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Net Bondage (Karada)

The following technique is called Karada- (jap: body), Full Body-, Net Bondage.

You will need about 16-20m Cotton or Nylon rope.

fig. 1
fig. 1
Step 1: Fold the rope up in the middle and place the resulting loop around the neck (but never backwards around the throat!) and make a simple knot, so that it is placed on height of the upper end of the breastbone (fig. 1).

Step 2: Now make more knots about every 15-20 cm. If you do not pull them tight at this time, you will be able adjust them later to their exact positions (fig. 2).

Abb. 2
fig. 2
Abb. 3
fig. 3
Step 3: Now you can run the double rope between the legs up the back and up to the neck, where you pull the ends of the rope through the loop around the neck (fig. 3). Make sure you do not pull the rope too tight around the body.

Step 4: From this point run both ends of the rope right and left around the body to the front and lead them through the loop between the first and the second knot. (fig. 4 and 5).

Abb. 4
fig. 4
Abb. 5
fig. 5
Abb. 7
fig. 7
Abb. 6
fig. 6
Abb. 8
fig. 8
Step 5: Run both ends to the back again and pull them through the first loop on the back (fig. 6) and back to the front side into the loop between the second and third knot. Repeat these steps until you reach the last loops at the bottom (fig. 7 and 8), where you artistically tie the loose ends of the rope.

The knots on the backside should be placed aside the spine and not upon it. The pressure which can be caused by such a knot can be painful and also dangerous. You should place them either on the right or the left side of the spinal column.

With each step the tension on the bondage grows higher. Because of that it's quite important to not pull the rope too tight in the beginning. The individual loops should be tightened evenly but not too firmly, since otherwise possible breathing problems or unconsciousness can occur!
How many knots in what distance you tie is up to you. A good value is one knot about every 15-20 cm.

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