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Spanking/Whipping is an often found technique in BDSM scenes - it is not necessarily part of a relationship, some enjoy it some don't. Talk about it with your partner (see Communication).

Instruments used for spanking are usually the flat hand or paddles. Riding crops and cat-o-nine-tails (mostly made of very soft leather) are often used for whipping. The "famous bullwhip" is more an accessory or sign than an instrument to be used for whipping. A whip is hard to control and definitely too unprecise and it can hurt a person very badly. If you seriously care for the health of your partner, don't use a bullwhip.

The flat hand is one of the best objects to use, very precise and it gives you an exact feedback how hard you hit the skin.

When more experienced you can move on to the usage of crops. Make sure it is made of soft leather and that it has no sharp edges (sharp hard leather edges can have the effect of a cutting knife). A good leather crop costs about $100.

The following graphic shows the human body and its sensible regions. NEVER spank or whip the red marked regions, means: no hits on joints, nerves or regions where bones are directly under the skin.
Yellow means those regions can be spanked/whipped, but with absolute care.

The green marked regions are rather undangerous, but that still means you should be always aware of what you do and how hard you hit those body parts.

Body back Body front (red)
Very Careful


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