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When doing a bondage, always keep in mind to wrap the rope more than once around the area you want to fix to distribute the pressure equally. The wrapping must be loose enough, so that you are able to stick a finger in between. This way you can be sure the rope is not too tight.

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HandfesselIf you want to fix hands and feet use a so-called "8-fixation". You wrap both hands together at first, then you put the rope between the hands and knot it. By doing this you will not hurt nerves or blood vessels that easily.

Fixing a hand or foot to a post is nearly the same. The more wrappings you do, the less is the danger that the rope cuts the skin or you cause physical problems.


Häkel-BondageA thing many people like is the so-called "crochet-bondage". Simply use the rope as crochet-yarn to tie a hand or foot to a post. It looks very nice, it is easy to remove and will not lead to problems with the nerves, etc.



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There are very many techniques in bondage but there is none such as traditional japanese body bondages which can be looked at as the technique with the longest tradition and the most variations as it has been perfected throughout many centuries.
It is not only used as a way to fix a person but as an art. Japanese techniques enable you to do a bondage on special areas of the body and it is beautiful to look at. Bondage fans tend to wear it underneath normal clothing as the pressure is often found to be very erotic and stimulating.

Japanese Bondage

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