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There are lots of different knots. It would be quite a big bunch of work to introduce them all and would go far beyond what we intend to demonstrate. A selection of simple, but useful knots can be found below.

Reef Knot

The Reef Knot is commonly used to unite two equal sized rope ends. It is easy tied and will not jam, so it is always easy to untie.

Abb. Kreuzknoten

Eight-Knot ([Flemish] Eight)

A useful "Stop" knot, the knot itself looks like its name. It's used to keep a rope from sliding through an eyelet.

Abb. Acktknoten

Half Hitch

Used for fixing Ropes if there is not too much weight at the fixed end of the rope. Often secured by a second Half Hitch, called "2 Half Hitches".

Abb. Halber Schlag

Lark's Head

The Lark's Head knot is used to loosely attach a rope to a spar or ring. The knot is easy to tie and does not jam. It is suitable to fix a rope to a spar if the rope's ends are strained equally.

Abb. Lerchenauge

Simple Noose

An easy to tie sling. Attention: this sling pulls itself tight - so don't ever use is around any parts of your body.

Abb. Einfache Schlinge


A commonly used knot to tie a loop in the end of a rope. It has the advantage of not jamming, if you compare it to some other loop forming knots.

Abb. Palstek

Author: Ashtarot - 01.09.2000 - Engl. Translation by Magenta du Fer
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