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Contribution by BDSM Backroom
     Once upon a time there lived a young, beautiful girl in a little town somewhere between the big lake and the green hills. She lived a happy life until one day a little ugly dwarf came to her house and showed her his goods - pearls of glass, teapots and many more or less usefull things. When she looked through all the stuff she discovered a small black leather crop. The little dwarf blushed and whispered to her: "I will sell you everything but this leather crop" ...
Contribution by kara
     She looked at the little dwarf with her big brown eyes and said: "Oh, please, pretty please ... the crop looks like it is made of very fine leather. I want to have it. Please, sell it to me. I will pay any price you demand". The dwarf hersitated a short moment, grinned develishly all over his face and replied: "Is it really your wish to own this magical leather crop and pay my price?". The beauty nodded shyly ...
Contribution by tygerr
     "Then the first thing you must do is bare your tight tush and bend over with your legs spread." he replied devilishly. "What does that have to do with riding" she innocently asked, whereupon he replied "I'll show you a ride you've never experienced
Contribution by jane
     But you must bend over,she wanted the crop so badley that she complied with the demand,and exposed her bottom to prepare for to pay for the crop by being lashed with it
Contribution by Beth
      And then the first lash hit her. And she was tunned and shocked and surprised all at once. He did not hit her well enough to really hurt her, just to get her attention. The second stroke was much more powerful....
Contribution by chuck
     The shocking sting ignited a crimson warmth which surged through her bloodstream to her moisting and private places.
Contribution by Marie
     She revelled in the warm, liquid comfort. "Owwwww..." she gasped, "that hurt!" But she took a very deep breath and didn't really move away. There was something about the way she felt that centered her, that made her want him to do it again... and again.
Contribution by Lynx-Eyed
     The ugly dwarf, bent to look at the red welts developing on the young woman's ass and smiled to himself, a knowing smile. The dark, beveled door to the nether world had been opened for this young woman. He knew she could never return. "Now tell me young woman", commanded the dwarf, "would you still have this riding crop?" Meekly, not knowing how to answer, she says, "Dwarf, sir, I would respectfully ask that you keep the riding crop, sir." The dwarf, answered, "Of course, my dear, with pleasure. Now bend over further, let me teach you the pearls of wisdom from my side of the door." The door opened further...she stepped in. And with that, the dwarf continued to please his new-found delight. Whaap! Whaappp! And, the crop came at her buttocks, without protest, without stopping for relief. "Oooohhh...", forgetting that it hurt, she reveled in the stinging pleasure of her desire, intermingled with the Dwarf's desire. She gave a slight, knowing smile. "Thank you dear, kind Dwarf, for opening the door." The young woman pushed her bottom closer to the riding crop and the hand that wielded it. "Welcome, my dear," replies the beautiful Dwarf.
Contribution by Lynx's Slave
     Suddenly, "Thwap, thwap thwap, thwap, thwap" and again and again. The beautiful young girl absorbed more lashings. She knew that she could bear no more but felt powerless to counter with anything but her willingness to accept the velvety roughness of the crop on her exposed bottom. When the striking of her bottom ceased again, it was barely discernable to the young girl for she had now step through the door of her own world and into the realm of the dwarf's liking. Through glazed eyes she caught the reflection of what was once a small dwarf, now a formidable force of a creature growing larger before her very eyes. The 'one-time' dwarf gently caressed her tender orbs, awakening a pleasure in the young woman that she had not known existed.
Contribution by mmmze
     As she felt the passions well deep within her she turned and looked at her teacher/tormenter and said softly to him...."Once i have learned all of the secrets of the crop, i will again offer to buy it from you...knowing that i will be worthy of using it to unleash the passions of those who must submit...a delicious smile began to cross her face..a smile of mystery, passion, and smouldering lust.

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