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  • Bound by Toya, Illustrated by Welndy, April 2003. 
    "When something is written from the heart, it resonates, and Toya's latest book is clearly written from a submissive heart that has found a home. It should be required reading for dominants to further their understanding and for submissives to know that they are not alone." - John Warren Ph.D. (Author of The Loving Dominant)
  • Subspace - The Journey of a Submissive by Toya, Illustrated by Wendy, March 2001,
    is the writings of a submissive who is traveling along the path of D/s. She shares her experiences in a way that anyone can relate to, those who are already in the BDSM or D/s scene and those who are still thinking about exploring.
    "This is a book which gives a true insight into what it means to be a submissive. Toya explains her lifestyle choice with wit and warmth and wisdom."
  • Owned - Reflections of a Submissive by Toya , Feb 2002
    Toya again captures the heart and soul of what it is like to live the D/s-lifesyle in her humorous and expressive way of portraying the joys and the experiences of her ongoing journey into submission. Her heartfelt words encompass the reader and open a path to allow us to learn and experience with her as we travel along the journey of life within BDSM and D/s.
  • The Loving Dominant by John Warren, Ph.D. Explores the technique and headspace of a dominant.
  • Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism by Philip Miller and Molly Devon. An excellent SM instructional manual.
  • SM 101: A Realistic Introduction by Jay Wiseman. A detailed workbook with chapters on negotiation, setting the scene, erotic pain, humiliation and much more.
  • The Topping Book by Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt. All about SM play from a dominant (top) perspective.
  • Consensual Sadomasochism: How To Talk About It And How To Do It Safely, by William A. Henkin, Ph.D. and Sybil Holiday, CCSSE.
    A how-to and safety manual for everyone.
  • Learning The Ropes: A Basic Guide to Safe and Fun S/M Lovemaking, by Race Bannon. The classic introduction to S/M.
  • Ties That Bind: The SM/Leather/Fetish Erotic Style..., by Guy Baldwin. Wisdom for all in the scene.
  • The Sexually Dominant Woman Workbook by Lady Green. A workbook for nervous beginners.
  • The Master's Manual: A Handbook of Erotic Dominance, by Jack Rinella. An Erotic Dominance Handbook.
  • The Bottoming Book: Or How To Get Terrible Things Done To You By Wonderful People by Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt.
    All about SM play from a submissive (bottom) perspective.
  • Bound To Be Free by Charles Moser and J.J. Madeson.
    A scholarly look at the joys of SM and bondage.
  • Compleat Spanker by Lady Green. An authoritative guide to consensual erotic spanking.
  • The Lesbian S/M Safety Manual by Pat Califia.
    The classic book on S/M safety for lesbians (and others).
  • Sensous Magic by Pat Califia
    Masquerade Books
    Dispels the negative myth of SM.
    SM by and for women. A great safer play and safer sex book not only for women - includes some stories and a lot useful tips.
  • Macho Sluts by Pat Califia
    Alyson Publications, 1998
  • No Mercy by Pat Califia
    Alyson Publications, 2000
    Whether you're an old fan or a newcomer to leather fiction, you're in for a treat. Califia has crafted another collection of short stories that will stimulate the biggest sex organ of all: your brain.
  • On The Safe Edge by Trevor Jacques. A detailed guide to fun and safe SM sex.
    (Currently back into print)
  • Safe, Sane, Consensual & Fun by John Warren. Fifteen fictional SM stories with marginal notes on how-to safety.
  • Basic Guide to Body Piercing by Cliff Cadaver. A respected piercer describes the array of jewelry and Piercing locations. Illustrated.

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