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Chastity Belt (Sukaranbo)

Another interesting technique is the Sukaranbo (Jap: Sukaranbo = Cherry) also called Chastity Belt.

You need 3 thin ropes of about 2m length. An optically interesting effect is given with ropes of different colors, e.g. red and blue.

Abb. 1
fig. 1

Fold up the first rope in the middle and place it loosely around the waist and pull the two ends through the loop just below the navel  (fig. 1).

Run the rope between the thighs, over the ass and up to the loop around the waist. Tie the two ends to it beside the spine (never on the person's spine). If you want to make it more stimulating you can tie knots where the rope crosses the clit and the anus.

Abb. 2
fig. 2
You can now wrap the remaining ropes around the thighs several times and fix them on the outer side. (fig. 2 and 3). The loose ends of each rope (about. 30-40cm) are run from the outer side of the thighs up to the waist rope and fixed to it beside the spine. Abb. 3
fig. 3

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