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My chat nick was given to me by a wonderful lady and friend - Natascha (aka Linda). I used another name before, but she did not know it and she introduced me to some people as Ashtarot. I liked this name and kept and valued it.
Many people on the Internet know me under this name since 1995 now.
Someday I became curious about the origin of the name Ashtarot and tried to find out who Ashtarot was. A long journey through history begun - it took a while to gather the information and find the "truth".

The following is a short summary about some of the facts.

Ashtarot, also known as Astaroth, Ashteroth and Ashtoreth, depending on which culture described her/him and who did the translating, has many faces and her/his name is mentioned in many historic contexts.

Ashtarot's gender is not clear - some say Ashtarot is the same as Astarte, the Syrian moon goddess, in some cultures he is described as an evil Demon born by Astarte and the books of the Former and the Latter Prophets describe him as a Demon who was created right after Lucifer. Two versions are listed below.

  • Astarte - In occult lore she is the demon for the month of April and was a Syrian moon goddess of fertility. Astarte is a fallen angel equated with Astaroth. Also known as  Ishtar-Venus. Fertility, war, and love were her major concerns. She was the great goddess of Phoenicia, and members of the Phoenician royalty were honored to serve as her as priests and priestesses. Statues of her were often paired with matching images of her husband, Baal.
  • Ashtarot is the name given to the male, medieval incarnation of the ancient demon goddess Astoreth, as the Hebrews call her, or Astarte as she was known to the Phoenicians.
    He was said to appear in the guise of an beautiful angel, riding on a dragon and holding a viper in his left hand. Jean Wier's hierarchy describes Ashtarot as a very powerful grand duke in hell, where he held the office of great treasurer and commanded forty legions. In the hierarchy of the fallen angels he ranks as the 'prince of thrones.' Further medieval sources specify that he resides in the Occident, that he procures the friendship of the great lords, and that he has to be invoked on Wednesdays between the tenth and the eleventh hours of the night.
    When the demon appears, it is wise not to approach too closely. Ashtarot willingly answers questions concerning the past and the future. He is willing to make discourse on great secrets, and he loves to talk about the Creation and the Fall, or the faults of the angels. In his conversations, he stresses most emphatically that he himself has been punished unjustly, and that some day he will once again take his rightful place among the heavenly angels. He is also said to be a very good teacher of the liberal arts and or most sciences.

His seal/sign is shown on the left side.

If you know more or if you think the above information is incomplete or incorrect, please let me know.

So far for the history - now - who am I? Who is this person behind this nickname?

I am a 38 year old, dominant male, living in south Germany - not married - I love good French Cognac, Books, Art, Music and cute girls (not necessarily in this sequence).

The BDSM lifestyle is my passion and I look at the internet as a possibility to help people who want to learn more about the lifestyle and who are unsure how to handle their feelings about it.


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