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ContentsA little, "serious" Story

I met her at this small bistro, somewhere - not very far from the city center. I immediately saw her collar - a small ribbon, made of leather with 3 metal rings. My mind raced - "Could it be? No, that would be a rare chance - or maybe? Well, it could be - no, I don't think so ..."
In this moment she moved towards me, smiled shyly at me and her eyes wandered to the small metallic cuffs I always wear at my belt.
After a short moment she spoke to me - her words turned in my head before I finally understood what she had said. "Are you into SM too?"
I looked for an answer and stumbled something like "Yes, I am a Dom"  - perhaps, it could have been a "uuummm" too ... my head was too busy blushing.

When my personality finally focused on its center again and I stopped being speechless a deep interest in her awoke (well, let's say, my second brain in the lower regions of my body started to take over control).

We ended up at my apartment (where I quickly tried to clean up the vestige of my single life - old pizza cartons and dirty socks which lived on the couch). Without hesitation she dropped her clothes and sank on her knees, her eyes lowered respectfully to the floor. Thoughts in my head stumbled across: "What is it what she expects? - Oh gawd, what do I do with her? - yes, first of all I get my riding crop - hopefully its not too dusted - yes, I will show her what a strong Dom I am ... but what if she starts laughing?".

I sensed a careful movement ... her look crossed mine - I saw her wonderful eyes flash. My body trembled inside ... "Yes, I will show her how strong a Dom I am, who shows her her way, who humiliates her the way she needs it".

I grabbed my riding crop, my trembling hand moved nearly mechanically and the crop kissed her backside with a soft "smack" ...

"I need something to drink - she better learns patience - its a virtue for a sub ...".
"My feet are cold. Where the heck are my wool socks, the ones grandma made for my birthday? - A cup of chamomile tea would be great now ..."

Me? Fear? No, I am a Dom ...

© Ashtarot 15.02.1999


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