act your age!"
Contribution by Gwenskitty
     Martha started to get upset and went into their room. She sat down on her bed and started to recall earlier moments in her life that made her what she is today. She thought about the one person in her life that had a major impact on her in many ways like George did. This person brought not only the happiest, but also the saddest memories. She had never spoken of him to George. She knew he'd never understand that part of her and wouldn't believe some of the things she had done. George had always had a very wholesome outlook when it came to Martha. Martha began to ponder the night that she was able to move on partially from all the maddness..... As she walked down 32ND street, she wonders if what she is right. She never went to his funeral, never shed a tear when she heard of his demise. She was very close now to the cemetary. She started to feel all these feelings, yet unsure of what they were. She took a sheet of paper out of her boot upon her arrival. It had a few quotes, phone numbers, and some scibble on how to find him. She says to herself. "6th lot, 6th row, 6th stone." As she's walking, she looks up at the sky. The moon full and the sky blacker than night. She suddenly jumped when she heard a noise. She turns around to see it was only a couple of raccoons. As she sees the sign for the 6th lot, she starts to sweat. She walks left and counts the rows. She stops on the 6th row. She wonders to herself if she really wants to do this. Before leaving her house she had already been over this with herself. Thought that if she ever wanted peace of mind, it had to be done. She started walking again. She looks to the left and counts the stones. She notices flowers. Mostly withered ones. She stops at the 6th stone and stares at it for a moment. She reads aloud, " Christian Giger. Devoted father and husband. May his soul rest in peace." I would've written that differently she said. "May your damned soul live on forever in the most infinite of agonies. May the devils spawn torment you for all of eternity. Nothing would be suffice in my eyes. Not for what you have put me through. For 11 years I have been scarred. To this day problems remain that you have caused. I wish you would've tried that now instead of then .See where that would've gotten you. I gave you the ultimate gift anyone could give. My love, my respect, my trust, and my submission. You had me wrapped around your finger. You were responsible for my well-being. Instead of taking care of me, making me feel loved and wanted, you had to pollute my mind. Tell me I was no good. That I didn't deserve to be apart of your life. That hurt alot. Probably more than your beatings. You knew I wasn't into pain. And you weren't trying to push my limits. Open my mind. You thought I made a good punching bag. That just because you were having a bad day or whatever the case was, you had to take it out on me. You horrified me. I was scared to death at even the thought of you. I didn't think i would ever leave. Sometimes things don't work out, but one shouldn't have to change her name and go into hiding to get out of a relationship. Most people notice a problem, try and work it out. If things can't be dealt with, they move on. Nothing to it. The only thing now I can do is return the favor. " Martha says. Almost out of breath now, with tears in her eyes, she kneels down and sets her knapsack down. She pulls out a pair of black rubber gloves, her sunglasses, a mask to protect her nose and mouth from the fumes, and a gallon jug marked acid. She takes a step back and evenly distributes it over his grave. She watches the grass deteriorate. " The way I'm leaving you is the way you left me. Unfortunately for you, the problem can and will be fixed. For me it isn't so easy." she says. With that, she turns and walks away with a slight feeling of relief. For so long she wanted to say something to him. Tell him how he made her feel. Even if it was with him 6 feet under. Karma works in very amusing ways. He never deserved to experience lifes sweet pleasures and pains. George walks into their bedroom and see's Martha crying. He assumes it's because of what went on in the other room just minutes before. He apologizes to her and explains that he has no interest in that type of lifestyle. He doesn't feel that she's weird , but that it's not "normal" for a womyn her age to behave like that. She says that it's ok. She chose not to get into what was really on her mind. That was the one secret that she had kept from him. She may tell him one day. She was quite saddened considering the fact that she was ready again to satisfy her cravings that have been eating her up for decades. After all this time, she loves someone and wants to share her passions, but they aren't interested in that aspect. Before George could go on there was a knock onthe door. Martha volunteered to get it. She opened it and couldn't help but to smile. It was Drew. He was the son of her neighbor. He was always very polite to her and delivered the mail to her door everyday after school. They chit chatted a bit before Martha went back inside. She looked to see if George was around. She was relieved to learn he was in the bathroom. She quickly goes through the mail and pulls out the "Lords of Latex" magazine. She then quickly ran into the bedroom and put the magazine in betweem the matresses. She then heard the toliet flush and George came out of the bathroom. She asks him to go up to the store and pick up some things for dinner. She hands him some money and sends him on his way. She runs to the window and watches George leave. After he pulls out of the driveway, she waits a couple minutes. She goes back into the bedroom and retrieves the magazine. She starts fingering through it. She suddenly stops. She feels herself getting a little hot and bothered. The Man she saw in the ad was what she had been desiring all these years. He was very attractive, well-endowed, very toned/ tan, and very discreet. She read on in the ad to learn that He was a professional. She had never paid a dime to be with anyone.But this was too good to pass up and she couldn't have her fun with George. She ponders the thought for a couple minutes. Her heart pounding beneath her chest. She picks up the phone and dials the number.
Contribution by shyone3045
     Her hands shake as she listens to the ringing on the other end, when he answers, she is not sure what to say at first,so she says nothing,,,he says hello again and she quickly answers before she looses her nerve. She ask if he is the man from the magazine,,,and he answers yes with a little sexy giggle,to her ,his voice sounds like heaven itself,just the thought of hearing his voice in here ear makes her feel the wettness starting to develope between her thighs. It has been so long since anyone had done this to her,,made her feel this way,,,and as she starts to tell him of herself and what she would like ,,she starts wondering why ,at her age is she doing such a thing,,,but she also knows that being submissive is with her til the day she dies,it is something that never goes away,,he listens intently, understanding of her wishes,and tells her he would be honered to make her feel that way again,,

Wasteland - The Darker Side of Desire
Wasteland - The Darker Side of Desire

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