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The usage of hot wax is an often found technique in BDSM, a unique sensation which is either loved or hated.

First of all - be very careful - wax can burn you very badly!

The temperature is highly dependant on the kind of wax you use. Don't use beeswax, it gets very hot and can cause serious injuries.
Additives do make a difference in the temperature of the candle's wax, but the ones to watch out for are hardeners such as those used in dripless candles. Often the most expensive candles are the ones that burn with the highest degree of heat, for a beginner you will want to start with cheap, paraffin based ones (simple white paraffin candles).

Before you use dripping wax on your partner - try it out on yourself (on a sensitive spot like your wrist), so you will know how it feels and which height might be the best for the wanted effect.

Be careful when dripping wax on regions where you already left wax - these spots cool down slower and you can seriously hurt you partner.

Don't forget you are playing with fire - means: A bucket of water or a fire extinguisher can be useful things.

Peeling the wax off, can be as much fun as dropping it. As it pulls away from the skin, the sensation is very intense, and running a feather or even a tongue over this sensitized skin is a very sexy way to prolong the waxing session.

Wax on hair can be a real pain - especially when trying to peel it off under the shower later - think hard before you do it :-)

Don't forget - Wax can be dangerous - you don't want to hurt your partner seriously, always remember: it should be fun for both.


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