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ContentsWhat means BDSM and what is BDSM?


  • B&D: Bondage & Dominance or Bondage & Discipline.
  • S&M: Sadism & Masochism.
  • D&S: Dominance & Submission.
  • Bondage: Restraining someone by use of ropes, hand cuffs or various other articles.
  • Discipline: A power exchange where one person *punishes* another.
  • Dominance & Submission: D&S is an erotic power game, where one person gets off on the thrill of controlling, the other on the thrill of being controlled.
  • Sadism: A form of giving intense stimulation(s) (physical or mental) or pain to another.
  • Masochism: Receiving intense stimulation(s) (physical or mental) or pain.

A few Statements about BDSM

  • BDSM has nothing to do with violence against a helpless person. To tie up someone and beat him up is not SM but sole brutality.
  • A SM relationship is always based on mutual consent and care for the partner, everything else is abuse/rape.
  • Communication between the partners is the base of such a relationship, if you are not able to establish a proper communication with your partner about your wishes and expectation keep your fingers off this sexual practices.
  • Respect and responsibility for your partner is not only important but absolutely necessary.
  • The Power Exchange between two partners can be something wonderful erotic (yes, Power and Erotic have something in common).
  • BDSM includes many aspects: Power exchange and Role-playing, love, sexuality, curiosity - the term is a synonym for many aspects of human desires and when you ask 10 people in the scene what BDSM means for them you will probably get 15 answers.
  • An advice at the end: Laughter belongs into BDSM too - Fun and joy should be an existential part of our lives. If a "scene/game" does not work well a laugh can save the situation:  "Take it with humor".

Safer BDSM - General Tips and Techniques

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