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Breast Bondage (Shinju)

Another very interesting technique is the breast bondage (jap: Shinju = Pearls). We want to introduce three variants here.

You will need three rope for this bondage, each about 2-3m long. An visually interesting effect is given with ropes of different colors, e.g. red and blue.

Abb. 1
fig. 1

The first rope is wrapped in several windings (approx. 3-4) directly under the breast (fig.1). Make sure it is tied evenly but not too tightly.
The second rope is wrapped around the torso in the same way, but above the breasts (fig. 2).

Abb. 2
fig. 2
Abb. 3
fig. 3
The third rope is taken doubly and pulled up to the half under the lower windings. From here it is run between the breasts, while you twist the ends around each other 2-3 times. Run the 2 ends of the rope above the shoulders and down the back and tie them to the lower rope (rope 1) on the back (fig. 3 and 4). Make sure the knots don't press on the spine but are placed beside the spine. Abb. 4
fig. 4
Abb. 5
fig. 5

fig. 5 and 6 shows variants, which are rather similar to the one explained above. One or both ropes are wrapped around the upper arms also (fig. 6) and prevent movement of them.

Abb. 6
fig. 6

The breasts are lifted by this bondage variant and squeezed lightly by the pressure from the upper and lower ropes which provides a unique stimulation.

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