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Kinbaku (Japanese Rope Art) / Shibari (Japanese Rope Bondage)

There are many bondage techniques, but hardly any include so many variants and is as interesting as the traditional Japanese body bondage. Japanese bondage has a long tradition and has been perfected over many centuries. It does not only serve for fixation, but also as body adornment and the effect of putting pressure on distinct body parts and regions. Because the effect of pressure, which is similar to a corset and is sensed as pleasurable and erotic, some bondage lovers sometimes like to wear them under their every day clothes.

The following articles describe a choice of techniques, which have made their way into the western world and which are relatively popular. Besides the Karada (net bondage), which belongs to the so-called symmetric bondage techniques, there are diverse other techniques that will be demonstrated and explained on the next pages.

Beside the specified ropes you will need some time and patience (and before that you should definitely read: Bondage Safety).
It is also not a bad idea to always have a scissors or a knife at hand. A rope doesn't cost much, but your and your partner's health is priceless.

Japanese bondage is an art form, enjoy trying it, the wrapping and lacing. It is a most sensual experience.

Short Safety Summary:

  • Never put a rope or sling around someone's throat!
  • Breathing and blood circulation have to be uninterrupted at any time of the play!
  • Never leave someone alone who is tied up!

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